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  1. I am currently facing of against Solaris and after geting beaten down, I had an idea. His starapor has intimidat, and I have a metagross with clear Body... What if I gave it an adrenaline orb to hold to give it plus 1 Speed? Normally the adrenaline orb activates EVEN if the holder has clear Body as an abiliy. (checked it out on Showdown and on cartridge(both times with metagross, one time with grandbull, the other time with staraptor). Could U fix this up please? I allready beat that dude while writting this but I am Kind of disapointed that this strat doesn' work ingame.
  2. Where can I catch it? I allready have 16 Badges
  3. Hi, My mystery Egg turned out to be an alolan vulpix and I was wondering if there is any other way to get Marill or it's pre evolution/evolution.
  4. Are those Minior breed rejects stilla available?

    If that is so I am intresteded in on.

  5. Hi I am currently playing pokemon reborn Episode 18. After I beat puls muk, I decided to soft reset for a 4dv Ditto but got feed up quickly and decided to continue playing the main storyline. After I completed the 7th Street quest I decided to go back to get a 4 dv Ditto but it disapeared. I have allready bought all the stolen pokemon and Ditto was not in it#s usual Cage as it should be if U didn't complete it's puzzle(which I did). Could someone help me out by telling me how to fix this bug/get a ditto?
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