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Found 2 results

  1. Lyca was tired.Tired of being cut open.Tired of being forced to fight.They know he still useful for many uses,including his unique transformation whenever the sun goes up and down.He hears the door open and doesn't doing anything.He already knows that prolonging the way to the 'bloodied table' was only going to extend the time he was going to get.The guard that was carrying him,banged him in the head,trying to get a reaction.Lyca didn't move nor made sound,as he proceed to get beaten by the guard.He started to wonder.How many times did he go through this?How many times must he suffer?Apparently,the guard must of gotten the thought,as he carried Lyca near a red barrel.His green eyes look at it,then guard as he prepared to use magic on him.He thought of an idea,and though either this works and he's free,or it doesn't and they use magic to prolong his pain.As the blue bolt was shot,Lyca banged his head on a shelf,letting more red barrels fall before running out a window.An explosion and flames covered the whole facility,but he didn't care.He ran away,but not for long.He fell down and look around for anywhere to hide.He found a cave and he slowed limped there.Once in the cave,he fell down behind a rock.Soon his breathing slowed down,and after that, fell unconscious
  2. June 19, RoG HQ “SIR! I found something! Our systems detected a massive energy peak!” a young man in his early twenties yelled. “What are you talking about?” another man replied. This one was much older and much taller. His grey hair and moustache had a natural intimidating look, but his chubby appearance could easily be mistaken for muscled. Unfortunately for Doc, he was unable to close his lab coat. “The energy we found months ago in the Boulder Hills, but our teams were unable to locate it. A few moments ago our equipment tracked the exact same energy rating, Sir.” “Move,” Doc said while shoving the young member out of his chair. The Head of the Intel and Research Division started to type like he was possessed. In no time different sources of data and graphics popped up, spread out over at least 5 different monitors. The process kept repeating itself over and over until the man's eyes widened in surprise. Suddenly the main screen went black and a voice could be heard from the speakers. “Doc? Why did you call me so suddenly?” “I'm sorry, Boss, but this is important. We found the Dragon Plate!” “What? That's good news! Were our teams finally successfull?” “No, it seems someone beat us. We only found its new location.” “Where?” “Ymora Academy.” The voice on the other side turned silent. “Redwood...” the man hissed before bursting out into laughter. “Perfect! Tell me Doc, do we have some young prodigies for this mission?” Doc didn't reply. Instead his fingers moved over the keyboard in front of him at incredible speed. “These are all our members that have the required age and the ones we can alter a little,” he said as the black screen filled with multiple profiles. Another silence fell as profiles opened and closed. Some stayed longer and were moved to the background only to appear again a few seconds after. Doc wasn't doing anything so the man behind the screen was selecting the members personally. “These two,” he finally spoke up. “Muscles that do everything to get a mission done and a cunning brain... Don't alter their profiles and backgrounds too much this time. It's a long term mission so simplicity is key...” “Understood,” Doc said firmly when the monitor went silent. The scientist turned towards the man he had pulled out of the chair earlier. “You! Get me these two agents ASAP!” August 30, 9 AM, Academy Grounds The past couple of days had been busy for the Academy Staff. All preparations had led to this day. The entrance hall of the Main Building had undergone a gigantic transformation. Multiple desks were lined up in front of the left wall. All of them were equipped with monitors. Two giant wooden boards stood behind the desks. One, on the left, was titled 'Girls Dorm' while the one on the right was called 'Boys Dorm'. Two pair of keycards could be found under each number. The desks were currently occupied by teachers and Redwood's assistants. Some of them were already sighing or wrestling with the, to their taste, much too slow monitors. Others, like Devin Cadmus and Redwood, were standing at the front doors to guide new students in. Every year there were some new students running around with a lost expression on their faces, even though they received clear instructions in their invitation letter: Do not forget to bring your ID with you and make sure you register at one of the desks in the Main Building. You will receive your Official Trainer Card, Pokédex and Dorm Keycard from one of the staff. After this is done, all students are free to explore the Academy Grounds at free will. We do ask you not to enter the Forest as it can be dangerous for inexperienced students. Outside the building a path led straight from the entrance hall towards the Main Gates.Tyron was standing there, looking nervously at his watch. Redwood had given him clear orders; open the gate at 9 AM exactly, no matter how many people had already gathered. And like every year there were quite a few people lined up, waiting for Tyron to open the gate, which made the Handyman even more nervous. It got even to the point he started to count down the seconds on his watch. A big sigh could be heard from the tall and atlethic looking man. Sweat dripped from his forehead onto his training suit. Every few seconds he attempted to dry his slippery hands by rubbing over his pants. But when the clock finally hit 9, he opened the gate with a firm grip. A large smile appeared on his face as he yelled his favorite sentence: “WELCOME TO YMORA ACADEMY!”
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