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  1. They can still breed, but the chance of an egg appearing is just lower, so you might have to wait longer.
  2. Blaziken would no doubt be the best starter. It can sweep teams easily thanks to it's ability - speed boost and the move bulk up. It has a good movepool too.
  3. This would be my recommendation: 252 attack / 252 hp / 4 def 252 evs in attack allow metagross to hit as hard as possible and 252 evs in hp allow it to tank as many hits as possible, since it's not fast enough to outspeed that many pokemon. The remaining evs are put into defense to further increase it's bulk. Bullet Punch (stab, priority move, accessible by level up) Zen Headbutt (stab, accessible by level up) Meteor Mash / Ice Punch (Meteor Mash if you want a better stab move than bullet punch, accessible by level up. Ice Punch if you want coverage, accessible by move tutor) Thunder Punch / Rock Slide (Both are coverage moves. Thunder Punch is accessible by move tutor and Rock Slide by tm) (Also, an ideal nature for a pokemon is pretty important and can really make a difference. Metagross's ideal nature would be adamant. If you don't have that, you can change the nature of your pokemon in 7th Street for 3 heart scales.)
  4. Hi there! I'm currently trying to download this but it says that the file is in unknown format or damaged. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's actually v13 content, which isn't released yet.
  6. You can only get another one from the lottery with a match of the last four digits. I suggest going back to an older save file to retrieve the exp share. Maybe this can help: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/
  7. I would suggest getting a grass type to counter water types and ground types, as both braixen and lycanroc are weak to them. You can get a formantis in gearen park. It learns leaf blade at level 23 which comes in handy. At the moment, I don't think there's a better way for you to grind exp. But you'll gain access to some audino trainers later. The earliest one is at the 4th gym's town. You should probably ev train too. It can make a huge difference.
  8. Reborn: Hardest: Shelly Was not expecting her to be so tough on my first playthrough. I had no idea that I could use fake out to stop her illumise from setting up rain dance Easiest: Luna Maybe it was due to the fact that my team was a good counter to hers. Didn't really feel like a gym battle for me and she could use a buff. Rejuv: Hardest: Angie A. Complete. Nightmare. Definitely the gym leader that took me the most attempts to beat on Rejuvenation. Easiest: Florin All I remember from that fight was hyper voice pixilate sylveon + help from some teammates sweeping his team.
  9. I don't have the other pokemon atm, sadly. However, I believe that you can breed your evolved pokemon to obtain their pre-evolutions. It still works
  10. I'm avaliable now. My username is pvstelsouls
  11. That's weird. Maybe you could search up a pokemon reborn playthrough on yt and watch what they did. Maybe you missed something.
  12. Have you tried exiting and re-entering the area where Bennett is supposed to be? I'm pretty sure you have to do that
  13. Actually, any roggenrola will work for the sidequest. It doesn't matter if the OT is you
  14. I could trade you my vanillite. I don't have any use for it
  15. I think you can get another vanillite by purchasing vanilla ice cream at the sweet kiss candy shop. You'll probably see a child blocking the way. To solve this, you can purchase some chocolate ice cream and give it to her, then she'll happily leave. (You can purchase chocolate ice cream at an ice cream vendor. One appears outside the grand hall during sunny days, and another is in spinel town's museum, top floor, across the balcony)
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