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Found 11 results

  1. hi, so I'm currently on GDC and i just received (SPOILER ALERT) keta's riolu, I'm trying to breed it because i want a non shiny male one but for some reason it won't produce any eggs with ditto nor other compatible pokemon like houndour... please help i really wanna use one but i can't even use rpgxmaker cause i use a mac...
  2. Hey guys, this is my team for reborn, i'm at Noel, got snorlax and aegislash from wondertrades all my pokemon have good IV, (at least the main two stats at 31) Probably i will switch flygon for garchomp later on, let me know what you think of it!
  3. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  4. Hey all, I have the battle with ciel but can't defeat her gliscor. Any ideas? My team are: Blaziken Ampharos Donphan Vapereon Zoroark Swoobat Much appreciated
  5. I just complet reborn for the first time it ben one hell of ride for 16 yer old me wen I started the game becas I wanted to finely complet a pokemon game for the first time . at the start asadently pick bobasor as a starter the prosed to us it and then losing my proges becas I forgot to save the game by exsing owt the tab . the I pick the one I wanted the hole time greninja a prosed to get a bad tom with the frst tow Gyms and for some resin bug gym was wers evin thow I lern how reborn rewords players for exsplring with me lerning wate IV and EV are and having a ampharos with powr gem becas I wanted a warter typ starter oh pore cory , kiki and soles garchomp wen I piss off and got my team the big bad manny the mamoswine win I got asest to to the move relerner oh felt good wen i one hit ko that mega garchomp whith that ice shard. but after running over a pile of burders with a tran I got buddy the sylveon my tank and I wach a youtub vid to get her ... ps eevee my favrit after barly kiling the stellex with doge the fire dog and prosed to crush the ice gym and grow a hate for cufabul. I go and the nexe bage and after 6 tris I got that bage and got stuk in the cuirces cotin candy becam my new frend that t and the o so coman lass juming of water fall for something I didn't do and the normul meter invashin not musch hapind oh why tara gust why but eney way I got back to reborn city and got 2 new full time members ash my mega Charizard and my gardevoir oh ash is a shiny buy the way porr chapein lin im comeing for you, I gust move on with rage and help the city and esplor the desrt and got my finle memder smite the aegislash . then good old lin mesing with me I beet the fake lovers gyms and prseed to kick ass wile being controlled . porr gosp gardevoir , now im sad mad and tack it owt on meter feling like a bad ass then I got my reveng for kiki afer beating soless and getin the lin fever agen I tack it owt on rocky and then proseed to tack a bad tom 5 times then I trand tow pokemon and beat rocky boy and rech the end winth a team of leo/ greninja moves surf watre surcin darkpulls gunk shot nacher timed EVs max speed / max spa holding waterim Z many / manoswine moves earthquak ice shard iceskul crash rock clime nacher adument EVs max at / max speed holding life ord buddy / sylveon moves hper voiss wish hell bell flash nacher calm EVs max def / max hp holding leftovers smite / aegofslash moves kings sheld sowrds dans show claw girow ball nacher relax EVs max hp / 120 at / 135 spdf holding iorn ball ash / Charizard X moves thoder punch flam punch drogon dans fly nacher joly EVs max at / max speed holding mega stown X cilest / gardevoir moves mone blast calm mine tundr bolt shodw ball nacher timed EVs max speed / spat holding shoto plate
  6. I need help making changes to my team. I've just beat Luna, and am about to go to Agate City, so I'd like for my team to be pretty well-balanced, since it seems like I won't be able to go back to previous areas after I leave with Cain. My current part consists of: Za Warudo (Torterra)(Shiny) Lv. 60 Nature: Impish Ability: Shell Armor -Wood Hammer -Earthquake -Strength -Curse Corrina (Toxicroak) Lv. 67 Nature: Adamant Ability: Poison Touch -Poison Jab -Drain Punch -Sucker Punch -Rock Smash These two are the permanent team members. Za Warudo was my starter, and Corrina is basically the MVP of my team (if you've ever seen Ttar's playthrough of Reborn, she's basically my Tiki button) The rest of my team: Spike (Sandslash-Alola) Lv. 58 Nature: Adamant Ability: Slush Rush -Iron Head -Icicle Spear -Hail -Swords Dance A very good and fairy reliable pokemon, but at the same time I'm not as attached to it as the two above. Squishy (Jellicent-F) Lv. 56 Nature- Hardy Ability-Cursed Body -Brine -Hex -Hydro Pump -Rain Dance Really only good at being a wall, and I mostly keep it around because I have yet to find any better water-type alternatives. CutieBat (Swoobat) Lv. 62 Nature- Calm Ability- Simple -Psychic -Air Slash -Charge Beam -Calm Mind After she got Calm Mind and Psychic she was able to sweep whole teams, but now she isn't really doing that anymore. And since she has the Defense stat of a wet paper bag, it makes setting up dangerous. Blasphemy (Silvally-Dark)(Shiny) Lv. 53 Nature-Adamant Ability- RKS System -Multi-Attack (Dark) -Shadow Claw -X-Scissor -Fire Fang The newest addition to my team. Has yet to prove itself. Two pokemon I have in rotation are: Maxine (Camerupt) Lv. 57 Nature-Brave Ability- Solid Rock -Lava Plume -Earthquake -Rock Slide -Strength A long-time team member, recently replaced due to overlapping types and my need for something that handles Psychic types. Chivalry (Escavalier) Lv. 59 Nature- Naughty Ability- Shell Armor -X-Scissor -Iron Head -Swords Dance -Reversal Instrumental in defeating Radomus, but was a one-time use. I replaced him with Spike because I needed a pokemon that could deal with flying types. The rest of the Pokémon I'm willing to train/use: (The Egg is a Shroomish Egg) (Sharpedo is the only other water type I have, and as far as I can tell it only get is Aqua Jet.) (The Espurr is female) Please tell me what suggestions you have for my team, or if there are any Pokémon you think I should try to get before going with Cain to Agate. I'm aware of the Pokémon being sold at 7th Street, but I'm not sure which to get since I don't want to waste my shards. And please, no spoilers for the rest of the game.
  7. Hey guys! I wanted to ask help from this forum on a certain thing: I want to create a team based on what kind of Pokémon would i find in my country: Argentina. Some of the most iconic animals from this place are pumas, toucan, tatú, tapir, Jaguar, penguin, whale, sea wolf, llama, etc. Geography and biomes you got everything, you name it. The people's attitude is kind of arrogant, prideful with alot of love for the family. I don't know what else can i offer you, if you have any questions ask! And thank you!!
  8. As many of you know me , i am someone with no soul and no heart and i like this 25/10/17 edit : Okay guys , so here is a big modification of the topic : Now i will not work alone anymore. Instead of having a lot of trades topics , we decided to keep just this one for the entire providing thing. I hope we will be able to give you what you will ask Here are peoples actually working on it : @LykosHand @Hooligan ( Mostly perfect IV beldums ) @Ainz Ooal Gown ( Mostly perfect IV deinos and ralts ) @FairFamily ( Mostly eggs moves pokemons ) @Sayia ( mostly gen 7 mons ) And of course myself ( Any pokemons except gen 7 for now : shinies , natures , 5IV , pokerus , abilities ) I think we should be enough to work properly ! Hope this will continue ! ps : sometime on the first trading attempt , my game crash ( idk why ) . So if this happen , please do not panic and just re login , i will send you a request again and it will work.
  9. So thanks to the Pokemon direct, we have a total of 23 new Pokemon! So I thought why not list them here, see what your teams will be and just talk about them. I think it'd be fun. I'll be updating this list whenever new Pokemon are introduced to us. Grookey Scorbunny Sobble Gossifleur - Eldegoss Wooloo Corviknight Drednaw Yamper Impidimp Alcremie Rolycoly Duraludon Morpeko G.F. Weezing G.F. Zigzagoon - G.F. Linoone - Obstagoon Polteageist Cramorant Sirfetch'd LEGENDARY POKEMON! Zacian Zamazenta
  10. Blaziken Bulk Up Brave Bird Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut Hydriegon Flamethrower Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Surf Excadrill Swords Dance Earthquake Rock Slide X-Scissor Metagross Agility Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Dont know 4th move yet 2 other Pokémon which will provide good coverage for my team
  11. hey guyz kind of needed some help with my team i currently have my team as Greninja Charizard Haxorous Gengar Sylveon Magnezone i needed some suggestion what i can change ain my team to make it better i kind of wanted to use lucario instead of magnezone any views would be appreciated ..i have completed the game sooo any pokemons you wanna recommend
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