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  1. Can you show a picture of dark pulse’s location
  2. Does anyone have a theory on who adrest is? He seems to related to us (not through blood) somehow
  3. Not the queen, but if you finish the quest, there is a flashback of a lady who had hidden the light stone in the castle, and she mentions she is a descendant of nymiera
  4. The boss of spacea and timepa has been hinted, before but we didn’t realise it at the time as it’s far back in the game
  5. I have an idea, after exploring the game and using debug mode in v11, I found out that in v12, you can go to a certain place called the archive, it’s a place accessible through dive, it hold information about the archetype and the interceptor, but it’s doesn’t make sense, until we get more update, but we know from there where spacea and tiempa obtained the powers, they are representions of dialga and palkia, but they’re powers weren’t *directed* from arcues, but from the archetype, unlocking their primitive nature and turned them into Pokemon,and also, we know who they are working under. Don’t read if you don’t want to you *THEY ARE WORKING FOR NYMIERA* You may not believe me, but if you played v11, you remember nymiera’s story about creation, and how vitus came and killed her son, but I used debug mode, and I went to blackstepple castle (where the story happened) and read the book abt the Hero and Queen, and it says a story the same as nymiera’s but they named the son the Hero, and they said Vitus had picked up the sword and pointed it against Her majesty which means nymiera, and in V10, spacea and timepa say they do their work for ‘her majesty’ which means they work under nymiera, so either nymiera is still alive, or spacea And timepa go back to the past to receive orders from her, because we know she survives the battle with vitus, otherwise her descendants like Alexandra and the lady from the Gommy quest wouldn’t be born, but again it’s a theory so I don’t know for sure could be wrong.
  6. You have to go evergreen cave, then use certain moves to unfreeze the ice, and you have to fall down a hole and find the big ice rock,, idk all the moves but you can use flame burst or fire pledge, and in akuwa town there’s a move tutor for fire pledge I think
  7. There is more places to use the egimatic key, and in so you get more lore abt the interceptor,and how spacea and timepa gained abilities to control time and space,and more abt the archetype as well
  8. Yes, that’s the same for me I can’t find the key, did u find a solution yet?
  9. It’s ok now, I had found out I got the secret exit and got water memory already but I couldn’t find the dive spot but I did, love the lore inside the archive
  10. Painful, but just makes me want to play the game even more Is the entrance to the archive in the aquamarine ruins?
  11. Sorry for asking again, is it the door behind it, or the different door (the ones with the arcues logo
  12. Is it near the place where u locate the horsea?
  13. Where do you get the silvally crest from?
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