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  1. No worries I only just completed the first case
  2. I can't resize the game on that save file as by opening with it, I get that message before I can reach the title screen
  3. Hey i tried it out again and it still doesn't work. It still has the same error like the post i made earlier. From what i can tell its my save data thats causing because when i temporary removed it the game was working fine. I think the problem was when quit the game and save at that time it will cause that problem but when i save and quit the game using crt+alt+delete my game still works
  4. Got any good TV shows/anime to recommend
  5. I am very sorry. You're right what I said had no context whatsoever. The problem i have is whenever i open my game i get this error. I don't have a backup save. I would really appreciate you helping me. Thank you for helping me i will take what you said under consideration whenever i post anything in this forum
  6. Hey i am getting a script resize error can you please help me Game.rxdata
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