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  1. I do think that it's a balancing thing and aiming for some sort of difficulty curve to try to make earlier game bosses a bit more manageable, yeah. As for the fight, I'd posted earlier that I thought that he would get through Shade and Kiki, so he's gotten halfway there so far. However, I'd also hoped that he would take more care, read the field effect readouts, and use an electric type, which definitely did not happen. But he seemed to manage with his lemonade hoard so . At any rate, I still think he's got a shot at Kiki, but her team is very hard hitting and I don't think he'd win without a few casualties. And thanks to Strength, the old strategy of Stockpile + Belly + Lemonades probably isn't going to be viable. If he does make it through, realistically, I think he'll either stop after getting wiped by the Garchomp, or he'll invoke the B.S. clause to retcon the deaths from that battle (which I think would be reasonable) and most likely officially lose the locke against Aya.
  2. Kinda hoping he blacks out soon too and just continues with it as a normal playthrough. Reading comprehension slips aside, dude seems like he'd just have a more enjoyable time that way. I was also not expecting the Beartic fight so soon. Thankfully nothing a Swalot with stockpile (and, well, a fridge full of lemonades) couldn't deal with. Man though, there were a lot of cases in all of these fights where a stray critical hit would have pretty much spelled game over. His glossing over Mareep once again hurt just a little bit inside. I did also find it pretty adorable that, for a split second, he thought that egg would have a Dratini in it.
  3. If he plays his cards right, I feel like he has it in him to make it to the Garchomp encounter at least. I feel like Shade and Kiki aren't too menacing compared to Shelly (though the fact that he is now Blaziken-less will up the difficulty significantly). He really does need to pay attention to those field notes in the future though. Had he looked at those and listened to Ame's advice, he might have realized that fire would not be a good strategy. He made the same mistake earlier with Corey, where he could have used a Gust to take out the field. Apart from that, I think Mareep would be a really good choice of 'mon to train up in Tiki's absence, particularly with the field advantage it would give him in Shade's gym. Maybe that would be worth relaying to him?
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