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Found 3 results

  1. How the fuck do you beat Whitney if you chose a Water starter? You start with Croconaw, vs Clefairy. Water Pulse sometimes does not 2HKO it, and you end up with a soft boiled stalling Clefairy. Then oh boy. Oh boy. The second mon that comes out is the dreaded Miltank. Nothing in my team deals more than 30% damage, and it sure as shit does not get weaker, Intimidate/Leer or not. Stomp, Stomp, flinch, flinch, crit through the Intimidate. Even if it is weak, it switches out to Wigglytuff for the stat reset. Wigglytuff sure as hell isn't less tanky than Miltank. I've played the Fire starter route, and it was easy, due to being handed ways to toxic the tanks. Here, I am handed a spoon and the game instructed me to start carving Mount Rushmore. I've burned through 3 revives, 2 super potion and a X Atk vs a Burned Miltank. It critted and killed me. This is fucking inhumane. If I am stuck with Whitney in the original, I do not bring 3 mons that are lower level than the Miltank, so why now? This is borderline inhumane. I am also trying to clear my mind by trying to find Zangoose, but I legit have sat down for 3 hours and not a wisp of Zangoose is found. I played for 7 hours and I am still stuck between these two sidequests. Finding Ledyba and Zangoose is truly the low point of me playing this lovely game. I even enjoyed old Keckleon dungeon more than this. Bless you for making this game, as I started another run right after I finished my 1st run. Jan, I know you said your favourite Pokemon is the 2nd gen, which makes me understand you've been beaten insane and now you've developed Stockholm syndrome towards that gen, but you didn't need to inflict your pain on everyone, man. I know the fire starter run is piss easy, like Cyndaquil in HGSS, but come on. I've never been destroyed this hard for picking Totodile. Even the dead useless Chikorita/Meganium had been the better choice for the virtual gym. Gen 2 is notorious for babying the player with weak gyms, but the only baby here is me. This gym truly had beaten any dignity out of me. I wanted to do an itemless battle run, but even with items this still seemed impossible.
  2. Bloodraeyne

    No corey

    I just defeated taka and zel. I followed Heather in her pursuit but she only flys away. I've seen tutorials where that's where Corey is encountered. As this did not happen for me I cannot find him anywhere. Any pointers?
  3. The title pretty much. Who is your favourite/ least favourite gym leader in each generation as well as reborn (note- favourite is not incorrect as I am not American). For me it goes. Gen 1: My favourite is Blaine because I love his gym and my least favourite is Lt Surge because I hate his gym. Gen 2: My favourite is Clair (in the anime) or Morty (in the games) as they are both so cool. I hate Whitney but Falkner is the worst. He doesn't even know the name of his type. Gen 3: Winona is my favourite. I don't know why but she is. My least favourite is Juan because I don't like Wallace as champion and Juan allows for that. Gen 4: Fantina feels like one of the only leaders with any story in the gen so is the best. The worst one is Gardenia. I feel like she has absolutely no interest. Gen 5: Drayden has one of the best stories in the game so is my favourite. Marlon and Cilan are my two least favourite. Marlon just seems irritating and way too chilled about terrorism and Cilan was SO annoying in the anime. Gen 6: Korrina is my favourite as she has the only story out of them. Ramos loses just because he was way too much of a pushover (nice gym though). Reborn: My favourite is probably Rini as I find her to be quite realistic and always sympathise with her. I think that she is very well developed and was one of the reasons I became engrossed in the game. My least favourite is Terra- she is annoying and I hate her. So what are your favourites (obviously you don't have to answer every gen but do what you feel like.
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