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Found 10 results

  1. A month had passed at a rapid rate. All students had to take many tests; from knowledge to skill. Earlier this week there were two unexpected ones. The first test had many ‘what if’ cases while the second one tested knowledge many first years didn’t possess. The teachers claimed that many of these questions were supposed to be answered during future lessons but that they wanted to see what the level of the basic knowledge was amongst the new students. Those test were by far the hardest but no grades were given. No one knew how well –or bad- they had scored. Rumors, started by second and third years, said that the ‘what if’ cases were the most important written test. None of the teachers was willing to deny or confirm this. Not even Archibald Fisher who snarled at the students at every possible chance he got. A lot of students couldn’t help but wonder how well they had done. Even if they didn’t want to obtain a restricted Pokémon. Of course there were a few exceptions. Samantha was as lively as usual during every test she had to take and Kay didn’t seem to struggle in the least. Matt performed well in the field tests but struggled when it came to the written knowledge tests. He always denied it when Kay started to tease very subtly. Aside from that the RoG agents barely spoke. When they first received their orders Matt was adamant about obtaining a dragon type. He even went so far as to claim that Kay’s participation in this mission wasn’t needed. Kay just accepted it without a discussion, until Matt mentioned Samantha. Apparently he was convinced the redhead was another RoG member, but Kay wasn’t. It didn’t make any sense for a fellow agent to show up out of nowhere without them knowing. He had told Matt to worry about the Dragon mission while he focused on finding out more about Samantha. A week had passed without much progress when Kay saw his change to get to know the redhead. But so far he had failed to get any more information from her. Her existence was an absolute mystery to him. And to Kay’s annoyance he didn’t have much free time due to all those tests. Luckily for him, and the other students, the end was near. Tomorrow they would leave for a 3 day field trip. That’s why all the first years were gathered once more in the Contest Hall where Devin Cadmus would hold a small speech concerning the Breeding Facility. The Elite Four Member’s presence alone was enough to keep everyone quiet. And like usual he didn’t waste any time. “Some of you might remember that this Facility we’re going to visit, belongs to a good friend of mine: Alastair Connor. He’s considered the most knowledgeable, and probably best, breeder in this entire region. We used to travel together back in our days and his strength rivaled mine until we followed different paths. But even to this day his main team can rival the Elite Four. This alone should be enough to show you all that Alastair isn’t just a breeder willing to help us out.” The tone Devin spoke with made it clear he would not allow anyone to be disrespectful when in presence of his oldest friend. His eyes quickly scanned the crowd before he continued. “This particular Dragon Facility has a few branches. You all saw a map when Professor Redwood talked about this and you received one in the documents you got earlier this week. The main building focuses on the scientific process and analysis of the produced eggs. Another one holds all the eggs and there’s even an entire area for young dragons. But there’s one building that located far from the others.” Behind the scenes Tyron Silva had been waiting for Devin to reach this part of the speech. He immediately dimmed the lights and started the giant projector once again. The map showed for about a minute with one building being marked with a red circle. The next slide showed the building in more details. It was massive. Bigger than the dorms and the main academy building combined. It was entirely made out of cold, brick walls enforced with steel. “This building is dangerous. No one is allowed to go there unless you are supervised. This building holds the strongest of dragons who were abused or hunted down. They do not like humans and perceive them as a threat. In order to defend themselves, they will attack on sight. NEVER go there!” Devin waited a few minutes to let his warning sink in. “Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Roman Connor. He will be around for the entire three days. This won’t mean anything to any of you because I’m pretty sure most of you, if any, have ever heard about him. He’s the head of the Dragon Repopulation Project and has close ties with the official Ymora League. He also used to be the head of the Breeders Association but he resigned when he was placed in charge of the Anti-Hunter Movement. This means he’s the only man in Ymora who is tied with the 3 most powerful and influential organizations in this region. The first one being the Ymora League. They govern the gym leaders, trainers, coordinators and many other things that are related to professional battling involving Pokémon. The second one is the Breeders Association. All of you, especially the Breeders, should know about this organization. Everything involved with Breeding is their responsibility as well as keeping an eye on the wild Pokémon. Alastair is currently the second most influential man in this organization. Roman used to lead this one until he stepped back. The third organization is the Military Police. They handle everything that involves crime. Recently they started a new project in co-operation with the Breeders Association: The Anti-Hunter Movement. Roman Connor is the current head which means he has a busy schedule. For him to take 3 days off to educate you all is a unique chance. It will be your first contact with the professional world and a chance to make connections for your future.” The slideshow stopped and the lights went back on. That was all for this small announcement. You have the rest of the afternoon free to prepare for the upcoming three days.
  2. June 19, RoG HQ “SIR! I found something! Our systems detected a massive energy peak!” a young man in his early twenties yelled. “What are you talking about?” another man replied. This one was much older and much taller. His grey hair and moustache had a natural intimidating look, but his chubby appearance could easily be mistaken for muscled. Unfortunately for Doc, he was unable to close his lab coat. “The energy we found months ago in the Boulder Hills, but our teams were unable to locate it. A few moments ago our equipment tracked the exact same energy rating, Sir.” “Move,” Doc said while shoving the young member out of his chair. The Head of the Intel and Research Division started to type like he was possessed. In no time different sources of data and graphics popped up, spread out over at least 5 different monitors. The process kept repeating itself over and over until the man's eyes widened in surprise. Suddenly the main screen went black and a voice could be heard from the speakers. “Doc? Why did you call me so suddenly?” “I'm sorry, Boss, but this is important. We found the Dragon Plate!” “What? That's good news! Were our teams finally successfull?” “No, it seems someone beat us. We only found its new location.” “Where?” “Ymora Academy.” The voice on the other side turned silent. “Redwood...” the man hissed before bursting out into laughter. “Perfect! Tell me Doc, do we have some young prodigies for this mission?” Doc didn't reply. Instead his fingers moved over the keyboard in front of him at incredible speed. “These are all our members that have the required age and the ones we can alter a little,” he said as the black screen filled with multiple profiles. Another silence fell as profiles opened and closed. Some stayed longer and were moved to the background only to appear again a few seconds after. Doc wasn't doing anything so the man behind the screen was selecting the members personally. “These two,” he finally spoke up. “Muscles that do everything to get a mission done and a cunning brain... Don't alter their profiles and backgrounds too much this time. It's a long term mission so simplicity is key...” “Understood,” Doc said firmly when the monitor went silent. The scientist turned towards the man he had pulled out of the chair earlier. “You! Get me these two agents ASAP!” August 30, 9 AM, Academy Grounds The past couple of days had been busy for the Academy Staff. All preparations had led to this day. The entrance hall of the Main Building had undergone a gigantic transformation. Multiple desks were lined up in front of the left wall. All of them were equipped with monitors. Two giant wooden boards stood behind the desks. One, on the left, was titled 'Girls Dorm' while the one on the right was called 'Boys Dorm'. Two pair of keycards could be found under each number. The desks were currently occupied by teachers and Redwood's assistants. Some of them were already sighing or wrestling with the, to their taste, much too slow monitors. Others, like Devin Cadmus and Redwood, were standing at the front doors to guide new students in. Every year there were some new students running around with a lost expression on their faces, even though they received clear instructions in their invitation letter: Do not forget to bring your ID with you and make sure you register at one of the desks in the Main Building. You will receive your Official Trainer Card, Pokédex and Dorm Keycard from one of the staff. After this is done, all students are free to explore the Academy Grounds at free will. We do ask you not to enter the Forest as it can be dangerous for inexperienced students. Outside the building a path led straight from the entrance hall towards the Main Gates.Tyron was standing there, looking nervously at his watch. Redwood had given him clear orders; open the gate at 9 AM exactly, no matter how many people had already gathered. And like every year there were quite a few people lined up, waiting for Tyron to open the gate, which made the Handyman even more nervous. It got even to the point he started to count down the seconds on his watch. A big sigh could be heard from the tall and atlethic looking man. Sweat dripped from his forehead onto his training suit. Every few seconds he attempted to dry his slippery hands by rubbing over his pants. But when the clock finally hit 9, he opened the gate with a firm grip. A large smile appeared on his face as he yelled his favorite sentence: “WELCOME TO YMORA ACADEMY!”
  3. So it's been a few months since I did anything Ymora related... For those that were around during the Ymora Academy RP: due to personal problems going on I had to step back. Not to mention other stuff that just piled up and eventually we got to the point where Ymora somewhat died. We lost some players and a co-host, but Dobby and I are thinking about reviving this RP since the story is still left untold. And I don't want to let it end like this Now I have been planning to revive this for a few weeks. However some people still showed some interest so I figured why the hell not open this topic now and make it a discussion topic as well so the older players can share their opinion and the new ones are free to ask questions and whatnot. Now I personally favor a reboot. I'll just make a list. - Some gaps in the storyline opened up last time and I realized it too late. We already hit chapter 4, but I can perfectly deal with some of the gaps now if we (Dobby and I) can implement some small changes since the beginning. - I can keep most of the story. - Small changes -storywise- starting chapter 2. So no Hills or whatever, that's going to be replaced. - New NPCs while others will be scrapped. - We lost players like Jory and DarkLight who were really active and very much involved in the story. - Fresh start is always nice because it would be really hard to get everything back on track since Jory was in charge of chapter 4 and implemented his own idea to buy time. Neither I nor Dobby fully know what he was planning to do. The only downside is the current PCs. A lot of you put in some serious effort in their characters *coughStratoscough* so it would be a waste to let them die. So this is where all of you come in. We want to know what your opinion. 1. Do you want a to see a reboot or not? If not; do you want to see a complete different story? (Aka no more RoG) 2. What do you think we should do with the current PCs? I would accept them back but should they also start from scratch? 3. Last time the battles were a problem. Should we do the separate thread for non plot related battles like we did last time? 4. What do you expect / want to see from this reboot. 5. Anything else you want to let us know. Problems you foresee / suggestions / ... So that's about it. We'll leave this topic for a few days to discuss some things and after that Dobby and I are going to decide what to do. The earliest we can get something up is in 3 - 4 weeks depending on how much we can use from last time. ~Chim out~ (I've always wanted to do this)
  4. Hey welcome to the OOC / Sign-up thread for Pokémon Academy. Now let's explore this new region while aiming for our own goals. The idea behind the RP: Ymora Region The Ymora Region is famous for its breeding program. All kinds of Pokémon are being bred and requested all over the world, including by the professors in other regions. Furthermore this region is the birthplace of the new LT-system as well as having the most difficult powerful League. Ymora is located South from the Hoenn region and shares a similar climate when it comes to temperature. It’s warm through the entire year with a very hot summer and frequent rain showers in the winter. Snow can only be found on Snowpeak Mountain which is 24.681 feet high. Because the mountain stands alone people offer refer to it as ‘Lonely Mountain’ or ‘Fourth Brother’. It is located on the western part. The region is almost split in half by a mountain range; Boulder Hills. This range has 3 peeks so people called it The Three Brothers. Between these mountains is Valley Road; popular for being the safest passage from north to south and many vendors along the way. Valley City is located directly in the middle and is considered the heart of the region. Directly south of the Boulder Hills lies the Southern Forest; Ymora’s biggest forest and a part of it is under the Academy’s direct supervision. The south-east part of Ymora is famous for its natural hot springs. The waters are deep and it’s advised not to go swimming there. From the different havens tourist boats make a tour around the small islands. Under these islands is a gigantic underwater volcano that’s still active, causing steam and hot water. The volcano is connected to the natural hot springs on land. The main attraction in the northern part is Cape Ducklett; famous for its beautiful beaches. Many tourists come here to relax and to take the Safari Tour. This tour includes visiting the Safari Park; including a swamp area for certain Pokémon species and Hippowdon Reservoir; a small desert-like area where Pokémon live. History Timeline Licensed Trainer System The LT-system is based on professor Redwood’s paper to change the old system were 12-year olds started a journey. Now they can just go to Pre-Academy (non-mandatory) for three years. However in the year future trainers turn 15 and they still want to go on a journey, they have to follow a 3 year training program at the Academy. They learn everything about Pokémon, sportsmanship and economics. When a student graduates, he or she receives a unique Pokédex that contains the trainer license. It gives trainers the right to challenge gym leaders, participate in tournaments, contests and all other battle-related things involved Pokémon. Trainers will also receive free treatment in Pokécenters. With the system change, the gyms changed as well. Leaders have to meet certain quota to qualify as a gym leader. Right now there are 12 different gyms located through the entire region, under the supervision of the Leagues President (previous champion). Trainers have to beat 8 of them to earn the right to compete in the Ymora League. It works similar for coordinators. The amount of contest increased to 10 and they have to win at least 5 of them to enter the Grand Festival. And last but not least: Breeders that graduate receive an extra Breeding License. This shows their capability and helps them to start their own Breeding Facility or work in one. But what really made this system unique was a Pokémon Danger List. Professor Redwood included certain Pokémon that shouldn’t be trained by rookie trainers. These Pokémon include species that have a rather violent nature, pseudo-legendries and Dragons. Especially combined they’re shown to go berserk if not handled correctly. Academy Head: Professor Craig Redwood Assistants: Rebecca and Brendan. They help the professor with his studies and are usually the ones to show up when he needs something. They also pass on the paperwork in his name. See Board: A group of 11 people that keep a close eye on the Academy. Professor Redwood has to get their approval if he wants to make changes. They are also the ones that might to try and change something but everything is decided by majority rule. Current head of the board: Carolina Welsh. Programs: Trainer program, Coordinator program and Breeder program. All three are playable. Trainer program: Everything a trainer needs to know. It varies from types to items to a Pokémon’s health. Students following this program usually aim to become a well-known trainer. They are the ones going around challenging gyms in the hope to beat the League. Some of them aim to become a gym leader, E4 member or even a Champion. Its very battle orientated. Coordinator program: They learn the same basics as a trainer, but the battle portion is slightly less. They also have the opportunity to perform in the Contest Hall; therefore they have classes orientated on how to make a Pokémon truly shine. This includes moves and accessories. Breeder program: This program is the least battle orientated. It’s very different from the other two as a Breeder usually decides on a certain type. Of course they learn about every type as well as how to recognize different eggs, egg moves (works different) and how to make sure they hatch properly. It’s a unique course that’s offered in Ymora. Breeders use their knowledge to their advantage in battle and aren't to be underestimated. Or as professor Redwood likes to say: "A true Pokémon Master has the heart of a trainer, the eye of a coordinator and the knowledge of a breeder." Teachers / Staff - Devin ‘Drake’ Cadmus. Classes: Dragon Types and Pokémon Habitats - Phoebe Arlyn. Classes: Water Types and Items & Berries - Tyron Silva. Classes: P.E., handyman, supervisor male dorms. - Others are minor characters. (Assistants / Secretary / …) Students -PC’s -NPC’s Academy ground and buildings Academy Forest Available Pokémon / Evolutions / Moves / Battle Strength / Items & Training Ymora League After the results of the first Academy’s graduates, the Ymora League received a make-over. There’s a president (ex-champion) who keeps an eye on everything. Currently there are 12 gyms: Water, Fire, Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Steel, Fairy, Flying and Bug. All leaders have to meet certain quota before they are given the position. Some are considered harder than others but a challenger only has to defeat 8 of them to compete in the League. Ice and Rock don’t have a suitable gym location or leader yet. Grass, Electric, Dragon and Normal teams are used by the E4 so they don’t have a gym either. Rise of Greadia (RoG: pronounced as Rock) Playable characters: - First year students! This mean you’ll be 15. (Or 14 if your PC’s birthday is after September 1st. Older 1st years need a reason) Keep in mind you can be from any region as Ymora Region’s Academy is pretty popular and has the best educational system. You can have one starter already at lvl 8 before Academy starts. And you can choose between the Programs. - RoG member! Rise through the ranks of the secret organization by completing missions. Your only goal: bring back the old system. Sign-up format Students: Name: Age: Birthday: (only day and month) Appearance: Program: (Breeder / Trainer / Coordinator) Starter: (lvl 8) Hometown: (Can be from any region) Background: Sign-up format RoG-Members: Name: Age: (can be older than 15) Appearance: Starter: Division: (Exploration or combat only) Hometown: (Can be from any region) Background: (Mention how RoG scouted you, you didn’t find them) THIS RP IS CO-HOSTED BY JORY AND DOBBY
  5. Phoebe The water type expert grinned. “Don't worry about the stones just yet. There are other circumstances you'll have to meet. The first one is obvious; strength. Just like any other evolution, your Pokémon's body needs to be capable of wielding all that power. Even if the species can mega evolve, it doesn't mean all of them can.” Phoebe raised a second finger. “The second requirement is the one Professor Sycamore is currently studying. He calls it the bond between trainer and Pokémon, but he basically means trust. If I would do something right now that pisses off Gyarados, I guarantee he won't be able to mega evolve next time. It's the most tricky requirement since it can screw up any time. And the third thing that's mandatory,” she said, still counting on her fingers, “is the one most Pokémon lack; a reason. Or determination. Something needs to trigger their desire to push themselves far beyond their normal limit. It can literally be anything. 'I want to be strong to protect my trainer' or 'I want to destroy the woman who gave me this scar'. Anger is what drives my Gyarados. Last time I faced Veronica, Gyarados swept through her team on sheer force, anger, determination and stubbornness alone.” She turned around and faced Spytfire. “Desire to become this strong isn't enough. Many Pokémon share that thought. In the forest alone there's a certain Rookie who is like that, but he never managed to take down Sawsbuck despite being equally strong.” Gyarados roared yet again. That little fire type wanted power? How ridiculous. Same for that Mawile. They both looked like fools hunger for battle. They would never beat someone like him. But at least they weren't so annoying like that little Spheal. The desire to chew on the fat Pokémon was strong... Phoebe sighed. “You never learn do you?” she asked before recalling the powerhouse. “Sorry about that but it seems like my Gyarados still has issues... Anyway I got to go. See you all later and for those that reach the finals; make sure to embarrass Veronica!” The next day, 10.30 AM, Danielle vs Evan “And Danielle is the first to reach the final four! Evan came close but lost his cool early on and made mistakes which costs him the match. His Vaporeon and Clefairy put up a decent fight but Danielle's Mawile and Larvesta pulled through. Congratulations Danielle!” Brand said. “Now the next battle starts between Jacob and Slade. Both of you report to the field!” ((To give people time to react to Danielle's battle, ExLink and Jory post their characters are at the field. Once they had enough time, one of the hosts will make an update 24 hours later with the outcome of that battle. After that ExLink and Jory can keep posting like usual))
  6. Battle thread start gogogogogogogogogogo!
  7. TV-commercial during the past few weeks Come one! Come all! It’s almost that time again! You know what I mean; the Winter Cup is about to start! The students attending our Region’s pride are going to battle it out to decide who the best is amongst the best. 32 students from each year qualified themselves for this grand stage! You don’t want to miss this. Do you want to see the possible future champ in action? Or maybe a young prodigy you personally know is entering the competition to win this small Pokémon League! And there’s more. This year we have a special surprise for those that reach the finals. I won’t spoil everything but you, the audience, will love it. So if you want to see this spectacle live come to Ymora’s Pokémon Academy! The festivities start Monday December 1 at 9 AM and will end at Sunday December 7 at 9 PM. My name is Marco, your commentator, and I will see you there! Sponsored by Brand Industries; the future in technology. December 1; Academy Grounds 9 AM The students had a lot to do these past couple of weeks. Extra training was almost impossible next to classes, preparing the stalls and battling in the preliminaries. In the end 32 first years managed to qualify themselves. Just like every year students gossiped about the remaining competitors. Some, like Jacob Robertson and Mareek Sisto, were considered the favorites to gain the title. Others were less popular. Henry Baldwin had by far the most people rooting against him. His previous opponents had prepared strategies to deal with that Vulpix only to find out he somehow traded it for a Skitty. Nobody likes to lose to a Skitty in a trainer battle. Needless to say many students considered it cheap or cheating and hoped to see him lose. Last, but not least, there were a few competitors not much people had confidence in. Many even asked themselves how the hell they were still in the competition while they weren’t. Lana Everheart and Shiro Advent were considered the weakest. Surprisingly Kage and Claude had the biggest fan bases. There was a little rivalry going on, like every year, between the different Programs. The Breeders rooted for Kage. At first it was a little awkward when they found out he was blind and they never noticed, but they quickly got over it. Especially when only a handful of breeders managed to qualify and Kage was the best amongst them. Almost all the Coordinators were cheering for Claude. His outgoing personality made him popular and so did his battle style. Many considered him the one who would show those Trainers what a real Coordinator was all about. ********************** Galen successfully infiltrated the Academy. Teach gave some last minute advice to lay low for two weeks until the Cup started and use the time to explore the Grounds. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to meet his team before he left HQ. Some unforeseen circumstances delayed their arrival for days. Right now he was in his ‘house’. RoG had prepared an apartment for him to stay at, not far from the Academy. Last night he received details and green light to start the operation. He was finally allowed to make contact with Evan Reeves or make a move whenever an opportunity arose. *********************** During the weekend all stalls were prepared and ready. Aside from those that were set up by students, there were some outsiders. A burger stall, bouncing castle, … but the one that stood out most was probably the fortune teller. The stall was run by a friendly old woman and her dark blue (shiny) Gothitelle. The woman only arrived on Saturday and already the strangest rumors were told by students. Some said she was a witch, a descendant of old Nomad Tribes that worshipped Giratina while others swore she could actually see the truth. Two girls told everyone who was willing to listen how the old woman suddenly spoke with a weird voice while her eyes rolled around as she predicted the their future and claimed she didn’t remember anything after. The entire time the Gothitelle pretended nothing happened. But as time went by the students forgot to gossip and prepared their stalls. It was 9 AM and the first guests already came through the gates. Most of them were family members. People that just wanted to watch the battles and experience the festival usually came later. ((Summary; you can all decide which family members will visit your PCs (or none) and can control them. Max level is around 25 (not much time to train) and only three Pokémon allowed to use in the Cup. The fourth Pokémon can catch up later, but this is to keep it fair. Stratos it is up to you when Galen walks through the gates. The students already saw him but none of them spoke to him.))
  8. (This thread is for students in the rp only. Since this contains a small timeskip your Pokémon are around level 15-20. Pokémon that need a stone to evolve can do that once they hit level 20. Pokémon evolving because of happiness can do that once they hit the same level. Also there's a new character so to make this easy everyone should know her name by now. (Especially coordinators)) October 6; Dragon Type Class (Week 6) “That was everything we had to cover before our trip,” Devin said, closing the projector. The image of Salamence disappeared from the wall. “We still have a little time left so I’ll explain the schedule for the rest of the week. “As you all know by now we leave Wednesday morning for a three day trip into the Boulder Hills to study dragon types.” Devin took a seat at his desk and continued. “We hired some cottages almost halfway through the mountains. Throughout the Boulder Hills are a lot of different Dragon Den’s. The place we’re going to is close to every dragon type; including Dragalge which is a rare find in the Hills. Now, since we aren’t going to the very top where the strongest dragons live, there shouldn’t be too many problems.” He looked around the class and paused for a moment. “The only problem is, is that our group is too big. Therefor three dragon breeding specialists will join us. We’ll split into four groups. That way we won’t destroy their habitat and can learn in a safe environment. For the first two days every specialist will take a different group with them so you’ll learn about all of the different species. During these two days you are allowed to catch a Pokémon, but this doesn’t have to be a dragon type. On day three we’ll allow every single one of you to battle on a rocky are, which is completely different from what you’re used to here.” Devin paused a moment again to let everything sink in. “If you didn’t catch anything on day 3 and you still want to, just ask me and I’ll accompany you to find a Pokémon. I can already tell you that you should pack clothes and shoes that can survive a rocky walk and a wet, almost swampy, area. Professors Silva (Tyron) and Arlyn (Phoebe) will join us. The fourth supervisor is either Rebecca or Brendan, who assist Professor Redwood, but I’m not sure which one. Those three and I will keep an eye out just in case a dragon starts to rampage.” Devin stood up again and walked to the middle of the class. “I’ve taught you everything you need to know in order to keep this a safe trip. However nature and knowledge are two different things. Therefor we will go tomorrow to my place. I have every dragon type living in my domain and I’ve rebuild it to suit their natural tastes. This should give you all an idea of what to expect so I’ll see you all tomorrow at 9am at the front gates. Don’t forget to pack your lunch!” Devin’s timing was perfect. As soon as he finished the bell rang and the last class of the day ended.
  9. This is for the RoG members only. August 30, 11.15 PM “Wait! We got another one!” the blond man said to a woman with a ponytail. All she did was nod while her companion escorted a young man named Ezekiel to deck. The blond man smirked. This brat was easy to read. All he had to do was to tell about RoG and their adventures to get him on board. “No talking to the others!” was all he ordered before going back to the woman. When Ezekiel arrived on deck, she saw about 20-30 other people. Some looked tired and others, especially the elder males, already had a beard from the long travels. Little did he know most of them came from Sinnoh and travelled to Johto and Kanto first. One of them was a man named Brian Dusk. He was one of the first one on board and saw newcomer after newcomer. By the cover of the night the ship left in complete silence. When the coast wasn’t visible anymore, the blond man returned. “All of you can return to your cabin now. You, newbie,” he pointed at Ezekiel, “You bunk with this guy.” This time he pointed to Brian. “And no talking! We arrive tomorrow morning at 7 PM!” The new recruits obeyed without question. All of them were tired anyway and some didn’t see the point in searching the bunks. Most of them arrived with nothing, but it was a part of RoG security. ******************************** “Get up, newbies!” the blond man yelled early in the morning. Ezekiel and Brian woke up, left their bunk and saw an island not far from the coast of Ymora. RoG members were already on their way with small rubber boats. A bald man with blue eyes watched from the coast as the recruits stepped in the boats. “28 this time?” he asked. “No sir, we received message that there’s a latecomer. 29 in total,” the other one said. This man had a small build and messy black hair. “Prepare the capsules,” was all the muscular bald man said before leaving. “Yes sir!” ******************************* The rubber boats arrived and the new recruits were guided to a small room. When the last one entered, the blond man from the ship closed the heavy iron door and locked it. The only way out now was behind the muscular bald man with blue eyes. “Welcome new recruits!” he said in a harsh tone. He only used that to speak to his trainees. “All of you have your reasons to be here, but we all share the same goal. We will change this still rotten world in our favor, just like the ones in power now have done. They think their system is great and all, but we fell out of it and there’s no place for us out there,” he said pointing to the door. “If some of you disagree, please leave through the door behind me.” He waited a few moments and when nobody moved he continued: “Great, I see all of you are prepared. My name is Caleb Hughes. I’m also known as Teach because I’m the one in charge to teach you all to survive and to perform in missions.” He stopped talking again and an awkward silence filled the place, but Teach let it continue for just a little longer before knocking on the door behind him. A small man with messy black hair entered the place, pushing a chart with Pokéballs on it. There were about 40 of them. “Pick one up, go through the door and pick a bunk at your right. Rest up from the long trip and stay there until further orders!” With that said Caleb and the unknown man left the room and took a left, away from the bunks.
  10. This is only for those that signed up as students. The RoG Members topic will follow. August 31, 8.27 AM Professor Redwood left the Contest Hall. After doing a last check-up of the equipment, everything seemed to be ready for his speech later that day. He looked at the gates, then on his watch. The first early birds will arrive soon, he thought. Everyone knew that the gates opened at exactly 9 AM, but some people wanted to arrive before the mass or were just too excited to wait. It was then that his attention was drawn by a figure walking up to him. The sun was low and blinded Redwood a bit, but he recognized the silhouette. How could he not? The man walking up to him was 6’2” and looked a bit intimidating with his red hear and beard. But Redwood knew better. The man was one of the kindest people he knew, and he knew a lot of people, and very popular with students; Devin Cadmus, current leader of the E4 and master of Dragon types. “Good morning Devin, what bring you here?” Redwood asked. “Hello Professor, I was just checking if everything was ready in the Entrance Hall,” Devin said a bit concerned. “What went wrong this time?” Devin sighed. Every year something had to go wrong and every year it involved at least either Phoebe or Tyron. “Phoebe can’t remember where she put the box containing the dorm keys. Students can’t go into their room unless they are opened with a master key.” Redwood raised his eyebrows. Of course, of all the things they could lose, they had to lose the keys on the opening day. “Remember me we should use electronic locks next year. That way students only need their Academy ID Card,” he said rubbing his temples. This was exactly why he let his secretary deal with all this stuff. “And what are those papers you’re carrying, Devin?” “Hm? Oh, I almost forgot about these. I was just looking through the list of new students. We got a lot from other regions this time too. Did you know there’s a kid in here that ran away?” “Ah yes. I already called his parents and told them I accepted his apply into the Academy,” Redwood said while walking towards the Academy building. “That must’ve been a pleasant conversation,” Devin remarked sarcastically. “You have no idea… They started yelling, called me irresponsible and something about giving a bad signal to kids running away from home… I just asked them if they preferred if I left him on the streets to lead the life of a thug…” Devin chuckled. He knew all too well Redwood never declined a potential student, no matter their background. He followed the professor without saying anything and mentally prepared for the frustrating adventure that awaited them: finding those damn keys. ********************************** A little while later Devin managed to find the keys. He came to the conclusion Phoebe simply forgot to pick them up in their respective dorms. “I’m so sorry!” she said for about the hundredth time. “I was so sure I picked them up last night!” “No harm done, Phoebe,” Redwood answered. He stared at the massive information board located above a broad staircase. The board contained the details as to where to find everything in this massive building. Students automatically came face to face with it when deciding to go to the left or right in order to reach the first floor. On the ground floor, next to the staircase, were two large openings. The one on the right had a sign that indicated the cafeteria was there. The doors were open and if one peeked through it, they could see there was a place for every student. But since a lot of families visited on this day, one could choose to sit outside as well. The doors on the left side were closed. They lead to a corridor filled with classrooms, but it was impossible to reach them. The entire left side, if you faced the stairs, was closed off by 8 desks containing a computer. The computers were all connected to a big central machine that was connected to the power source. It was flanked by two massive wooden boards containing keys. Devin and some others, including Tyron, were still finishing up hanging the keys by pairs in numerical order. *********************************** Meanwhile the clock reached 9 AM and the gates opened. The first students, and some of their families, made their way down the path to the white Academy building. All they had to do was waiting in line at one of those 8 desks with their sign up papers in hand.
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