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  1. So, I've quickly checked around and it doesn't seem to be known thing, but apologies if I missed it : If a pokemon with illusion, such as zoroark, uses U-turn, while the illusion hasn't been broken, the swapped pokemon will keep using the illusion sprite as if he had illusion (also the corresponding cry). Moreover, the sprite and name won't update once he gets damaged by a move like illusion would. I've attached a couple of screenshots to illustrate the issue. I'm using a couple of mods on that screenshot but I've tested removing them and got the same result, I just got lazy and didn't redo the screenshots. (note the mods do detect the typing change, however) It's not a big thing but it's a bit jarring to see.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the thought, but I sorted it out shortly after my previous post. I looked it up and after a quick research I really just had to open audacity, tell it to record using the stereo mix, catch the track at the beginning, and let it record. Learned something useful, at least.
  3. Yeah, I just passed by Corey's Gym again to pick the ring and realized it's also very close to the one I'm looking for but with a slight variation in speed, so it's probably that. Bit of a Bummer, but oh well, I guess I can find a way to record it myself from the audio. Thanks for the answer.
  4. Hi there everyone, just passing by to ask a little question about the music of Reborn. Great game, by the way, 10/10 at pushing me out of my comfort zone. I just have one question I hope someone here has an answer to, and it's : what's the music that plays in the first part of the lapis gym, in shelly's room ? I'm not talking about "To greater heights", I've found that one, I just can't seem to find what's the other track, even after checking the whole OST three to four times, both on youtube and in the game files. Maybe it's a loop of part of a song and I missed it cause I just checked the first few seconds ? I know To greater heights is a remix of the mystery dungeon sky tower and I somewhat suspect that this song also one, but slowed down, but after checking both the GlitchXCity channel and a long list of remixes youtube could find of that song, I still haven't found this one. Here's hoping I posted this in the right place and didn't broke a rule.
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