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  1. In i'd totally die early in a zombie apocalypse, so if i am not "town" it's unrealistic
  2. Well this game was definetly exiting until the last minute, particularly after N3 also is there an award for the worst fakeclaim that still worked? because i request that one interesting setup, i will say, that "hidden" Mastermind smh Also Newt MVP to honor his lost sanity, and because mafia had to play around him the entire game through our own fault admittedly
  3. oh right we should say that everyone has filled requirments: I also agree to just do my execution NOW power's that be, let's get this over with
  4. you cannot be serious... well in hindsight maybe seal should have done the nightkill yeah, but somehow i doubt anyone else here would have bought that for a second, oh well learned something if you think your bluff is discovered DOUBLE DOWN ON IT although i will probably never get away with anything ever again after this game
  5. welll yes at the end of the day, my role flipped and i clearly lied about my ability, which is probably the only reason newt didn't attack me because there was chance i would have been straight up immune
  6. cool armor, figured aldo would do that.... anyway newt shouldn't you have discarded all combinations that excluded me aswell after the role reveal?
  7. well simple, aldo was an artificer depending how the priority for the NA goes he might have still passed out an item, probably to newt the only confirmed town. i really wonder what would have happend if i had claimed survivor while being 100% truthful about my ability as i initially thought
  8. I am alive huh? makes sense i guess, but just fyi, newt could have shot me savely tonight, or any other for that matter i didn't get a single guess right the entire game, oh well. I am honestly surprised you bought the TP claim as much as you did, it's kinda funny to me so yeah i die today one way or another but my patron will have your souls nontheless MUHAHAHAHAHA anyway lets make this easy for you all [Eliminate] Falirion
  9. I probably shouldn't answer for other people but seal already mentioned that before, here is the quote: thats from D3
  10. pretty much yeah, you and aldo were vanillas bok is the monk, nano the wizard, evi the rogue, seal the druid, i am the warlock ranger is the only role left for amber
  11. yeah we all saw what newt can do with a gun, but nano is pretty good with a gun as well, people die left and right if he has one, so yeah it's about equal i would say
  12. while i agree that seal is most likely mafia, seal did a role claim: druid hence aldo calling out the mafia druid
  13. well i will just bury myself and my reads in a hole a deep one. so i have lost now great, soooo whatever just so you know after this and derry i will not believe a word you say anymore ever, not that it particularly matterd this time around. also just for fun if you count bazarro as both TP and mafia (his role states he was part of the mafia chat and would count to their numbers for majority count) your numbers were seemingly correct, but well considering the player amount thats easy enough to make up. well i will just stick my votes to the confirmed towns and be done with it, as i can't read people at all apparently [Eliminate] Amber also sure you want to check if my claim is true, reasonable [Reveal] Warlock
  14. well aside from me the most common ground seems to be drago, so will do this [unvote] Eviora [Eliminate] Drago If you want me to switch to someone else to get a mafia lynched just say so
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