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  1. Ive loaded all manners of saves from just after beating souta (Im not doing that again) with no luck. Ive done it on both v11 and v12 patches and ive installed the game on an entirely different computer just to load a save with no luck. I really hope this is just me being incompetent somehow and not an actual bug, but its honestly beginning to look that way.
  2. Yeah also no luck unless theres some hidden room, ive checked both upstairs and on the little platform behind the desk with the single book on the table
  3. Yeah I even went into the District south of there, no dice
  4. I can't seem to find Erin on Route 9 to start the e13/v11 story stuff and she's not already in the library in the scholar district either, so I have no clue how to progress. The episode 13 titlecard rolled, but still no sign of Erin. I even reloaded my save back in v11 itself, still to no luck. Am I softlocked?
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