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  1. Oh well. Can't be right every time. I originally assumed Euphie was Radomus' wife, but this definitely changes things for me. And yes, the Sprite pictures would be appreciated please.
  2. I have a theory regarding shade. It's a bit out there, but I believe he is Giratina in Disguise. Even though Giratina has only ever been mentioned once in the whole game in Coral Ward, the two do share heavy similarities. Shade's actions and way of speaking are that of a nigh-omniscient entity, he has powers connected to shadows, he's a shadowy figure, and his eyes and mouth remind me of Giratina. There's also the fact that he barely intervenes, and when he does, his actions leave a big impact on the story. He saves you from the train crash, he directly progresses the plot after you beat him, he warns you about making the right decision in the waterworks, and he brings you out of the black hole. All of those actions coincide with Giratina's official canon role in the world, that being to correct any mistake that would, is, or has happened. The fact Giratina is mentioned at all in Reborn, since they have no official prominent role in the story, is also something to consider. No other character shares similarities with Giratina. Shade is also the ghost-type gym leader, and Giratina is dragon/ghost. There's also Shade's story. It could be that Shade deliberately humiliated that trainer so as to teach them a lesson, only losing to them on purpose when they changed, further supported by how easy shade's battle actually is. As to why he was so interested in a no-account trainer that was only mentioned once, and the ramifications that would happen if Shade did not stop them, that is beyond me. There's not much else I can think of, but you guys are more than welcome to add your own thoughts. Also, this is my first theory so feedback is appreciated. Lastly, shout out to uberle for making his/her own theory on shade:
  3. There's also that small bit of dialogue when you first exit Arceus' tomb. It was that of child wanting to play with you again. It's not clear who said it, but all signs point to Arceus.
  4. For Reborn: The easiest was either Corey, Kiki or Shade. Used nothing but my starter (that little story with Shade was definitely exaggerated). The hardest was without question Aya. I'm pretty sure I just won out of dumb luck. For Rejuvenation: The easiest was Amber. Surf's up. The hardest was Angie. I had to train a whole separate team just for her.
  5. Focus sash Rattata? If it can slay both God and god-slayer, surely it can slay this. A Pokemon with Infiltrator maybe?
  6. You sadly can't get Magby until WAAAAAAYYYYYY later in Calcenon City. However, when it comes to gym battles in Reborn, Pokemon that will give you an advantage are usually near by, so try looking around the Obsidia slums. You'll find Pancham and Scraggy there (Flobot's Pokemon are weak to fighting). Hope this'll help.
  7. Assuming we'll be able to use them: PULSE Magnezone: Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Tri Attack Otherwise: Mega Gallade: Psycho Cut, Brick Break, Night Slash, Leaf Blade Mimikyu: Shadow Sneak, Leech Life, Destiny Bond, Play Rogh (Mimikyum Z) Volcarona: Fiery Dance, Giga Drain, Hurricane, Bug Buzz Milotic: Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Toxic, Surf Flygon: Earthquake, Dragon Tail, Rock Slide, Fly Aegislash: Sacred Sword, King's Shield, Aerial Ace, Shadow Sneak
  8. Let's just hope we'll get to use the other PULSEs for ourselves before that one... right?
  9. Ok, thanks for the reply and the tips. Much appreciated.
  10. Does anyone know if the field notes for the Starlight Arena are available yet?
  11. If Mr. Mime is that bad, I don't even wanna know what Clawitzer will be.
  12. The current badges are: Volt Badge - Julia Canopy Badge - Florina Cocoon Badge - Shelly Omen Badge - Shade Fury Badge (Kiki's badge) Blight Badge - Aya Rime Badge - Serra Standard Badge - Noel Millennium Badge - Radomus Eclipse Badge - Luna Strike Badge - Samson Cinder Badge - Charlotte Gravity Badge - Terra Suspension Badge - Ciel Amaranth Badge - Adrienn Alloy Badge - Titania Torrent Badge - Amaria Geode Badge - Hardy
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