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  1. I just beat Luna and before going into Agate circus I wanted to replace two of my team members. Gengar and Arcanine. My original plan was to get a chandelure then a rotom of some sort but then I thought about heat rotom and then I don't really know what else I would have. Any ideas? My team other than those 2 are a Greninja, Lilligant, Flygon, and a Vanillux. Thanks for the help!
  2. No 80% isn't low normally... But in reborn for me, generally I will never miss a move for a while, or never land it. And couple that 50/50 in with 3 hours of bad luck and ive grown to hate any move with less than 100 accuracy on it.
  3. I did some research myself and it said 41% if it hits five times but I was just making sure that it was possible. Thanks for the advice, ill probably keep at for for 15 or so minutes and if I cant beat it ill look for something to use. Thanks for the reply! Im so stupid... Rock blast is physical so Mirror coat wont even work. well on the bright side I didn't flinch!
  4. Is Cinccino Rock Blast 100% chance to flinch me because it hits 5 times? Cause ive been trying to get my Vanilluxe to Mirror Coat for the past 30 mins and it has flinched me each and every time. Im on the verge of just flipping out man. Is this fight just entirely RNG or am I trying something that is never destined to happen cause it is 100%.
  5. Sorry for late reply, but yeah it had Protean already. Does it become stronger later due to bigger move pool cause of tms? cause at Spinel town right now around level 45 im still using water pulse as my main damaging move and im not a big fan of Hydro Pump cause of 70 accuracy. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Kronos


    Thank you very much! Just got to Spinel so not too far from where I am now.
  7. Kronos


    Is Flygon still at the game corner? if not where can I find it?
  8. This isn't my first time through reborn btw and I don't play modern pokemon games, but I've heard so much hype about Greninja so I picked him up. I just beat KiKi and he has just been garbage from beginning to now. Am I doing something wrong here? It has good ivs but he just seems so underwhelming
  9. I am in Obsidia park and it is really sunny, so so I believe it is the right weather, it is noon as well so I also think its the right time of day. I have just beaten shade and I have pokesnax. Why isn't the petilil here?
  10. Apologies if this is the wrong forum for breeding. What is the chain for breeding for getting a Roserade with sludge bomb? Im not sure if there is a way to get it on roserade, but I feel like Venoshock is pretty lackluster.
  11. Im trying to put together a dream team of pokemon that are obtainable through early to mid game(from start to just before agate) that I can have fun with and im wondering if Raichu is good enough to beat the whole league with as my electric type. I havent gotten far into the game at all yet but I like to plan ahead.
  12. Yep, ive got myself the Budew now. Thank you very much for your help and fast replies!
  13. Ah thank you very much, I did not
  14. Im at the place where it used to be in front of the train station and It isn't there. Its currently 2:00 PM and its a clear day, not sure what to do.
  15. How have I never used, or heard of people using it more often? I just beat Ciel for the first time. I got stuck on charlotte around a year ago and quit the game, but recently I really wanted to play some pokemon. So I restarted and added a ice type to my team and my god is it the best thing ever. Every since I got it at like level 25 its now gotten to level 76 and has been useful in every fight ive had in this game. To anyone who doesn't already have an ice type and wants one I 100% recommend Vanilluxe.
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