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  1. I see. It was 1 and I changed it. thanks a lot
  2. I don’t know why but ever since updating my game to v12, my game doesn’t make new backup files any more. I’m kind of stuck in a place right now and wanted to try using backup files but all I have no backups that are few minutes earlier than my current .. is there anything i can do can do to at least find my “latest” backup files?
  3. Lol okay I just checked the others and was locked so I thought it would be the same.. thanks
  4. What about speed EV? I can’t seem to find it in the AP room
  5. I’m having the same problem v12 my game gets stuck in the wall after beating garbodor. Won’t even let me save or us an escape rope.
  6. I can’t go back to kristiline town. my Pokemon were underleveled against angie so I left the town.. I updated my game to the current version but now I can’t seem to go back to kristiline town. i tried using the boat but it can only send me to the other places I’ve visited. Talking to the captain won’t help me either. pls help I don’t want to restart all my progress
  7. IMO you’ll have a hard time against most of the gym battles such as amaria titania especially adrienn because your team lacks a pokemon that counters fairy. quago? Are you maybe a fan of ttube? Lol
  8. Is meteor mash really the best steel attack for him? In my USUM I gave it iron head because it hits 100% for safer kills
  9. Great team. It’s well rounded and it has the type to cover each other. IMO dragonite should have a dragon attack for more chance of sweeping and magnezone’s toxic should be thunder wave? I know it makes analytic useless but I usually use it to help my next Pokemon set up, btw how did you get venusaurite?
  10. He’s underestimating the game. His luck won’t help him in this game. he beat insurgence with lots of luck. Maybe he thought this game would be the same. hopefully he quits it in the next episode. Watching him kinda stresses me too lol
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