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  1. I can give you one just let me know when you're available for a trade
  2. Great stuff! I was thoroughly pleased with the UI changes, especially within the battle interface. The Pokegear Amethyst version gave me VA-11 Hall-A vibes which was a welcomed surprise as well. Will be looking forward to future updates of your texture pack.
  3. Welcome to the forum! I can toss you a female Litwick with a shiny stone (=
  4. There's a move tutor in Agate Circus that can teach Icy Wind to your Mismagius which will OHKO Gliscor and probably Noivern. Give Blaziken a Synthetic Seed and he'll clean up the rest
  5. Your Reborn videos are a Godsend :')

    1. Rising Emperor

      Rising Emperor

       You're the best Dai Laughing! You don't how much your videos save my ass throughout pokemon reborn.

    2. CodeCass


      I completely concur! Thanks for all the help over the years @Dai Laughing! Your videos have helped a ton of us! 

    3. Dai Laughing

      Dai Laughing

      you are all very welcome. Looking forward to the climax of the game.

  6. Could overworld event Pokemon get a "Fateful encounter" flag in their trainer memo? I believe this was reserved for Legendary event Pokemon in the mainline franchise, however it would be a nice little addition with the added benefit of reinforcing the sentimentality factor between trainer and Pokemon as well as being able to distinguish them from their wild encounter brethren (e.g: Espurr, Teddiursa)
  7. I could toss you a 4 IV Contrarian Snivy if that's up your alley
  8. I'll be implementing a weekly clause to give other folks a chance at snagging that cutie. In other words, since you adopted Eevee yesterday you'll need to wait another 6 days for a second adoption inquiry. Unfortunately I'm not in possession of that Rowlet. I'll make a section for donation guidelines in the OP soon- but for the time being you're free to organize a trade with either @Kunisada or @pvstelsouls
  9. It's substantially higher than the mainline games. Apparently 700/65,535 or 1% are the odds without the shiny charm. Also, I encourage you to use the search function since you could have browsed an archived thread to find your answer
  10. Welcome to the orphanage! Our trademark used to be abusing parent-less children but now we're obliged to hand out shiny Pokemon as penance. Most mons listed will typically have at least 1 maxed IV through breeding. Thought I'd spread the love since the shiny charm has been doing work for me. Feel free to check back as I'll be updating this thread with new shinies every so often. Everything in the 'AVAILABLE' section is up for grabs. Make an adoption request below and I'll be sure to get back to you in DMs. ♂ Hasty, 3 IVs (Spd, HP, Def) ♂ Jolly, 5 IVs (All but Spd) ♂ Modest, 4 IVs (HP, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def) ♂ Modest, 3 IVs (HP, Sp.Def, Speed) adopted by: @Shirokiba Bold, 1 IV (Sp.Atk) adopted by: @Silversixx Careful, 1 IV (Sp.Atk) adopted by: @kitsune641 ♀ Jolly, 2 IVs (Spd, HP, 30 in Atk) adopted by: @Siv
  11. Send me a trade request, my username is souizen (my connection is cheeks so we may have to attempt the trade a few times) sorry about the trade not going through, i live in a country with restricted internet access and my vpn is refusing to work so i suspect that's the crux. You could try the beryl cave method to acquire natu, just make sure you're not carrying an ill fated doll.
  12. I can help you out, just let me know when you'd like to trade
  13. Souizen


    I remember downloading Reborn a few years ago following the advent of shofu's let's play and have just gotten around to playing it in the past month, go figure O: Thought I'd drop by the forum and say hi since I frequently browse archived threads that chronicle where to find x item or how to complete y puzzle. Also coincidentally stumbled upon a Discord pal's post while searching for where to find Victoria- o/ @5hift. Aside from that, I love the difficulty curve of the game. Despite being competitive in gen 4 and 5 I still found myself getting spanked by gym leaders on a regular basis due to underestimating the implications of field effects.
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