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  1. It's a baby shiny. Have a good night or a nice day ! ^^
  2. It's Kinetsu. I let you send the request, but I will need one minute to prepare the Pokémon which will hold the Exp.Share
  3. Your Exp.Share is ready @zyral1906 ^^
  4. That's why I will give one Exp.Share
  5. First you will need a Pokemon with the following moves : Recycle, Fling et Thief. I use a M.Mime which easy learns these moves. I give the Exp.share at an other Pokémon and then I'll do a Double Battle : - I use Thief on the Pokémon which holds the Exp.Share - M.Mime uses Fling - M.Mime uses Recycle ( M.Mime needs not to be KO at the end of the battle) When the battle is finished, The Pokémon which had the Exp.Share before the battle will recover its item whereas M.Mime will have an Exp.Share too.
  6. Hi @zyral1906 ! I can duplicate a Exp.Share for you if you want ^^
  7. No problem The next Wednesday I shall be free ^^
  8. If you want I will breed a better Charmander for you (with good IVs and maybe the move Dragon Dance ) ^^
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