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  1. hey guys, nevermind, I will restart everything, this game really fish me!
  2. Hellow! Iam Gabriel R. Fabris. I come in peace, and curiosity. Also I come from Brasil, I didnt like that place, however I pretty lucky to be born without troubeling with needs, having to work very hard since born, and I really admire a lot who does it. I want to graduate into psychology and help people as much as I can. I am extremely interested into serious occultism, only pratice, I mean. And, by the way, I have and issue into a game from here, an absurdly excelent game, its history deeply captivates me, it capture me like master ball does! Pokemon Rejuvenation. I downloaded de v12, however I find a strange bug, this can be even helpful on building the game and so on. I was on that part in Alamissa Urben (I cant remember perfectly the name, sorry) them, when suddenly appears an Silver Surfer (lol, I loved that, this game is magical!) them throw us back into past (more-less like this), where we met a samurai, and them Anju appears, and take us to see the big boss lady there, I sorry, she is very important for history, but I cant remember her name now (the one who I guess be the "last ""incarnation"" of Melia"), them I just got run errands explore everything and I find the Manor Mansion (?), that stay into Darlich Woods (more-less like this) but in past where I find Narcy saing that Dufaux is in other time them she take me and throw me back to future again, in goldenleaf, when I speak to her (Narcy) to resolve this quest, sha simply say that "I have things to complete" and didnt let me complete that, them I try 3 times back to GDC(Grand Dream City) them, however, I fall on a loop, where take me to Alamissa, but cant pass Alamissa Urbem, the Silver Surfer wont spawn anymore, and the track of game has gone. It is a bug on the Dufaux quest? That in past time, in version 12? Please help me people! And, sorry with I do something. Thanks for the attention and time!!
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