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  1. trampa7

    Junkyard 2

    Well.. First of all this bug would probably be impossible without using Debug..anyways.. I was just walking around with Taka in the random caves in tourmaline desert.. then I ended up warping with Taka to Junkyard and Then Junkyard 2... THEN... ALLL of a sudden WE BOTH end up getting THROWN by an INVISIBLE FORCE OFF the side of the MAP into the visible BLACKNESS of the VOID.
  2. not my character. but Cain is frozen. Game.rxdata
  3. okay. Cain is frozen inside the room after the lvl 75 Garchomp scene. he absolutely frozen. what do I do?? How do I fix Cain?? No other NPC has gone frozen except this guy... but he's like so zompletely frozen I don't know what to do.
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