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  1. OH MY GOD

    I DID IT

    I FINALLY DID IT OH M Y  G O   D    

    I'M like, actually crying this was so stressful it's not even funny holy JVNALEBVNDSVKAD





    I managed to land Fissure on her Espeon, I used Stealth rock by using Ditto to transform into Aurorus, kept reviving and, well, I never imagined I'd actually use a Ditto or Stealth Rock, but seeing how much it destroyed my team, I figured I'd try turning the tables and seeing how Zel liked getting Stealth Rock'd. My god. this was the worst so far. I'm so glad this is over. 

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    2. Q-Jei


      Triple congratulations! Devon Corporation is generally the part of the game where people are stuck because there's no way to go out and train to get better mons or buy healing items since you get caught by the Meteors. Needless to say, the oppressive atmosphere in it doesn't help either, and you're even more likely to have a bad time if you don't know in advance what's going to happen next, let alone if you didn't understand the puzzle mechanics with the electrified panels! *wink at you, Shofu* While we're at it, I hope you didn't suffer too much against Pulse-Magnezone, because this thing has demoniacally high SpA stats.


      In other words, good job! You managed to take down one of the most beasty part of the main story 😄

    3. doombotmecha


      That's incredible! I read your other posts before this and was worried, but I'm glad you pulled through in the end!

    4. Clutterfunky


      Haha, thank you all; yes, the pulse magnezone did give me problems but in the end it was really her Aurorus that killed me, hence why I won only when I was able to use Dragon Tail on it before used Stealth Rock. While Magnezone did one-shot my pokemon, I was always able to land the first the hit so I was able to eventually take it down and kept reviving my pokemon.  I'm really glad I bought a whole bunch of revival herbs before I went to this. 



      By the way, about Ame,


      I sat on my bed just frozen for a solid minute, that was brutal. And also like, "uhhhhhhh who's gonna be the champion now? I swear to god if I get to the end and it's Fern I'm gonna push him off a cliff"


  2. No but like seriously, can someone tell me why my Focus sash disappeared? I really need that... the same thing happened with my Weakness Policy. they just vanished and they're not being held by any pokemon, I've triple checked every pokemon and they're just gone.


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    2. Q-Jei


      You'll thank me someday 😉


    3. Clutterfunky


       Bro that's so complicated but I'll have to give it a shot, thanks!

    4. Q-Jei


      Most of the items held by the Pokemon of Clown Indra aren't available yet in the game. There was a time when I used an A-Muk against him in Agate Circus since it's one of the rare Pokemon who can learn all those moves simultaneously along with Snorlax and the three elemental monkeys. Clown Indra fights you with one of his ten mono-coloured teams. You should try to challenge him and keep your fingers crossed to battle against his yellow team as this one includes a Ribombee holding a Focus Sash. The topic I posted above explains the steps to follow for "items laundering" since you're not supposed to end a fight with an item belonging to your foes, even if you stole it by using Thief.

  3. Zel in the Devon building is starting to really piss me off...

    Honestly that's all I have to say at the moment, I'm getting really annoyed with her bs Espeon

    *five minutes later edit*




    Edit 2: I'm getting to the point where I don't believe I actually can possibly progress. There's no way for me to level or raise the EVs of my pokemon, there's no way for me to get more healing items, there's no way for me to get another Focus Sash, there's just NOTHING I can to do to get any advantage in this fight. I'm just stuck here. Before when I was stuck with Shelly, there were still options. I still had ways that I could re-evaluate and improve my strategy, but here, there's just NOTHING. NOTHING I can do to change this endless loop of failure. I just want to progress the story, I don't even care about winning this fight at this point, I just want to move on but I'm locked in and I don't know what to do. If anyone has suggestions, I'll gladly take them, but my resources are very limited at this point.

    I know I can waste hours and all of my money trying to level the pokemon and their EVs from the fight itself but I'm not too keen as to throw away all of the money I've saved up for this crap. I might just have to cheese it at this point, I don't have a lot of options.



    My computer is acting up and this battle TOOK SO LONG it was painful to sit through all the agonizingly slow transitions but after a few tries I beat it! Once again Avalugg proved to be a vital member of my team, taking out the Mega Altaria in one hit!



    I was actually able to oneshot most of her pokemon, only problem was the ones that moved first and damaged my pokemon...


  6. oH MY GOD. I FINALLY DID IT. THIS TOOK ME ALL NIGHT. I think my heart rate reached unsafe levels when I realized I still had his Garchomp left to beat, but DAMN IS AVALUGG A TANK!!! Icy gorl is tonight's OG and earned herself a permanent slot in my party, hot dang.



    I was sweating through this. I'm still shaking as I type this. This was INTENSE. SERIOUSLY.


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    2. Clutterfunky


      Oh my gosh Autumn that made my night 😄

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      What's with this game and letting newly captured 'mons easily handle major bosses? First my oranguru messes up Dittoceus, and now this literal glacier is tearing down one of the most feared Dragons to date? Truly, the cheese potential is high in this one! 😅

    4. Clutterfunky


      Here's a snapshot of the highlight Pokemon for tonight:

      Avalugg .jpg

  7. Um... I beat Taka in the sewer but now I can't find Titania, am I missing something?

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Uh, go to your computers File Explorer, and search for 'Saved Games' in the bar on the top-right corner of the window. Open that, then open the folder labeled 'Pokemon Reborn'- you should find a file named 'Game.rxdata' and a number of files whose name read '(No. of save)-[CharacterName]-[PlayTime]-[BadgeCount].rxdata'. the latter are your backup saves.


      From there, you rename the most recent backup 'Game.rxdata' and delete the original. When you next open the game, it'll be as if the backup was your last save.


      Edit: If I didn't help much, perhaps this guide on the forums will?

    3. fellowry


       maybe try patching your game to the newest version? 

    4. Clutterfunky


      Oh thank god, it worked. I couldn't find it at first so I was really worried, thank you so much.

  9. Get Fissured










    Freaking Palossand was a pain in the ass but I eventually got it. Took me four tries and a bit of party rearranging, and basically my entire stock of potions, but I wasn't about to leave that area and change my team, it took so long to get there...

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    2. Q-Jei


      Great job! It always appeared to me that Terra was a rainbow version of Whitney, since two of her mons (Quagsire and Palossand) are made for tanking almost anything whilst dealing consequent damage to your team *wink at their healing moves*. By the way, I hope the fight against Mewtwo wasn't too frustrating either ^^

    3. doombotmecha


      Y-you beat Terra?!? It's barely been a day!


      The primary emotion I am feeling from this post is fear. Fear, and surprise. So, yeah, consider me intimidated LMAO

    4. Clutterfunky




      I would have gone further but my gane bugged and after I beat Taka Titania just up and disappeared 

  10. And that's how I beat Terra, kids
  11. Y'all were right about Charlotte being ridiculously hard, I ended up over-leveling my pokemon so that they could just tank the hits and relying solely on faith that they'd obey enough of my orders to win, surprisingly my Whiscash was the OG for the battle and obeyed nearly every order and won it for me. Despite the Pokemon being 10+ levels higher than the cap, she still knocked out most of  my Pokemon. That's insane. Even the one that I tried to cheese it with by taking it to level 100 (took forever, by the way.), although I basically just used that one as a stand-in to use healing items instead of attacking.

    Like, I'm honestly baffled as to how anyone can beat her normally with the pokemon at the level cap. Did I do something wrong? Is it because I don't understand how EVs and IVs work? I literally couldn't knock out even three of her pokemon before my entire team was wiped out. I noticed that with the pokemon I've used since I got the level mods, on the EV/IV tab they all have like, 0-5 out of whatever number for each stat. I assume that's bad? I assume the level mod is what destroyed that? I don't know what it means though and I don't know how to make it go up without stat boosting items and I'm really worried I've ruined my ability to complete the game without having to cheese it like I was forced to with Charlotte.

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      As far as I'm aware, there isn't a single canon Trainer's School that brings it up, with the most relevant commentary being differing Natures in an unrelated town in Hoenn that ultimately gave clue that they even had a mechanical effect. The real surprise is that Reborn's own Onyx Trainer School doesn't seem to bring it up at all either, and these are details that are very much relevant to this particular game...

    3. Clutterfunky


      So how the heck did anyone every figure out what they were and how to determine their use??

    4. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      The same way almost all game mechanics are picked apart - by hacking into the code.

  12. LMAO Omg I love the Cain one
  13. Catch me on Route 4 yeeting Ultra Balls at every Absol I see because BABEYS

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    2. Clutterfunky


      Autumn I've been binging the hell out of this game, you have no idea, you can bet by tomorrow I'll have knocked out another three gym leaders

    3. doombotmecha


      I admire your confidence!


      No, really, Agate Circus and beyond is supposed to be another whole difficulty spike, but I soooo want to hear about you beating it. Good luck, and have fun!

    4. Clutterfunky


      ahahah! I didn't know you were so interested! I beat the first Agate Circus leader on the first try, but we'll see how Charolette goes. I've got a few plans in mind, hopefully one of them works! I'll be sure to keep it updated!


  14. Bennet is giving major bad touch vibes, STRANGER DANGER

  15. I don't know how y'all are able to catch this stupid Null without it killing itself, I've tried everything and it always dies to takedown.

    also this quest in general just hurt my heart because I love Luxray and sacrificing one was really hard to do; I feel really bad for Nadira too, poor woman... 

    1. Eagleby18


      Just so you know, Take Down doesn't do recoil when the move fails.  Such as when it's used against a Ghost type.


      Of course, then the problem is catching it before it struggles itself to death, which is not unheard of considering it has the catch rate of a legendary and you only have crappy balls.

    2. Clutterfunky


      image.thumb.png.8a0dfa65dff022327944c4073803325c.pngI didn't even think about ghost types, but I managed to catch it- and name it accordingly after its mother

    3. Clutterfunky


      Also, for legendary battles, Timer balls are a godsend if you're able to keep it in a state where it just cant attack


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