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  1. Rotom Wash with Thunder wave and a grass type like roserade.
  2. Wait, doesn't stance change only switch base stats?
  3. I am not able to start v12 cuz of the stadium doors bug. Already beaten Adam. Any help wud be really appreciated. Game.rxdata
  4. I'd say keep hydreigon as pure special attacker since it has a great spatck stat and great special moves like Draco meteor and dark pulse. Also Ur team has 4 ground weaknesses and hydreigon being the only switch in. If u want,u cud tweak it abit to deal with that.
  5. It can actually. U cud even run weakness policy with tht spread and easily eat a dark pulse and sweep.
  6. I may have asked this abit too many times, but I really want to play V12 for quite awhile. I can't enter the door to start V12 even though I beat Adam. The patches haven't helped. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. qwayne

    Mega Ring

    I believe u need 16 badges for it. Or maybe just 15? Right, u can get it after u beat titania. U don't have to worry about the Devon mission since that is part of the story.
  8. U can also run 252HP and 252 Spdef with leftovers. But SD is mandatory ofc.
  9. qwayne

    Rate my team

    Thnx alot for the response.
  10. 2 megas isn't possible. But unless u wanna use pelliper, mega gardevoir wud be good. Make sure the magnazone is magnet pull with hp fire. That wud help gardevoir alot.
  11. U can give absol play rough if u want. Hits harder than zen headbutt.
  12. Lucario wud be a great replacement for magnazone. Make sure gengar has t bolt so u can deal with water types.
  13. Yea, feraligator sounds fun and nice too. One DD with life orb and clean everything.
  14. I think hawlucha wud be a good 6th member, considering hawluchas issues are covered with Ur current team. Also, how about heavy slam for mega aggron?
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