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  1. will it be possible to get the two broken mods back in the future, in an unbroken state? because i'll be honest, the "Set Wild Encounters" Mod kinda spoiled me with how it expedites Pokedex Completion
  2. Thank you! though, i for the life of me never thought i'd ever see someone else use the word "Generic" in their username!
  3. this may come out of left field, but is there an alternate timeline where everyone is living peacefully and having Slice of Life/Sticom hijinks, and the PC is basically the Kenny/"Lancer Died, you're not Human!" Recurring Joke?
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome! i hope to stay and have a great time here as well!
  5. speaking of mods, since Debug is dead, i have something of a request. would it be at all possible to implement Waynolt's EV Overflow Mod? i think that is a good trade off for people who want to have better IV's, but don't use debug for much else.
  6. oooh, now that's a nice Earthquake! I can't entirely approve of Shuckle Abuse, though. Shuckle was how i cheesed past Solaris's Garchomp in my Bug Monotype, afterall! Sturdy+Power Split FTW!
  7. Well, i have a few questions here for the devs, if they'd so kindly answer! 1) What was the most frustrating thing to deal with during the development of a new version of Reborn? 2) What is all of your favorite foods? 3) What is the favorite foods of all the main cast? 4) What pieces of Music (could be from any source) would be the Main PC's/The Interceptor's Theme? 5) Out of sheer curiosity....was "Mr. Ren" Nastasia's Childhood Crush? yes, i totally ship them 6) Is the Tournament inspired by a Tournament arc from another videogam/anime/manga? (like the N1 Grand Prix from Megaman Battle Network 3) Sorry for the little bombardment of questions, just wanted to ask a few questions that were nagging me at the back of my head.
  8. Well, hello, everyone! I am Generic Gamer! Largely because it's probably the one handle across the entire internet that no one in the right mind would ever pick up. I first stumbled across Pokemon Reborn from, of all things, TV tropes. now, though, Reborn holds something of a special place in my heart, because when i first started playing it, it was after the move across the Atlantic, five years ago. Sentimentalities aside, though, i wouldn't still be here if it wasn't a great game, so there's that. i have spent many hours on Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Rejuvenation, and I figured, since i spend more time playing these than actual official videogames from any company, i may as well grow a pair and stop lurking. So, here i am!
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