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  1. Update: So this post at a site called SomethingAwful: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3856521&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=153#post488615265 does a very thorough job of mapping out the different options and their outcomes and seems to suggest that going upstairs gets the most backstory so that's where I am leaning towards.
  2. Update: I'm still looking a bit around Google and I am getting confused. Something is definitely wrong in Sirius's Wiki page: https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Sirius The team I just battled was the team listed for his "Second" and "Optional" battle (level-wise as it's the same team both times) but I don't recall ever battling him before and this battle wasn't optional. I was never given a boss battle choice that I am aware of.
  3. Ironic, I did that twice the first time I played the event out: - Right before Sigmond arrives - Right before Sirius arrives Both of which provide about 2 seconds that feel like they're going into breaks between scenes but failed both times.
  4. I've just beaten Sirius at Yeruyu Mansion and have been giving two options, to go upstairs to rescue one of the orphanage group who screamed in peril or to remain downstairs to contain Sirus. Is there is right or wrong choice here? I've glanced through this older thread I found through Google: which helped me realize just how much of this event was reliant on a previous event which I did blindly, I think it was the Cain partner event at the abandoned Corp building. When asked if I wanted a fight in that event I said yes and battled him assuming it didn't make a difference, that the battle would be imposed by another character if declined. Other things I was able to grasp from that thread were: - Different choices cause different Orphanage characters to be kidnapped by either Connal or Sirius and there no choice that saves everybody. - Certain stories are unlocked with certain choices. - You get either Sephira or Lauren as a partner in a subsequent rescue event, decided by which one you get kidnapped. - Apparently there is one series of outcomes that are considered "canon". From what I've gathered the kidnap victims don't make a difference but I'd like to make a decision that gets me the most story because I like backstories and apparently I missed out on Connal's already. Does one choice throw me into another battle without a save point? I've had enough of that, I need to save. Sirius was a bitch.
  5. "What I see in your future is hard for me to understand. It is a future where you do not exist. It is a future where there were never any traces of you existing. This is strange because you are the only one I will ever see such a thing for." This seems to refer to our character's having survived that train bombing in the opening of the game which should not have been possible. Somehow Ame had teleported us out or something. "An enemy of his own blood stands before him" could refer to a number of siblings in the game who are rivals in their own right: - Fern and Florinia - Cain and Aya - Cal and Blake Fern and Florinia are most supported. "During a time that this ward is still garnished with a deadly flora" particularly the use of the word 'deadly flora' whereas during that arc of the game I'm quite positive the infestation was referred to as 'plants' could imply that Florinia was involved with PULSE Tangrowth. She is a plant Pokemon user with a high technological IQ and a brain that functions a lot like a computer. She was also the one to send our character to the Jasper ward to look into the PULSE Tanagrowth project (starting with identifying it as such) and although our character doesn't exist in this prophecy world it stands to reason that she would still be the one to send the alternates and could have been doing so believing she was sending them to their demise. Look at me making leaps, I didn't even know about this prophecy until I opened this thread. XD This one is probably way off base but when I read this line: "And beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name once again." I instantly thought of Corey's suicide, how it traumatized Shelly who was working to match up to/surpass her brother as a gym leader.
  6. Wow really? So that's super new then. I agree that Sword/Shield is rational as it's what's relevant right now. I'll be watching his playthrough of that once I play.
  7. That and he's got at least two other Nuzlockes in progress, Extreme Sun Randomizer and he's recently started another new fan-made game called Axis, so he has a lot on his plate without Sword/Shield, a lot of which is probably because from what I've gathered he takes the viewers' requests. I have no problem waiting for his next Reborn episode as the longer he takes to pick it back up the more time I have to get ahead of him which is what I prefer.
  8. Sweet and kudos to Ame for reaching out to him. I've not obtained either Sword or Shield yet, my birthday is still a week or two away and I am hoping I either receive it for my birthday or Christmas before I resort to purchasing it myself but Ttar does have some ridiculous luck. I've been able to beat just one Reborn leader so far in the first attempt, Florinia. I've even needed at least two attempts to beat a couple of the Fern battles. He actually did lose a main plot battle in Insurgence (and NOT a scripted one, Insurgence doesn't have any) and used some kind of clause to continue with an entirely fresh team from his boxes and at least I personally consider Insurgence a lot easier than Reborn though it is a challenge in its own right. However, he spent most of that game severely under-leveled even for entertainment's value and managed to only need that clause the one time so that playthrough was pretty surreal as well.
  9. Thanx for the 411 and the extra tips @Vinnieand @Starry Knight. I already blew one friendship point when I left the orphanage after the Shelly partner event begun because I'd lost three Pokemon to the Orderly before and hadn't known about the friendship point system until I read a comment on Ttar's corresponding episode. I want to avoid losing any more points for sure.
  10. As the title suggests I've made it to Spinel Town, the first visit when you're supposed to be getting medicine for Annie but the PokeMart teleported to the roof of the gym. I read about another medicine quest in the Wiki that awards a Department Store Sticker. A woman is supposed to appear on a bench outside the Pokemon center, according to an old thread I found, specifically in clear weather, whom when interacted with is teleported away to the Chrysonia Forest where she breaks her leg and requests the player to bring her medicine. It's currently clear weather in my game, I even confirmed this with the television forecast but she isn't there. I've gone in and out of the Pokemon Center several times but she's not appearing. I really need that Sticker, it will be my fourth one, the one that gets me access to the TM floor! Do I need to wait until later in the game, like after I beat the gym or something? Did I perhaps screw something up when I changed the weather to catch the static Pichu in the Onix ward garden?
  11. Some of his other series are worth watching. I've watched: Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer Insurgence (still working on that one) Extreme Sun Randomizer which is also still a WIP and all are very entertaining.
  12. What up folks? So inspired by Belly's death and Ttar's call-back to the first Belly, I tried out Insurgence (Yes both his Insurgence series and the game itself) and ended up getting really into it. I'm now at the Elite 4 point in that game and decided to return to Reborn. It feels like it's been months though it's only been a few weeks. Anyway, I've just beaten Aya and have now started watching Ttar's two newest episodes. It seems I'm a bit ahead of him now as his last video right now appears to be of the impossible Solaris battle. UPDATE: Just as I feared, it seems he's not understanding the scripted loss and believes it's game over despite the continuation of the cut scene. Hopefully, he continues the game.
  13. Yes, he's used the impossible battle clause for the Hau battles in his Extreme Sun Randomizer Nuzlocke.
  14. Agreed, if he quits the Nuzlocke, it's gonna be on his own terms, when he reaches his limit because the viewers have been advising him to since the beginning so he should know that no one would judge him, which on some level I have to respect even though this is positive peer pressure. I must wonder as well if he continues the Nuzlocke, how much farther he'll be able to get with just one of his three pillars left (Kiki). I'm in the same place he is so I know little of what's to come but I do know there is a Solaris battle upcoming and if he's a dragon user as I suspect, Ttar might be in serious trouble. UPDATE: Oh shit. I just read the 411 on the first Solaris battle. It's an impossible battle that you're expected to lose but knowing Ttar he's not gonna get that right away and freak. Anyone who's watched his other series knows what I'm talking about.
  15. I concur. I don't know how he's managed it thus far. While most such negative comments are generally in-the-moment, considering from personal experience how stressful the boss battles in this game are even when NOT nuzlocking, this could be more serious. I vaguely considered quitting after losing to Shelly at least 4 times but the story is so well developed and compelling that proceeding to get it from a third-party source wasn't gonna cut it for me. For Ttar, however, particularly since losing Tiki, it seems to be just the viewers that keep him going. In fact, some of his choices in this game such as the stat war with Hitmonlee in this last episode, are so blatantly stupid that I'm suddenly wondering if he does stuff like that intentionally for entertainment or dramatization. That's the thing, in his case he's obligated to not only figure out what works but what's entertaining since he's playing for an audience.
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