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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. first off i don't know if this is the right place to ask this but it's got to be better than asking it on "on the hunt" so i was wondering where in the graphic files i can find the MC trainer backsprite, you know the one you see every time you start a battle when you see your character and your ally if there is one at the time right before you send out your first pokemon, is there anyone that can tell me where i can find it, i searched in every graphic folder but can't find it. thanks
  3. Is there any guide or anyone that can tell me how to get all the current department store stamps, i really want a deino and only have 2 stamps and dont know where i can get more
  4. So is there a way i can share pokemon between my Reborn and Rejuvenation files? I already saw another topic on this but 1) The modpack included didnt include a shared PC mod 2) I tried to just copy the shared PC mod from Reborn into the Mod folder in Rejuvenation but unless i deleted it there would be an error is there any modpack that i can use to transfer pokemon from my reborn save onto rejuvenation, thanks also the rest of the rejuvenation modpack works fine so its really just the fact it doesnt include a PC sharing mod
  5. Hi im trying to complete the pokedex and i heard you can get plusle in minun in the underground but my game is currently post restoration so i cant go down there anymore, can i still get them or do i have to get someone to trade them to me?
  6. Ok so I'm not at the point where i can get poipole but knowing its an event and unbreedable i wsa wondering if its possible to soft reset until i get a shiny or will i be forever stuck with what my save file decides to give me
  7. For some reason i cant use it, ive downloaded it for my main game but the only thing inside the folder is the audio folder with only 1 other folder within that one containing music but on my other laptop it worked can someone tell me if theres a specific program i have to use to extract it or something i tried using Breezip and winzip but those didnt work
  8. Im pretty sure im posting this in the right area so i just finished the meating with Crawli telling us about magma drift and melia ran to the music, the boat was on the shore but i dont know where to go now since it isnt at the shore anymore EDIT: nvm exactly 1 second after writing this i found them
  9. Ok long story short i messed up and didnt catch the event tynamo because i wasnt thinking at the time and now i want to replace my luxray with one and dont have any backups that far back, so anyone have a spare they ould give me?
  10. i have a bit of a problem, i never got windy weather so i downloaded the weather changing mod and it works, but event pokemon dont seem to be affected, i change the weather, go inside to activate events like it says but i cant seem to get the event pokemon EDIT: somehow i think i already did the event despite having absolutely no knowledge of doing it
  11. yeah i edited the post and said i found out i got the 1% charizard on my first try and have all ready bred a good IV shiny charmander which amazingly is female, unfortunately we dont have access to charizardite Y yet
  12. DeltaGliscor


    Hey guys i was wondering how you get a charmander (other than a starter ofc) i heard you get it after giving your gang leader their job application but i got a litten from Maxwell which is what some sources said id get, is there even a way for me to get a charmander? EDIT: Nvmi just checked the pokedex and it said it can be caught at the volcano sooooooo just ignore this
  13. DeltaGliscor


    He guys i was just wondering if there is a place you can catch dittos or is the only one you get the one you have to buy on 7th street cause i want to IV breed Metagross but my ditto and current metagross dont have Max Attack IVs like i want
  14. Hey guys i was wondering if i should change my Hydreigon to what would essentially be a pure special attacker i know this seems obvious but i use fly on it and i dont want to have to change fly all the time, other than that most of my team are also just pure physical walls which is why i need a Special attacker my current team is Hydreigon (mixed) Greninja (mixed) Toxicroak (physical) Blaziken (physical) Luxray (physical) Metagross (physical) the moves dont matter fly is my only flying attack but i can easily use Fire moves to fight Bug and Grass types and Psychic attacks for Fighting
  15. Dang thanks didnt realize i could move the one i was looking at down i thought i could only move them along their lengths
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