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  1. I played on so please dont help me. maybe i will find a solution later. BR Tracc
  2. I played on so please close this topic. maybe i will find a solution later. BR Tracc
  3. I have the silver ring in my items bag and I want to fight coreys Skuntank. I heard that you need silver ring in the key items bag and not the items bag. I cannot equip my pokemon with it. Skuntank is not interested in me. Maybe I am Mistaken, but my research showed me i was changed to a key item and doesnt work if it is only an item
  4. Hi, I have learned, that silver ring needs to be a key item to get coreys pokemon. can someone hlp me with that? I also replied in @rcoelho14 s thread but im not sure if the reply will be seen, so i made a new thread Game.rxdata
  5. Hi I have got the same problem, can someone help me? BR Tracc Game.rxdata
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