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  1. Why does Madame Meganium wear specs? Also, what how can a tower/arena fit on top of such a smol building? congo on completing the framework of da Battle Tower that will ultimately lead to the demise of every single Reborn player
  2. Ehm, EXCUSE ME ME NO UMBRELLA Me Cain and Vero havingggg fun~ (And the charmanders like WHY AM I EVEN HERE) ummm I think AndraCass (Plz fullfil my wish Your Majesty)
  3. Lorane2234


    Banned for being an Ultra Wormhole Traveller.
  4. Adrienn's Jardesvoir iz soooooo damn sneaky

  5. I'm STILL stumped as to why this......abomination learns Thunderbolt STARMIEEEEEEEE
  6. Lorane2234


    Banned for arguing with me about who QU33N 0F B00TY is
  7. Ooooooh A red crystallic take on da charizzzard J'aimeeee 1O.2@!@*/1O.1211119 oh now i get why your name is crystalrage
  9. Riiight.... I was thinking About breeding my Primarina becuz its has 0 ivs in the speed stat. Will it be useful? Ooooh well MOD HERE I COME Yeah.....i have never EVER traded before and have no experience doing so, but i'll contact you for sure later on when im near Amaria
  10. Hadn't thought of that, i read somewhere that the weather stops whenever you mess with the date/time, but will try that for suree! OHHMYGAWD Thanks for listing ev and iv training here, i really hadn't thought of that hehehee So basically ivs are not THAT important riiight? So why do people always want a 'perfect' pokè?
  11. OhMygGawd Thank You!!! As for other evs is there a particular guide or something? Also shud i train all my pokemon from the start by resetting their evs? As i didnt pay much to attention to it earlier... also shud i breed my pokemon?
  12. Heyyy guyzz So i havent played reborn in a loooong time, before it was easy(comparatively) now its VERY hard. Being the shitty trainer i am, not one of my pokemon is well trained and so i was thinking: could ANYONE give me a complete training guide(like how to train etc etc i know im pathetic), reborn style? Im currently at Adrienn and i want my team to be future strong.
  13. Oooooookay Im most effing scared....cuz the fiore mansion battle WAS hard. And if u say dat E19 is gon spice things up, well, RIP me I knowwww right, its like it knows our team's weaknesses better than us. I hardly think dis is a coincidence, or else a Damn Krookodile won't basically wipe my team out.... I don't THINK its tryna cheat, i think that it juzt gets greeedy after seeing our pokes and then snoops out ALL the info it wasnt supposed to xd I can relate a LOT to that. It literally, perfectly predicted my moves and unless i spam healing items i never EVER win. So the bottom line iz: I HATE U AI
  14. Heylo people Ya so i am STILL stuck at fiore mansion's 3 battles and as i was playing i noticed a peculiar thing: like each time i brought out a pokemon by looking at their wikia page, they would bring out the EXACT pokemon required to defeat my pokemon. So, my question is that is this just coincidence? Or Is it the skillful work of AI Master Amethyst?
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