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Found 8 results

  1. ???: Ohh. Didn’t see you there. Sorry that I bumped into you like that. Stranger: It’s alright. ???: I’m preparing myself to go to 1 of the most dangerous regions in this world. The Reborn Region. Stranger: Really? ???: I know. Crazy that anyone would actually want to go there. But I just want to really test myself and my team. I know people say that it’s a horrible place but it can’t be that bad… Can it? Stranger: Well from what I’ve heard, it’s gotten way worse. ???: Well anyways, I’m out and about getting stuff ready for my journey there. I actually leave in 2 days. A girl named Ame is supposed to come here and then ride back with me on the train. She’s the official of the league. Stranger: What does that even mean? ???: I guess that means that she owns it or is in charge of it or something like that. I’m excited but also nervous. I just don’t know what to expect. Whoops. I’ve been kind of rambling there haven’t I? Sorry. I’ll just… Stranger: Actually, why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself? I’ve got nothing better to do. ???: Ohh. You wanna know more about me? Well… Sure. Why not? This might actually help me relax a bit. I guess I should say hi first. Although, I’ve been talking to you for so long that it might be long overdue for that but whatever. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Stranger: Same to you. ???: You know, I never really met anyone that’s interested to know stuff about me. I mean, to be honest, there’s nothing special about me. Stranger: Ahh come on. Don’t be like that. I’m sure there’s something special about you. ???: I guess I should start with the basics. I have long hair, natural color. I got a beard. Blue eyes. And as you can see I like to eat. Haha. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Hmm? What’s that on your arm? ???: Ohh yea. This is actually a tattoo I got when I was 16 years old. But I am now 18. And yes. I have been on a Pokemon journey before but I didn’t get into it so I just… Stopped. Stranger: You just stopped? How? Why? Where did you even start? ???: Well, right here in fact. In the Kalos Region. I live in this city as a matter of fact. I suppose if you want the short version of beginning to end of my journey, I went to the Professor’s lab, got my starter, traveled up to my 1st gym, beat them and then I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was having fun. So, I just went back home and told my parents that I wasn’t going to continue on my journey. Stranger: Well gee. That sure is kind of disappointing. How did your starter feel about that? ???: It was angry at 1st. Ohh yes. I chose a Froakie. Anyways, after a while of relaxing at home with my parents, it got used to it. It’s more like my parent’s Pokemon now more than mine. I still love it but you know. They just really grew to like it and vice versa. Stranger: I can see that happening. So I guess that’s the end of your story about you then huh? ???: Well… Almost. Stranger: Well what is it? ???: I have this… Umm… I guess you could say 2nd personality. Stranger: A 2nd personality? Does it come out at random times? ???: No. It really only comes out when I feel like my life is threatened. So the only way you would be able to see it is if you or someone else made me feel like I was going to be dead right then and here. Stranger: Well wait wait. How do you know? I mean I’m not a doctor or anything but don’t most people not really know about their other personality or personalities? ???: Possibly but when it 1st happened, my parents were with me. They have no reason to lie. Plus, I feel myself get more… Crazy. Stranger: So this 2nd personality of yours is crazy and only comes out when you feel like your life is threatened. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I mean what if that just escalates things and you do end up dead? ???: I’m not sure. But apparently, it does a good job at making the other people run away. Or even making me braver in a dire situation. I mean, I’m still here right? Haha. Stranger: True. But when did that happen? ???: Remember a couple of years ago when that Team Flare was here? Stranger: Who could forget. Their leader wanted to blow up this whole region. Crime even went up thanks to them as well. Crazy stuff ???: Well… -FLASHBACK- My parents and I planned to walk from Lumiose City to Laverre City. We were going to the PokeBall Factory to see the PokeBalls being made. Mom: Hey Froakie. You wanna come with us? Froakie: Froakie! Mom: Well come on then. We’re leaving. ???: I can’t wait to see how the PokeBalls are made. Dad: It is quite exciting to see. Are we all ready to leave? ???: Yes! Mom: Yes dear. Froakie: Froakie! Dad: Good. Let’s get going. We left the house and walked up to route 14. When we got there, everyone put on their rain coats except for me. I just put my hoodie over my hair. I didn’t want it to get wet. That bothers me. As we walked through the wet route, we heard something running in the water. We all turned around and there standing in front of us was a young man but he had something covering most of his face. All we could see was his eyes. My mom and dad put themselves in front of me as Froakie jumped in front ready to protect us. Robber: Gimme your money! Dad: No! Leave us alone! Robber: I didn’t ask. I’m DEMANDING! Give me your money! Dad: I said no! Now go. We won’t report anything to the police. Just go. Robber: Guess we gotta do this the hard way. The robber went into his pocket and slowly pulled out a knife. This made me terrified. It scared my mom a little bit too but my dad remained calm. Dad: Froakie! Get ready! Froakie: Froak! Froakie! Robber: You have a Pokemon there huh? That shouldn’t be a problem. Go Scyther! The robber threw out the PokeBall and out came the Scyther. Froakie stayed in place, not moving an inch. Not showing any fear. Dad: Froakie! Water Pulse! Froakie did as it was told and used Water Pulse on the Scyther. A direct hit but the Scyther seemed unfazed. ???: That… That did nothing to it. Robber: Hahaha! That’s supposed to hurt my Scyther? Scyther! Wing Attack that little frog! With great speed, the Scyther obeyed its trainers command and landed a powerful looking Wing Attack on the Froakie. It landed behind me, fainted. The robber grinned knowing he had gotten rid of the only threat in his way. Robber: Now, as I said, hand over your money! Dad: Grrr! Why you-! My dad lunged at the robber and tried to punch him. Unfortunately, he missed and the robber swung the knife in my father’s direction, slicing his arm. My mom ran over to him and knelt down to make sure he was ok. Mom: Oh my Arcues! Are you ok hun? Dad: Yea. He only got my arm. Robber: Try that again and I swear to Arcues, it’ll be your neck! The robber looked towards me. He grinned, looked back at my parents and then ran over to me and held the knife to my neck. At this point, I was petrified. Robber: Well what do you plan to do now? Mom: No! Please don’t hurt him! Dad: If you hurt him, I’ll… I’ll… Robber: Grieve? Because you try anything else and I’m slitting this kids throat. As this all was going on, I suddenly felt like my consciousness was going away. But I knew I was still standing. And that’s when it happened. I started to feel more free. More brave. But also, a bit more crazy. My body went limp for about a second or 2 which angered the robber. Robber: Hey! Keep on your feet kid or you’ll end up in a body bag! At that moment, my eyes flung wide open and I smiled a weird, big smile. Crazy ???: OoOoOoOoOhHhHhHhH EXCELLENT! Please introduce me to the bag of which you speak of. Yeeeeees. The robber looked at me and must have been freaked out with my facial expression and what I said because he let go of me and jumped back. Robber: Wha-… Stop that or else kid! Mom: What’s going on? Dad: Son? Crazy ???: Me stop? OoOoOoOo. But it is you who should stop before something OUT OF THIS WORLD happens to you guy that is bad. Robber: What is WRONG with your kid?! Crazy ???: I have laid dormant in this vessel for years. Ever since this beings journey of being created through the rituals of said mother and father! I have promised myself to protect this being for as long as I can. Which means people like you are not allowed to destroy him! Do I make myself clear? Everyone was stunned. Mom and dad didn’t know what to make of their son talking crazy and the robber was just scared out of his mind. Robber: Yo-You… I’ll be… Stay back! Crazy ???: -crazy laugh- You still wield the object that is intended to cut one’s throat. If that is the case, then be prepared to be DELETED! Mwahahahahahaha! I then started to walk towards the robber while swaying my arm in a slashing motion while chanting “DELETE!” to him. Robber: What the… Fuck this! I’m getting out of here! You can keep your money! Your son is a freak! Return Scyther! The robber returned his Pokemon back to his PokeBall and then ran away from us. I walked up to my parents, who were still on the ground, and looked the way the robber had run off. Crazy ???: WONDERFUL! I looked down to my parents. My dad was still holding his arm, which was bleeding less, and my mom was holding him up but they both stared at me with confusion but also with fear. Crazy ???: Do not worry father and mother of this vessel. I shall only emerge out when this being’s life feels threatened. Perhaps I shall see you both soon. -laughs loudly- As soon as I was done laughing, my body went limp and I fell to the floor. My mom ran over to me and lifted my body off of the floor. My dad returned Froakie to its PokeBall and helped mom to carry me back home where they laid me on the couch. -FLASHBACK END- Stranger: Wow. That’s an intense but exciting story. Is your dad ok? ???: Ohh yea. They went to the hospital after they brought me home and he got stitches. It’s all better now. Stranger: Well that’s good at least. Do you ever remember anything when you’re in your “crazy” mode? ???: I remember bits and pieces. But a lot of it is usually a blur. But I usually get filled in. Stranger: Ahh. So it has happened more than just that 1 time. ???: Yes. Several times actually. Stranger: Well at least it only seems to go after the bad guys. ???: Yea. That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. Ohh geez. It’s getting late. I didn’t know it was that dark already. Stranger: Haha. Well it was nice talking to you. Definitely made my day more interesting. ???: Haha. Well I’m glad I could help with your day. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Thanks. ???: Hey. You gonna be around here tomorrow? I leave the next day and I figured you’d want to see my team before I leave. Stranger: You already own a full team of Pokemon? ???: Yea. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I met them all. Stranger: That sounds great. I’d love that. ???: Well great. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Stranger: Sweet. Ohh wait. You know, we’ve been talking for so long and I never got your name. Haha. ???: Wait. We’ve been talking this whole time and I never gave you my name? Stranger: Nope. Matthew: My apologies for that. My name is Matthew.
  2. This here will be the official Reborn page to my story, so feel free to delete the older one That only has chapter 1 if you're a mod and/or admin. This is a fanfiction I've worked really hard on in the last 11 months, and I've now managed, just three weeks ago, to publish the story! Please take some time to read it, and reviews! I'd love to get some! There are 3 chapters published, and a new one is to be added every Monday. In the magical land of Hyrule, there resides a forest. Inside the forest, there is a community of little children that never grow up. Among them is a young boy of ten. When a freak creature and a Faerie visits his home one normal day, he is sent hurtling into an adventure of epic proportions, which will determine the fate of the entire land... ... and its future. Chapter 1: The Forbidden Forest Chapter 2: The Boy Without A Faerie Chapter 3: Inside the Great Deku Tree: Upper Levels
  3. So kids, here's that 8th episode. I'm cranking them out lately and I feel pretty good about this bold attempt. So I decided to do two things I've been wanting to practice more. "B story writing" and "show don't tell" I commented on another writer needing to do this and decided my own medicine might actually be tasty. So in this episode I focused on Blaze, Justin's best friend and Combusken and Isabella, the Kirlia that Blaze rescued in the prior chapter. The two share a bit of time together in this episode showing how Blaze represents a lot of what Justin teaches. But I've avoided the talking Pokémon route so while they talk to each other (mainly Blaze talking) we are left to fill in the blanks of what he said. Not how he said it. Does it work. is it dumb? I uhhno. You tell me. And in the grand new fashion of the site changing it up I decided to do the same and start making these episodes have their own post. I originally liked seeing the post numbers hit over a hundred but I figured easier readability is a little smarter. So here is episode 8 "Underbelly" bone apple teeth everyone. Int. seacrest's garden (afternoon) Blaze has just arrived to the garden holding the very wounded Kirlia. Nancy is at the desk in the main lobby and rushes over towards the two. Nancy (concerned) What happened?! Blaze nods his head towards her legs. NaNCY Alright, we'll take care of her. Bring her to the infirmary. Blaze follows a rushing Nancy into the back room where some beds and medical equipment are setup. It isn't well setup like most Pokécenters but it has enough to make do. NANCY Please. (nancy gestures to set her down on a bed) Was it a fight? Blaze shakes his head. NaNCY It doesn't matter. We'll have her fixed up soon. You did good getting her here Blaze. Blaze nods then proceeds to walk off but is gently lifted off the ground by a psychic energy. He turns his head back to see Kirlia weakly reaching out as Nancy turns towards him. NANCY I think that means she wants you to stay. Blaze looks at his watch then out the doorway and proceeds to drop his head for a brief moment. When he raises it again he displays a cheerful smile and caws while laughing, seemingly assuring his new telekinetic friend he will stay. He turns soothing music on via his watch and holds her hand. NANCY You may want to hold tightly, there's been some severe trauma to her ankles and I can't guarantee this will be painless. Kirlia gazes upon Blaze with a worried expression. He simply pets her hand and caws gently calming her down if only slightly. Outside the doorway we see Seacrest holding Lucky, peering into the infirmary from a distance. Seacrest Would you look at that. A shred of maturity coming from one of the boys. I may even be proud of the chicken tender... If he can keep from burning my garden until the boy gets back. (tickling Lucky) What do you think are the odds on that? Lucky cheers while in Seacrest's arms SeACREST You're right it is hilariously low. I hope you stay my favorite Lucky. Lucky turns and hugs Seacrest. He sighs joyfully. SeACREST I think the odds on that are pretty high. ExT. Obsidia ward/Opal ward divide Justin and Luxcalibur are reaching the end of Opal ward where it meets with Obsidia. Luxcalibur looks at his friend every so often with concern. Justin I'm okay. Luxcalibur keeps his eyes fixated on Justin as they walk. Justin is clearly flustered but no longer angry as he was when we last saw him. JUSTIN I... (trying to think) I don't like how some people treat Pokémon... Believe me, my family hasn't been the best when it comes to em, we fight dragons virtually every day to get stronger. I've hurt a lot of people and Pokémon just to get stronger so maybe I'm a hypocrite but... (Justin stops) I decided... I don't want to get strong that way. What good is beating on someone who doesn't want to fight ya know... Luxcalibur jumps up and puts his paws on Justin's shoulders. Justin hugs his jungle cat friend. JusTIN I can't promise I wont freak out ever again if I see people like that... But I do promise next time I'll listen when I hear you yelling. Luxcalibur gets down and purrs as he smiles. JusTIN (whispering) I'd rather not have you punching me in the face to get my attention too. The two continue walking to see officers at the dividing barricade talking to a woman. Florinia Yes thank you, I believe I'll be going back alone. Julia has failed to answer and I can only assume she's run out of caffeine, regardless I have to continue my efforts in resolving the damage to these wards. Officer Yes ma'am. If you'd like for one of us to accompany you it- Justin and Luxcalibur reach the gate. JusTIN Would be unnecessary. Her high level trainer body guard is going to assist. Florinia turns to see Justin flashing his "badge" JUSTIN One "whatchamacallit" badge, showing that I Justin Weyland have been given authority by Nancy and the Reborn association to act within reason on matters that threaten this region or it's peoples safety. Everyone looks on skeptically. OfFICER Check his Pokédex. One of the officers walk over and scan it with a strong pronged device. It beeps for a moment then the color turns yellow. OFFICER 2 (surprised) Well I'll be damned. Kid's telling the truth. JuSTIN Hey Lux, "duh" as a catchphrase. Yay or nay? Luxcalibur shakes his head. JusTIN Doubly noted. OFFICER Miss Florinia, your order? FLORINIA Considering. Justin, what did you learn from your battle? JUSTIN Go hard or go home dawg. FLORINIA You do understand this to be a viral plant infestation that threatens to destroy the city literally from the inside. Justin notes of the vines tearing through the grounds and buildings. People nervously walk around them, some whipping around more violently than others causing passerbys to take extreme caution. JuSTIN Yes Flo-rini-robot. FLORINIA I can expect your total seriousness while taking care of this matter? JuSTIN I'm all serious'd out. I can promise that neither of us will die, how's that? FLORINIA Bear in mind that I take no responsibility in what you do here. That was waived when you decided to join this cause. Justin salutes and Luxcalibur follows suit. JuSTIN I'll die for my country captain. Florinia begins walking towards the Obsidia ward center. Justin awkwardly passes by the stiff upset guards who don't allow space for Justin to easily pass. JusTIN Just... Gonna... Squeeeeeeeze on in guys. Don't move or anything. FLORINIA Do your best to follow my lead and we may end this trifling matter without harm. JuSTIN The rundown? FLORINIA Observe. Justin looks further around the ward to see widespread devastation. Malignant growth occupies much of the architecture. The only building that thankfully hasn't been damaged in any way is the Pokémon center. JUSTIN Looks pretty bad Flo. FLORINIA Agreed, the current status of this ward is deplorable at best. However we need merely find the seed of this disaster and we can avert further catastrophe. JusTIN So you thinking the people that blew me up and setup the poisoned plant are behind this. FLORINIA I can arrive at no other conclusion... Florinia notices the crevice that currently divides the city in half. FLORINIA We have however arrived at an impasse. JUSTIN Its a small gap. I'm sure me and Lux can clear it. FLORINIA I feel as though gap is undervaluing its size. Its roughly thirty feet in diameter. JuSTIN Yep. Hop on Lux's back and we can get to that very ominous looking forest. Justin points to the floral outbreaks core. FLORINIA Obsidia park. A viable source as its the largest source of green in this ward. JUSTIN Neat. Let's go. Justin gets ready to take off but Florinia grabs his arm. JUSTIN (annoyed) What the floatzel? FlORINIA Perhaps something waits for anyone who would dangerously traverse across. (she pulls out a Pokéball) Venasaur. The plant dinosaur emerges from the ball with a mighty roar next to Justin. JUSTIN (covering his ears) Okay I am RIGHT next to you! FLORINIA Use your vines to bring me across the crevice. Venasaur uses its vines to gently pick up Florinia and slowly carry her across the hole in the ground. Slowly but surely she safely makes it across without harm. JUSTIN Look at that. Now its time for me to safely follow without any mishaps whatsoever. Time to jump without any fear of repercussion at all. Justin starts running and jumps above the gap. JUSTIN (mid hop) Can't imagine anything going wrong here. Several vines pop up and grab Justin by his arms and legs. JuSTIN (terrified and screaming) I'VE SEEN ENOUGH HENTAI TO KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING! LUX HELP! Luxcalibur roars and Venasaur shoots razor leaf in unison with vine whip freeing Justin and catching him in friendlier vines and reeling him to safety. JusTIN Man this journey sure does have some unexpected twists and turns huh guys? Luxcalibur looks down the abyss with his eyes in full glow. JusTIN Is there a lot bud? The lion simply nods. JuSTIN So... Flo, much like the street there's gonna be a similar dissection going on here. FLORINIA It would appear so. Take the southern route. It will lead you through the underground paths. JUSTIN Rife with danger? FLORINIA That would be the safest assumption. JUSTIN Alright, sit tight and try not to get famous on vine. FlORINIA (beat) I'll pretend as though I did not understand that. Justin chuckles as he and Luxcalibur head down the streets towards the ghetto. FlORINIA You would do well to exercise caution. A good deal of the people comment on the underground coming alive which may be tongue for dangerous Pokémon. JUSTIN I will be careful. Swearsie realsies. Florinia recalls Venasaur and ventures towards the jungle that now covers Obsidia Park. InT. SEACREST'S GARDEN (Late AFTERNOON) The garden has a few trainers in it, some are battling the local Pokémon while others are simply enjoying the nice day. Seacrest is sitting in a relaxer with Lucky, both are asleep. Soldier is sitting next to them meditating. Rebecca is monitoring a battle. We see towards the back of the garden Blaze is with Kirlia helping her walk along with Nancy. Every so often a blue aura covers her legs.
  4. Wow I've already made six of these dumb things. Time flies when you throw clocks or something. ANyway I made a new topic since I thought five episodes was enough for one. That's roughly 100 pages of reading. Thanks to everyone whose been reading and thank you person who clicked on this cause I ingeniously put "champ in the making" in the title. For every few episodes I'll put a little here's what's happened just so new comers can enjoy the spark noted version of my story without all the pesky time investment. So far in the story. It's based on reborn. Justin almost died on the train. Got a shiny blaziken because he's black. Lives in a garden with a funny old man and some friends. Kicked the crap out of Fern. Pokemon are friends not weapons. Everyone evolved. Team magma is evil. Stormed the factory and fought Sirius. Julia beat him because he was a scrub. Blaze evolved and is less of a scrub. Luxcalibur is OU tier in the story. Time for the rematch. Any questions? well I'll make a topic for that too. Without further adieu (wow a rhyme) Here is episode 6 of Justin's time here in Reborn. Hey there champ in the making... InT. seacrest's Garden (Morning) It is the morning after Justin and company's raid on the Meteor base. Justin and Blaze are laying down with their heads on Luxcalibur's back. Julia and Florinia are walking around the garden with the small Pokemon and Rebecca as their guide. Julia walks away from her group back towards Justin, Blaze and Luxcalibur. Julia Hey Justin. Justin Hey Jules, what's up. Julia (looking around) Not much. Me and Rini were talking... Justin About me? Julie Yes we- Justin About how handsome I am? Julia No its- Justin Flattering but I'm saving myself for marriage. Julia (growing annoyed) We need you- Justin Please contain yourself, Blaze still has his innocence. Julia walks over and covers Justin's mouth. Julia We would like your help in restoring the the plant infested wards. Can you listen and not talk. Justin waves his hands signaling "sort of". Julia steps back. Julia But we can't just send rookie trainers in and we can't exactly go to Beryl for potentially days on end. Justin Nancy is probably gonna send me in to deal with these issues. Julia Rini expected that. But we'd like to make sure you can handle yourself. Justin begins laughing hysterically. Luxcalibur wakes up smacks him with his tail. Blaze snickers. Julia Thank you. So before you go anywhere we need to approve you as an official intervention trainer. This allows you to perform leader duties within set parameters. Justin These parameters are determined by- Julia Gym badges. Justin (snaps his fingers) Well color me convenient! Julia So come by my gym whenever you're ready to get boomied again. Although with that Luxray- Justin He's not gym ready yet. Julia He's the strongest of your two Pokémon. No offense Blaze. Blaze crosses his arms and looks away in a huff. Justin Yeah you saw him fight, he bat a three hunded fifty pound monster through four concrete walls and well over a thousand feet from the building. He can't control his strength... (under his breath) I'm pretty sure he's a legendary. Julia (disappointed) So you're going to try 6v1 again. Justin Don't quit when you're wrong! Keep going until what's wrong is right! Julia looks over at Florinia and shakes her head in disappointment. Florinia confirms with a nod. Julia Well... It was nice to meet you Justin. Justin Duh. Julia leaves and Florinia walks over to Justin. Florinia Thank you for your assistance and saving my life. Please continue to grow. Justin Duh. Florinia leaves. Shortly after Rebecca makes her way over to the over-relaxed Team Shenanigans. Rebecca I bet you're feeling pretty good. Justin I can only say duh so many times in a day. Rebecca (confused) I'm sorry. Justin Its nothing. What's up. Rebecca Just checking in on you. You've been pretty busy these last few days. Justin Yeah, now I get to relax for a little bit with the boys. Justin pats both his teammates who simply smile. Rebecca So you're not planning anything crazy. Justin Finished planning. The Obsidia and Beryl wards are in a nightmarish state, the police force is gone or being killed by the little shop of horrors monster. The Magma gang is still very much a threat. Lux perks up at the mention of Magma. Justin Relax buddy. They aren't here. Luxcalibur simmers down. Justin So yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot. Reborn is kind of the worst place on the planet. Making it an ideal training ground... Oh and I can help people... Yeah can't forget that part. Rebecca That sounds dangerous. Justin Dangerous is my middle name. Seacrest pops in. Seacrest I thought it was "that". Justin (chuckling) Hehe cute. Rebecca stares confused. Justin Justin "that" weyland. Get it? Rebecca rolls her eyes. Rebecca Please just be careful. Rebecca walks away. Seacrest So boy... Seacrest sits down in a chair across from Justin. Seacrest You really think Blaze can take 6 of them alone? Justin It will be tough, definitely but it's doable. I seriously can't bring Lux, he could potentially kill one of her teammates. Even with the bracers he's hits like a truck made out of acid and lightning.... thats on fire. Seacrest Just don't get your friend hurt because you're too stubborn to catch Pokémon. Justin That's not how I operate. If you gotta take someone from their home for them to help you then you need to find a new way to do things. Seacrest Didn't take you for a hippie. Justin Yeah I should get with the times and kidnap animals for money, I'm such a freak. Seacrest Hm... So when are you going to challenge Julia again. Justin Few hours, probably walk around the city and relax a bit before hand. Blaze you down? Blaze stands up and extends a hand out to help Justin up. Justin (to seacrest) He loves doing that... And having hands. Seacrest Spectacular. Blaze goes to help Seacrest up with a smile. Seacrest I'm fine, claws on my hand doesn't feel as nice as you might think. Blaze looks down in disappointment. Justin Don't be a jerk. Seacrest Your hand is bleeding. Justin (annoyed) HE'S TRYING! Seacrest (sighs) Help me up McNuggets. Blaze perks up and helps Seacrest to his feet, he scratches his hand a little but it doesn't bleed. Seacrest Thank you. Seacrest walks over and whispers to Justin. Seacrest If he scratches me again I'm clipping his wings. Justin But... He's only got arms. Seacrest walks away. Seacrest I know. Seacrest is gone leaving behind a very terrified Justin and a confused Blaze. ExT. afternoon Opal Ward Justin and Blaze are walking towards the main street and they see the house they first stayed in before they met Seacrest. Justin Look at that buddy. Our old home. Don't see our landlord anywhere though. Blaze walks towards the door and knocks. Justin Doubt anyone's here. It's the middle of the day, he's probably working. The duo hear a crash come from inside the house. Blaze looks at Justin in concern. Justin I mean... I've been wrong before. Blaze busts open the door to see two Pokémon flailing about. Justin Love the heroism bud but not every problem is one you jump into. Blaze yells out. Justin Yeah pot calling kettle black, I know. In the house we see a table and some broken glasses around it. Dancing on the table is an extremely energetic Togepi and a Scyther that has scars on its face body and arms. What's truly distinct is the backpack it wears as well as its dogtags. Justin So... Are we interrupting? The Scyther stops chasing the Togepi and looks at Blaze and Justin. Its mood changes from concern to serious as it glares our young heroes. It then puts up a guard.
  5. Hello all. To build upon my writing I've decided to write a story based on my current playthrough of Reborn. Its a narrative following a fictional character interacting in place of the MC in the game. The events for the most part are the same with some being changed to better reflect the main character and his pokemon team. Any and all criticism is helpful and wanted. Please try not to just flame me since that does little in the way of improvement. Anyway here's a short intro so you know what you're getting into. (Things regarding format please also note as I'm writing this in word using a script writing format so if its confusing just say so and I'll assist.) I'm breaking Episode one into three posts to help with the size. Our main character hails all the way from Johto, born and raised in the city of dragons Blackthorn city. A mountain land where power and ability are revered. Usually beginning their journey with the town's signature dragon Dratini, our hero Justin has decided to take the road less flown by and pick up a starter of his very own. Leaving the Johto league for his own reasons he has decided that Reborn would host a far better challenge than his homeland ever could. Will he find the challenge he seeks and conquer it, will it be a trial too easy for him or will it crush him and send him home with clipped wings. This is the story of Justin Wayland. Reborn City Narrator This is the world of pokemon. A seemingly endless landscape full of wonder and adventure. For thousands of years both the human and pokemon species have shared this planet as a home. Some choosing to battle but more and more are choosing to coexist. As the societies progress, questions find themselves at the forefront of conversation “do we treat pokemon properly” or what should we expect of pokemon. One individual believes we should expect no more of our co-inhabitants than we expect of ourselves. This is his story. Tourmaline Desert It is early afternoon and a train can be seen blazing through the tourmaline desert. Playing throughout the barren wastelands are various desert pokemon but mostly cacnea fill the lands. We close in on the train and see a tall but slim young dark skinned man wearing a black tee shirt, blue jeans and black boots. Holstered at his side are three 2 foot wooden tubes loosely held by a white rope. At his side a back pack presumably filled with traveling provisions. The man is Justin Wayland a normally upbeat individual focused mainly on the moment rather than stressing the “will be’s”. Next to him is a man wearing a black trench coat and matching fedora. His face cannot be made out but a faint glow can be seen at his chest on occasion. ??? Hello Justin. Justin Hello… I’m guessing since you know my name, Ame? I hope not since I heard you were a woman. ??? Why have you come to Reborn? Justin Heard if I’m going to challenge a league that this one would be the only tough one. ??? There are more than just challenges to be considered here. I can take you home before such dangers present themselves. Justin I like to see things through to the end. Unless its dangerous then it’s a definite maybe. ??? I see potential in you. Justin (inching closer to the entity) Is that aura. Because it sounds like aura. Its aura isn’t it? ??? Yes. Justin (excited) Great. Then I’m safe. The mysterious entity stands and places a pokeball on his lap and slowly walks to the end of the train car. Justin Wow my first pokemon. Thanks but I think I’d like to challenge tall grass and find my own pal. Its how pappy taught me. ??? This is to protect you when aura cannot. The man vanishes and a Chandelure emerges from the pokeball. Justin Hello fully evolved challenge breaker. What exactly can you protect me from? Screams are heard from train cars over and the door to Justin’s cart flies across trailed by fire. The Chandelure’s lights glow brightly as the fire nears the two and everything goes black. Narrator We as people seek to affect things far greater than ourselves. This is a natural and very common desire. However should one actively seek something that can cause them so much harm? That will always be a choice whether its correct or not cannot be determined until the dust has settled. Reborn City A torn down city, riddled with destruction and homelessness. A city so wrought with depression even the water has turned almost black. In the corner of the Opal ward a train station is broken and destroyed. A few survivors have been hauled to safety. A woman on a loud speaker is broadcasted through the city. Speaker All citizens are urged to remain in their homes until the current crisis has been dealt with. A bloody arm is seen under rubble next to a Chandelure who burns it away revealing Justin. After the ghost pokemon vanishes as mysteriously as its master. After a few moments Justin coughs and wipes his face of dust and debris. He looks around to see broken bodies charred by the prior explosion. He struggles to stand but before falling a green haired woman wearing cheer-leading attire approaches with “OTS” written on it. She appears to be in her twenties and she starts carefully walking him away from the crumbling building. The woman’s name is Julia a very energetic spirit with a questionable love for destructions and explosions. Julia DID YOU SEE THE BOOMIE Justin My clothes are burnt miss, so yes. I most certainly did see the boomie. Please tell me you aren’t an EMT. Julia (shaking Justin while smiling) NOPE. I’m a gym leader! Justin That’s actually far more unsettling. Julia You got boomied bad. Justin I’m beginning to think you like explosions. Julia (grinning) YES Justin Neat so can you turn yourself over to the cops while I get medical attention. Julia (confused) You aren’t even hurt…. Justin I was literally in the middle… Justin pats himself down slowly and aside from his burnt clothes he finds that he is in fact fine. Even the blood has disappeared from his arm. Justin Did you see a Chandelure? Julia You lost your friend? Justin No. I think it took the blast for me. Some guy gave it to me before the explosion! An ashen haired woman wearing a purple and black lace up dress with a grey undershirt and black heels approaches. In her early thirties with a particularly serious look on her face. Ame Justin! Sorry you were caught up in this. Justin I’ll be okay… um… Ame Ame. The league runner who invited you here. Justin I thought you were the guy in all black with the glowing chest. Ame/Julia Shade. Ame That explains the Chandelure that passed by and the fact several carts were still in tact. Justin for now you should head to the Grand Hall. You probably need rest. Justin Yeah, catching on fire is pretty exhausting. Julia RIGHT?! Justin By the way. I think she’s the bomber. Julia NO WAY! Justin She called this a boomie which is pretty… terrifying. Ame Our leaders are among Reborn’s most respected trainers. I think we can cross them off the list of terrorists. Justin Yeah. I don’t put crime past anyone but that’s because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Julia Ooooh a bad boy. Justin (ignoring Julia) Hospital down the road, yeah? Ame Yes. I’ll see you soon.
  6. Prologue Steel pierces into the earth like a knife cutting through flesh. The edge of a shovel digs into the dirt. A low groan slips from the digger’s throat as he scoops up another pile of soil from an ever-expanding hole. He throws the earth over his shoulder to clear it from the hole. An already impressive mound towers behind him as he sinks six feet below the surface. Under the dim light of a lantern, beads of sweat glisten against his pale skin. The digger takes a moment to wipe his brow before continuing his work. The shovel lunges again into the soil, but pings against something solid. For a moment, a smile is brought to the muscled man’s face, but it is quickly dashed when he sees that it is only a rock that blocks his progress. Picking up the stone with his own hand, he carelessly tosses it over his shoulder. Behind him comes a shrill shriek. “Watch where you are throwing,” caws a dreary old man. He holds the lantern over the hole, which casts an orange glow over his wrinkly face. Liver spots decorate his balding head and a few bruises around his neck have turned nearly black. A jowly frown is marked on his face, emphasized by the hooked nose that makes him look like a vulture. “You nearly hit me with that rock you twit!” “Bischoff,” a commanding voice booms through the nightly air, “If you do not stand so close, you will not risk being struck.” “How dare you,” the old crone turns, scowling at the man left in darkness. “You will address me as Bishop Bischoff, you insolent…” Cold emerald eyes seem to glow in the nightly shade. Powerful eyes can only belong to a powerful man. Bischoff seems to shrink from the stare, his bravado sapped from his aging bones. He turns away, “Y-Yes, Lord Noah, my apologies…” The digger looks out of the hole to the man who is called Noah. The emerald stare shifts from the holy man to the digger. Noah speaks softly to the young man, but it is still imposing, “Please, continue.” Nodding, the digger takes his shovel in both hands and tears into the soil. Another pile comes up with his shovel, and then another. On the third strike, he hears a familiar ping of his shovel striking a solid object. The digger pauses, and then makes a second attack at the ground. The same song sings down in the hole, though the tune is somewhat different. It is not stone he has struck, but metal. After tossing the shovel out of the hole, he drops to his knees for a better look. There is only dirt upon a glance, but the lantern’s light soon reveals a silvery glint. His fingers work at the soil, pushing it aside to reveal more of the steel that is buried beneath surface. Clawing at the earth, he manages to reveal a metallic skull. Its sockets are embedded with amethyst, glittering violate almost like sickly flames. The teeth in its jaw are clenched together, each tooth a sharp-looking fang. The skull looks up angrily at the digger for disturbing its eternal slumber. Marked upon its forehead is the Roman Numeral “IV”. “Did you find it?” Bischoff asks excitedly. The digger looks up at him, “I believe so, milord.” “Well, what are you waiting for?” the bishop squawks. “Bring it up. Bring it up now!” He obeys the old man’s orders, clawing at the dirt with his bare hands to grab the skull. Yet, as he continues to dig, he uncovers more buried. At the start, it was nothing more than a skull. He finds a surface along with the fearsome face and four corners. It turns into a large chest that rests in this worm-filled bed. Once the box is uncovered, his dirt-infested fingernails find the bottom of the box. The muscles in his legs bulge as he lifts the heavy metal chest out of its resting place. Suddenly, the full weight of it falls on his chest, pushing the air out of his lungs. The digger stumbles a bit, nearly dropping it again. Luckily he stays standing long enough to throw it onto the surface, knocking over a headstone in the process. While he is still down in the hole, the bishop races over to the chest. “Yes, yes, this is it,” Bischoff says excitedly. Noah approaches the skull decorated chest. In the light of the lantern, it reveals that most of his face is hidden behind a bundle of black cloth wrapped tightly around his head. Only his emerald stare are exposed, the rest of him bound in robes. He watches the digger climb out of the grave, before helping the young man to his feet. The lad picks up his shovel again and steps up to the chest. Planting his foot on the skull, he wedges the tip of his shovel into the gap in the metal. Using his full weight as leverage, the digger manages to break the seal, opening the chest. Air trapped from centuries ago hisses out of the opened crack. A red mist spills over onto the ground, looking like a cloud of blood. Noah steps away from the noxious plume as it passes about their ankles. It then disperses into the air. Meanwhile, Bishop Bischoff turns to the box, opening it wide. Eager old eyes take a gander inside, but when they do his jowly frown returns. “What is the meaning of this, boy?” he shrieks at the digger, grabbing the lad by the collar of his shirt. “What…what do you mean?” the young man is taken off guard by the sudden rage of the bishop. Pointing a wrinkly hand to the chest the old man shouts, “It’s empty!” The grass behind them crunches under Noah’s approaching steps as he pushes Bischoff aside. The holy man shouts something, but he ignores him. He looks into the box with his own eyes, and indeed finds it empty. Unlike the noisy bishop, Noah merely sighs. Turning his attention to Bischoff shouting at the boy, he sees the digger has turned a milky shade of white. “I-I-I,” the lad stutters, “I swear to you, milord, this is where the map said it would be. I wouldn’t lie to you, milord.” Bischoff raises a hand as if to strike the digger, “You insolent—” “I believe you,” Noah says, which stops the bishop. “I feared that this might be the case.” “Then what does that mean?” the old man questions, returning his arm to his side. “Death,” Noah says ominously. “Four graves; each were meant to be hidden in the four holiest places on the planet. I have no doubt that the other three have been unearthed as well.” Bischoff shoots him a sharp look, “You never said anything about three other graves. You made a promise to me, Noah. You said buried here was something important to the church. Yet all I see is an empty box. Enough are your cryptic babbling. What was in the box?” “The instruments that will the end of all humanity,” Noah answers coldly. He turns his back on the old man and the digger, but not before snatching the lantern out of Bischoff’s hands. Raising the light high over his head, it casts its warm glow over the cemetery. Hidden in the shadows are others, hundreds of hooded cloaks that stand idly by. “For this reason we have gathered. We must hunt down those that would see all of existence destroyed. Four beings of calamity will soon walk the earth, clad in human skin. Our time is running out, we must find them. If we do not, the four will ride and bring about our end. We will be the knights of humanity, to defend the realm of man against them. We will eradicate the four…and anyone who would stand in our way.” The bishop folds his arms, looking every bit a skeptic, “And how do you propose to find these four?” Noah does not take his eyes off the hooded masses, his voice thunders through the crowd, “We shall slay any who answers the ancient call…Come and see!”
  7. This is a fun little story I have had in mind of writing today. I am not entirely sure that it belongs here, so do not yell if I'm posting in the wrong spot. Now, ladies and gentlemen, sit down and relax, as I spin a tale of an adventure reborn anew... Also if members would like to be included in the story, please message me with your desired name and Pokemon. I'll try to incorporate everyone. Chapter 0: Champion Reborn "And your name is...Amethyst?" the young man looks at white haired woman curiously. "Ame is fine, Derek," she answers, clearly knowledgeable of him. "Will you listen to a request?" Derek nods, finding a seat on a rock as he listens to the girl's tale. She recants of a region far off in a dire need of powerful trainers. Though he appears to listen, he is rather uninterested. His eyes shift to the trees, watching a Darmanitan swing from branch to branch as it playfully chases after a Pichu. A Salamence careening across the sky catches his gaze, carrying a few Bagons on its back. He smiles to himself. Ame notices his lack of focus, clearing her throat to catch his attention. "Did you catch any of that?" she asks, suppressing her irritancy. "Yeah, yeah," he answers, "Reborn Region in danger, blah-blah. You need the other region champions to come help. Why don't you ask them?" "I did," she answers, disappointment lingering in her voice. "All of them were dealing with problems in their own region. Even your brother refused to help." "Lance?" Derek looks at her with astonishment, "That's not like him..." "Well, he did," she looks crossed, "You're the only champion that seems to be doing nothing." "Kanto is a bit boring," he says, leaning back on the rock formation, "I'm the only champion that can travel." "Then travel to Reborn!" Ame demands. He lets out a yawn, "I think I'll perform my champion duties instead. Just stay in my den and wait for challengers." Ame looks around and takes in the place he calls his den. It is an enormous cavern that houses several acres of land. A forest surrounds them while a mountain sits off in the distance. She even had to cross a few lakes just to get to him at the base of the mountain. And every single Pokémon belongs to the Champion of Kanto. The woman with the white hair is not ready to give up, as an idea comes to mind, "Then I challenge you!" "Oh?" he sits upright. "But if I win, you come to the Reborn Region!" she shouts at him. "Alright," he agrees. "We will have a one-on-one match to decide it then. Fair enough?" She nods. Derek takes his fingers in his mouth, and lets out a shrill whistle. A second later, a shadow looms over Amethyst, crashing in front of her with so much force it craters the ground. Dust kicks up, as the ferocious form of a Dragonite has appeared. Despite how menacing his Pokemon looks, she shows no sight of fright, throwing out a Pokeball of her own. In a flash of light, an Absol appears. The disaster Pokemon meets its opponent with a vicious howl. "Absol, Swords Dance!" Ame commands. Her faithful companion becomes enveloped with blades, his attack power skyrockets. "Not bad," Derek smirks, "Dragonite, Dragon Dance." His beast boosts his own stats, raising speed and attack. "Now, fly!" The dragon soars to the skies, clear out of range of Absol. Higher and higher it climbs, until it is only a speck. And then, a light rockets down at Absol in the form of a Hyper Beam. Ame bellows a command, as it dodges at the last second. The ground around them is shredded, but Drake keeps his composure. In the wreckage, Absol emerges, having escaped the brunt of the attack. "Now, Absol," Ame gives her commands, reaching for the necklace draping around her elegant neck, "Mega Evolve!" Again Absol is enveloped in light, as it body changes. Its fur lengthens, appearing to gain wings. The horn along its head thickens, curving like a crescent moon. The light breaks off it, as Mega Absol takes the battlefield. "What the heck is that?" Derek gasps. "I guess you haven't been to Kalos," she says with a smile. "Its called Mega-Evolution. Now, Mega Absol, Night Slash." Its horn becomes enveloped in a dark shroud, as it thrusts it like a sword. Darkness shreds from it, the black shockwave shreds through the air, and strikes Derek's Dragonite. His faithful beast plummets, taking a critical hit from the attack. "Dragonite!" he cries out to his partner, "Don't give up, use Dragon Claw!" "Don't let it," Ame orders, "Finish it with Night Slash!" Hearing his master's command snaps Dragonite from the freefall. It fans its wings just before it hits the ground. An aura surrounds its claws, its arms glowing with a blue hue. Dragonite roars as it meets Mega Absol's shadowed horn. Their attacks meet, erupting in an explosion. Both Pokémon are consumed in the blast, covered in a light that blinds both trainers. The light fades and the dust clears, and both Pokémon appear among the uprooted stones and fallen trees. Absol has fallen, losing its mega-form. It does not appear it can continue. Dragonite leans against a pile of stones, yet it remains standing. With a sliver of its health, and high level, it has emerged victorious. "Looks like I win," Derek says, reaching for a Pokeball at his hip, "Dragonite, time to rest, buddy." A red light hits his dragon, and he is sucked into the Pokeball. Ame does the same for her Absol, placing a kiss on the ball when her Pokémon returns. She hides her disappointment, thanking her partner with a soft prayer. Having no more champions to call on, she turns to leave... "Hey wait," Derek calls out for her, causing her to turn. "Ame, tell me, are there other trainers like you?" "Yes," she answers, hope found in her words, "Some even stronger." A smile reaches his face, "Well then...it looks like you got yourself a champion. Count me in!"
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