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  1. I have most of my Pokémon team. BUT, i still need more Pokémon. Any suggestions? Right now, I have Infernape, Togekiss, and Gothitelle. Right now, i'm going to the seventh gym.
  2. mine just says map, jukebox, and rift dex. There is no account thing
  3. is it before or after the first gym
  4. What is the pokenave???? I just started.
  5. Hi! Is the trade ID just the ID on the trainer card? If so, it is 36317. Also, if you are willing give me a shiny togepi, i can give you a shiny pidove.(If you want) Butt, i prefer an egg! If you dont have an egg, can you give me a female togepi?
  6. PotatoMemes

    Togepi Wanted

    Togekiss is my favourite pokemon, and the mystery egg chance didn't give me a togepi. So, I was wondering if anyone could give me a togepi or a togepi egg?
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