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Found 9 results

  1. Before I say anything, I think this is the correct place to post this. It's basically a continuation of another thread I made a year ago. Anyways, HI! What's up? It be me, J-Awesome_One! This is basically a continuation voting poll part of the original thread. (Which I will post at the end of this) Now you may look at this poll and be like "Well what the heck? The options are only Option #1, Option #2, etc." and you're correct. You're voting something completely blind but I know what it is. The options here are what Bonnie will catch when I finally do my written story of her in Reborn. Originally, I did add this question on the original poll but... Idk. It just felt weird to add a question to a thread I made a year ago. So I scrapped it from there and am doing it here. So enjoy and here's the thread this is made for. Before I forget, I'll close the poll here when I start the run. Enjoy! I forgot to mention that each Option has 3 Pokemon within them. So Option #1 has 3 Pokemon, Option #2 has 3 Pokemon and so on and so forth.
  2. Hey everyone! It is I, Awesome_One here! I’m excited to tell you the dangerous adventure that someone we all know from Pokemon will be going on. You know, X & Y has to be 1 of the best Pokemon Series out there. The cool story. The bad ass scenes. And of course, our beloved main characters: Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. We all know that Ash took his adventures to a new region called the Alola Region. Serena decided to journey to the Hoenn Region. And Clemont had gone back to Lumiose City to continue being the Electric Type Gym Leader as well as continuing to being an inventor. But Bonnie… She just went home with her brother. “Whatever happened to her?” you might ponder. Well luckily, I can fill you in. But before I can tell the story, I have to go over what’s been happening with Bonnie over the past 4 years. So enjoy, relax and lets see what she’s been up to. Prologue Part 1 - Worried Big Brother Prologue Part 2 - Espurr: Forgotten Remembrance Prologue Part 3 - Flabebe: A Reason To Smile Prologue Part 4 - Lapras: 1 Girl Defense Force Prologue Part 5 - Tyrantrum: New Family Bonding Prologue Part 6 - Phantump - Too Shiny Popular Prologue Part 7 - Mystery Destination Selected! So this is how her adventure begins ladies and gentlemen. She’s now 12 years old, has a full team of Pokemon that she had befriended years ago and will be headed to the Reborn Region. How will her adventure pan out? Stay tuned and find out next time! Current Team
  3. So... I got into Boku No Hero Academia somewhere last week. really love the anime. SO I started searching "Create your own Boku No Hero Academia Character" a little earlier today and found this: https://en.shindanmaker.com/623315 a random generator for your own character! So people who like the show or are just like "Meh, beats just doing nothing for the few seconds", please share what you got So I'll be showing the one of my Forum name and my IRL name: Forum name: ... okay, so fictional me is actually better at picking up girls than I am... And know how to pick the right one(not my personal favorite or the one I'd pick, but could have been much worse)... I cri every time IRL Name: So real me in there likes guys and is best friends with the person who talks least? Not even surprised tbh. And Teacher again? I guess Teachers are the heroes of the youth. Now, cuz I like doing this: with last names! Wolfox Glace: is this site trying to tell me something with these lovers? This is getting awkward for me... not mad about the quirk and the destiny tho, even if I gotta probably betray lover and best friend... Got my least favorite character as rival tho, so that's nice! IRL Name + last name: .... Okay, those lovers are actually getting weird for me, maybe it really is trying to tell me something... good Best friend tho, she's most likely my third favorite character just because she tries so hard to stand out, but just can't... Also, it must take some serious nerves to just strip down to use your quirk to its full power. (if I had to choose a lover myself, it'd be her, cuz it is not just looks that matter in a partner, not at all, the inside of a person matters more!) Quirk? probably the worst I could get, I'm clumsy and pretty tall as it is, so I would probably destroy more than would save, yet still, they'd allow me to become a pro hero? And now because I like doing it (and I wanna see if I could actually get my favorite girl as lover) I'll do one more! my old online name: So, lemme get this straight: The last one actually has a woman as lover and my second favorite of the main girls at that. It has a quick I could actually see myself having. It has the main guy as Rival, and a good quirk to rival his? AND my lover/Best Friend has a quirk that has to do with sound and could maybe with practice help with making music? Why is this the best one with probably the worst name? I guess good things do come in the end. So those were 5 of mine, I went a little overboard with the amount I decided to do, forgive me.... Please share your own aswell
  4. The 12th episode of Love Live Sunshine S2 airs on this day.
  5. The 11th episode of Love Live Sunshine S2 airs on this day.
  6. The 10th episode of Love Live Sunshine S2 airs on this day.
  7. The title of the post is pretty self-explanatory. After the slow heat death of Pokemon: LD, I've decided that I want to continue hosting RPs. I thought that Pokemon: Luminous Dawn went so well that I'm already hoping to get another thing going. Essentially, the concept is to have each player create a Bounty Hunter character within the world of One Piece. In this world, assume that we are currently in the time skip between Marineford and Shabondy Archipelago. If you don't know One Piece, it basically means that the One Piece canon is on pause. The premise of this RP is to have Bounties act as chapters. Characters will have development and there will be recurring NPCs, but this structure will make it easier for people to drop in and out of chapters without disrupting the natural flow of the narrative. If you're interested in doing some action-oriented One Piece RP, let me know here. Otherwise, I'll see you in the OOC.
  8. The girls had all gathered outside the Hope Complex. It was a towering megastructure, over eighty floors tall and covered in giant LCD screens showing videos of other idols produced by YUSAPro. It rose straight out of the ground and grew wider towards the top, casting a shadow on the buildings around it. At 246.88 metres, it was the tallest structure in the whole of Kibou City, and its design made it look almost treelike, covering the city in its canopy. Himiko met the new idols outside and showed them in. There, she ushered them to the elevator lobby and presented each of them with a plastic card in a lanyard. "These are your staff IDs. They'll grant you full access to whatever parts of the building you're authorised to be in. As you're new here, that means floors 13 and 31 through 64. Floors 31 through 38 hold practice studios, while floors 39 through 46 are recording studios. Floors 47 through 50 hold indoor sports facilities, such as squash and tennis courts, a pool and an ice skating rink. Floor 51 which is the height of three floors - holds physical training facilities, such as a gym, a meditation room and an indoor 200 metre track. Floors 52 through 54 hold recreational facilities, such as a karaoke room, a game room, a flower garden and a reading room. There is also a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks. The reading room is brought the latest editions of magazines and newspapers on a daily basis. Floors 55 through 59 are the library, which has one of the biggest collections and archives in the world. You are free to go there and do research or casual reading, and may check out all books there. Note that no books are allowed to leave the Hope Complex. Finally, Floors 60 through 64 are the artist dorms. Your dorms are on the 63rd floor. Each room has its own shower and wardrobe, along with the relevant number of beds and a fully working Internet connection. In addition to the showers in each room, there is a communal bathhouse on each dorm floor if you wish to opt for that instead. You have been assigned 3 adjacent rooms: 2 double rooms, and 1 triple room. You may decide how you want to share the rooms on your own. I'll give you the whole day to settle down, unpack, and look around, then come down to the dining hall on Floor 13 for dinner at 6p.m. Himiko took a long breath after finishing her long introduction, then looked at the girls and smiled. Welcome to YUUSHA Productions. We look forward to working with you."
  9. Surprised there hasn't been one of these yet, but here's a thread where you can say whatever you want about the anime, whether it be complaints, speculation, recent news, shipping, etc. You also can talk about Pokemon Origins, if you'd like. (Expecting a whole lot of complaints about Ash, but whatever.) Rules to follow: - If you have a major spoiler, keep it in a spoiler. - Double posting is only allowed for important news, like a new Pokemon joining somebody or a Rival/Gym/Other Important Person battle. NEWS only. Anyways, happy posting!