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  1. Thank you ! Good night ! ^^
  2. A perfect (not shiny) is good for me ^^ I gave a Green shard to my Cleffa. Is it good for you ?
  3. Tell me when you're ready
  4. Okay, if you want I'm ready now and tonight ^^
  5. So what's your timezone ?
  6. No problem. I can trade tomorrow between 6pm to 11pm. Do you agree ?
  7. I can prepare it now if you want ^^
  8. Oh thank you ! I saw your street market after submiting the post. So I thought wait if someone will be ready to trade a Tauros... but nobody came to purpose a trade. What do you want in return ?
  9. Hi everyone ! I'm looking for a very good Tauros, with 31 IVs in all stats (or 30, it's good). So, I have some baby Pokémon to trade in return. First, my Growlithe. It has 31 IVs in all stats (30 for HP), a Jolly Nature, and Close Combat. Next, my Fletchling. It has the same IVs than the first Pokémon. It has an Adamant Nature. However, if the Tauros is trained, I can purpose my Florges. IVs perfect ( but 11 in Speed Stat), Calm Nature, Evs, so it's a cleric set. Thanks and good night !
  10. Oh thank you ^^ What do you want ?
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