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  1. 1. That one's always shiny 2. Shiny rate in this game is 1%, so you're gonna encounter lots of them
  2. Update #8 Not much happened this episode, should contain more story to do in my opinion.
  3. Angie is fought on the Frozen Dimensional Field, not an Icy field. Best way to make sure which field you're on is to check the message/statement that appears right at the start of the battle. On Icy field it says "The field is covered in ice.", but against Angie "Hate and anger radiates" appears. The sentences in the manual may differ slightly though, maybe because they were changed after new updates but not in the manual, though that shouldn't change anything in game.
  4. Arcanine is more versatile and especially good for Doubles. Eruption hits really hard, but Typhlosion doesn't have anything else going for it. I think it's just overrated in Reborn due to a certain fight you have yet to reach. This. Usually they aren't even used in the same way. Even if you were to use Arcanine offensively, you'd probably use it physically and Typhlosion specially, though Arcanine can be a mixed attacker. But overall I'd prefer Arcanine since Typhlosion's Speed and SpAtt are just a tiny bit higher, not significantly, while Arcanine is much bulkier and more versatile in both defense and offense.
  5. I think it's a waste not giving the Life Orb to Nidoqueen, since Sheer Force cancels out the HP loss while still maintaining the 30% boost. Maybe give the Wise Glasses to Magnezone or Volcarona instead, and the Leftovers to Swampert, since its so bulky. But with Volcarona's Calm nature and Quiver Dance its a good SpDef Wall, so Leftovers and Giga Drain would be nice as well. Swarm might be better than Flame Body because it can't survive many physical attacks anyway. Swampert's base speed is really low, so it isn't benefitting much from a Jolly nature, you could change it to something that increases its defenses like Impish or Careful, or go for Adamant for more Attack and make up for taking the Life Orb away, maybe give it Muscle Band. Also its ability Damp will rarely help you, while Torrent can be useful in every battle.
  6. Edo

    subseven sanctum

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haZAIG_Az2k The Klefki you get at the end is holding the key for the subseven sanctum
  7. All in all pretty good team, Aegislash will likely make the game pretty easy overall. Also, just so you know, Garchomp isn't available until much later in the game (after 14th or 15th badge I believe, unless you got one from trading as well) and Tm Earthquake isn't available at all yet, so the best ground moves it can learn would be Dig or Stomping tantrum. It might be very helpful, especially for Double Battles, to keep Flygon with Dragon dance + Earthquake. It even learns Rock Slide, which isn't available until the 17th badge.
  8. Probably because of windy weather. In Reborn it makes Flying types lose their weaknesses just like Delta Stream
  9. Poor guy grinded Chesnaught up on wild pokemon instead of Clown Indra He has the LearnEggMoves mod from the SWM Pack, his mons could learn all possible Egg moves
  10. There's a chance to find a Fire Stone through mining. Since you're already in Lapis, Shelly is the next leader you have to defeat. With her badge you can use Rock Smash. Afterwards when you go to the crystal cave underneath the Grand Stairway, you can access new parts of the cave with Rock Smash. There's one guy who will give you a Mining Kit, with which you can mine the glowing stones in the cave. Just save in front of a stone and restart the game until you find a Fire Stone.
  11. Edo10 Just send whatever, don't really need anything
  12. I can trade you one. I have time right now, you too?
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