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  1. Not really wanting to use mods, my problem is that it is not giving me the 10% chance
  2. I just trained 3 level 91 linoones and they haven't picked anything up. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Whales

    Mega Ring Help!

    You do not need the original pokemon in order to complete the quest, if you bred the roggenrola, it would still work.
  4. Whales


    I remember I had to do this a few times for it to work. There might be a specific order to do it. Try giving snax to altaria, kommo-o, throh, then golem
  5. Whales


    Have you given the throh a black belt or expert belt?
  6. I agree with this, my point about the exp dropoff was more relevant late game when opponents get stronger.
  7. You can change your date in your computer settings to fight specific trainers in the Grand Hall. These trainers rotate every weekday, so if your current team matches up well against the Thursday one, change your time to then every time you need to train.
  8. klink may be a spoiler for part 2 O_O
  9. Watchers of a certain playthrough also cannot wait for that pile of slime to be slain. Real talk though we all know that swalot's bulk only lasts so far into the game, where Hariyama can be useful much later. For example, I used it in the Aggron horde battle for firinium. I see what you are saying though
  10. lmk if you would like to see installments 2 and 3 of the best trilogy in all of recorded history (guttural language included)
  11. Hello all. I decided to compile a list of the best pokemon in reborn as a way to help newer players get through the game with more enjoyment and less computer parts scattered across the floor after you lose to shade for the 17th time and elbow drop your laptop in frustration. This list will be based on many factors such as power, strategy, movesets, defensive bulk, offensive typing and much more. There will be spoilers as evidenced by the spoilers so be aware! I hope you all enjoy. Let us begin.
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