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  1. I just found a Revive in Blacksteam Factory. It's on the second floor, in the small lower left room. It's hiding on the left stack of books on the table.
  2. My issue sounds like what was happening in ep 17. It displays the text saying what move is used, and then it instantly skips to the next mon's turn. There is no animation, and no mention of anything failing, missing, etc. I have noticed that it happens disproportionately with Leader battles. Or maybe I simply notice it more then because the battle is so much more important. Because the bug works equally for and against me, it's not a huge deal. But I thought I would mention it.
  3. This is a very sporadic bug I've noticed for months on both 18.1 and 18.2. It'll happen once at least once every gym leader or two, and rarely has happened a couple times in the same battle. What happens is when some mon is going to attack it says "X used Y" but then there is no animation and there is no effect. It simply skips to the next mon and move. Yesterday, I was capturing Emolga. It said "Emolga used Nuzzle" and then nothing. It simply skipped to my turn. I should mention that I was using Diggersby, but it should have said it didn't have any effect. Also, this has happened other times with 18.1 when the move would have been effective. This has both cost me and won me major battles a couple of times over the months. I just never seem to remember to post it until now. I have reinstalled 18.2 for a separate reason before this happened again, so it's not a bad installation. While I do have some mods right now, the first times this happened I had none. Someone else on reddit said this happened to them over a year ago. Reinstalling the game fixed it for them. It isn't frequent enough for it to be a real nuisance, but I thought I'd post it while I thought of it.
  4. This is a bug with 18.2. Sometimes when I go to "Other Save Files" and click on a different save, my game crashes with the following error message: "Critical Error C0000005 at address 10050478." When I reopen Reborn, the new chosen save file is showing as the last played save on the first menu, so it really only adds one step to opening the game I want. It's is slightly annoying, but it isn't a huge issue. I thought I'd alert you guys to it though. It's not like you wonderful people are busy or anything. BTW, THANK YOU FOR 18.2! I LOVE IT! Edit. I do have some mods, and at first thought it was the Shared Box mod, but I know someone without that mod who is having the same problem. I don't know if it is the same error message, but the game crashes in the same manner. I don't know if they have any other mods. I'll ask them, and respond here. Edit: Sorry for wasting people's time. I knew that it was a new bug for Reborn because multiple save files is new. I didn't see anything recent about it in the bug forum, so I assumed it was new.
  5. It turns out someone else had this same bug, but isn't using the mod. The bug is unrelated.
  6. Found a bug. Bug turned out to be unconnected. Can't figure out how to delete post.
  7. I'm an idiot who lost my new save after trying to figure out why 18.2 wasn't installed when it should have been. Long story short, shared box mod hides the multiple save function, and I copied the wrong save file. At least I wasn't any further than Julia's Gym...
  8. You said you're not adding Gen 8, but what about 9 & 10 when they come out? /s Seriously though, THANK YOU for all the incredibly hard/tedious work you and the rest of the dev team are putting into this phenomenal game. We all appreciate the hell out of it!
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