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  1. Currently catching the ones that I missed and training the ones that I never really used in case I need them so my team is kinda mixed right now. Though the Pokemon I liked to use through the playthrough include Blaziken (Speed boost) Lycanrock (Dusk) Empoleon Zoroark Sylveon and Electivire I am thinking of swapping out some of the team and testing out new combinations though. Like I'm considering switching out Zoroark with my Weavile so I have an ice type on my team and I'm thinking of switching out my Empoleon with Swampert so I won't have to worry about electric types.
  2. So I'm sure I'm not the first person who had this idea but I have successfully completed the current version (V12) with ONLY event Pokemon (Shadows, Pokemon you get from quests, ones you find outside of the tall grass, ones you need gourmet treats for, and eggs you find). Shinies cannot be used unless they were one of the listed types of Pokemon (Got a shiny Misdreavus and Growlithe which was cool). It is definitely worth playing the game like this, it feels like you're taking in lost Pokemon and turning them into a fighting force to be reckoned with. Trust me, this definitely makes the game more entertaining and I'm considering doing it in Reborn soon. (Though that one might not go as smoothly)
  3. I see. Thank you. Unfortunately I'm not the greatest at understanding these kinds of things so I'm a little lost.
  4. Hi, so I'm pretty stuck in the pyramid at the part where you can switch between yourself, Ren, and Aelita. I made my character reach the end first but when I tried to switch to the other two, the option to switch or reset wouldn't come up even though I was pressing the A button. Could someone please help me out or walk me through it? I accidentally saved after I trapped myself. Someone please help. I don't want to start a new game again.
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