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  1. UPDATE: i beat it by reducing its attack with masquerains intimidate, so bronzong could take 1 crunch and then sleep the steelix. i relied on SD and some lucky moody rolls to knock it out with bibarel.
  2. hey guys, this is my 2nd playthrough and i intentionally went with some bad pokemon and now im stuck in the cave, unable to leave or beat steelix. my team is at lvl 52-55 and consists of: - masquerain 1.bug buzz 2.sticky web 3.air slash 4.quiver dance -bronzong 1.hypnosis 2.extrasensory 3.payback 4.gyro ball -slurpuff 1.cottonguard 2.wish 3.play rough 4. energy ball -ampharos 1.discharge 2.light screen 3.power gem 4.signal beam -bibarel 1.aqua jet 2.swords dance 3.headbutt 4.superpower -exploud 1.rest 2.sleep talk 3.crunch 4.boom burst almost all of my pokemon get outsped, and the ones that dont deal almost no dmg to it. i dont have quick claw or focus sash. is there any way i can beat steelix without loading an older save file?
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