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Found 1 result

  1. (This thread is for students in the rp only. Since this contains a small timeskip your Pokémon are around level 15-20. Pokémon that need a stone to evolve can do that once they hit level 20. Pokémon evolving because of happiness can do that once they hit the same level. Also there's a new character so to make this easy everyone should know her name by now. (Especially coordinators)) October 6; Dragon Type Class (Week 6) “That was everything we had to cover before our trip,” Devin said, closing the projector. The image of Salamence disappeared from the wall. “We still have a little time left so I’ll explain the schedule for the rest of the week. “As you all know by now we leave Wednesday morning for a three day trip into the Boulder Hills to study dragon types.” Devin took a seat at his desk and continued. “We hired some cottages almost halfway through the mountains. Throughout the Boulder Hills are a lot of different Dragon Den’s. The place we’re going to is close to every dragon type; including Dragalge which is a rare find in the Hills. Now, since we aren’t going to the very top where the strongest dragons live, there shouldn’t be too many problems.” He looked around the class and paused for a moment. “The only problem is, is that our group is too big. Therefor three dragon breeding specialists will join us. We’ll split into four groups. That way we won’t destroy their habitat and can learn in a safe environment. For the first two days every specialist will take a different group with them so you’ll learn about all of the different species. During these two days you are allowed to catch a Pokémon, but this doesn’t have to be a dragon type. On day three we’ll allow every single one of you to battle on a rocky are, which is completely different from what you’re used to here.” Devin paused a moment again to let everything sink in. “If you didn’t catch anything on day 3 and you still want to, just ask me and I’ll accompany you to find a Pokémon. I can already tell you that you should pack clothes and shoes that can survive a rocky walk and a wet, almost swampy, area. Professors Silva (Tyron) and Arlyn (Phoebe) will join us. The fourth supervisor is either Rebecca or Brendan, who assist Professor Redwood, but I’m not sure which one. Those three and I will keep an eye out just in case a dragon starts to rampage.” Devin stood up again and walked to the middle of the class. “I’ve taught you everything you need to know in order to keep this a safe trip. However nature and knowledge are two different things. Therefor we will go tomorrow to my place. I have every dragon type living in my domain and I’ve rebuild it to suit their natural tastes. This should give you all an idea of what to expect so I’ll see you all tomorrow at 9am at the front gates. Don’t forget to pack your lunch!” Devin’s timing was perfect. As soon as he finished the bell rang and the last class of the day ended.
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