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  1. Before this thread closes I really want to know if in later Versions Aelita, Telsa, and Amber will realize that they are family or will their family tree be spoked upon in later Versions because Ever since WLL and the whole Aelita being Taelia and Vivian Reincarnated, it jus has been bugging me like FOREVER and will family ties be spoken upon also in later Versions ?
  2. Would it be possible for us to get a list of all the v12 side quest, I feel like I'm missing out, can we?
  3. You need to talk to Spector once all the doors are open, follow him wherever he goes and he will end up in the lost castle and the door will open
  4. Quick question Since Gen 1 and 3 starters have mega evolutions and Gen 2 and 4 starters have crest, will Gen 5/6/7 and potentially/possibly Gen 8 starters have crest or anything to boost their stats, power, abilities?
  5. I Quick Question, The light and dark prophecy about the four light and four dark and with what we know now about it, is the Mc apart of the prophecy or that doesn’t apply to him/her? Seeing that he/she is the Interceptor
  6. Encounter something like this in West Gearen on the side of Saki’s house, you can walk on the edge of the fence close to the sea
  7. I haven’t found a way but i guess its not possible at the moment but i feel like a lot will be uncovered when it happens
  8. Hey its me again with another question Im seeing something that peak my interest, Im already seeing you guys talk about v16 and v15 and i was wondering and even thought this might not feel appropriate but How much versions are you guys going up to?; Because the way Rejuvenation is heading, I don’t t want it to stop anytime soon, the game is exhilarating, amazing and the story is way better than any main pokemon franchise game, so i just wanted to know? But if its not possible to let me know then I tottaly understand
  9. In future updates will you guys plan to add a Mystery Gift feature where we could have exclusive items and exclusive pokemon forms? Also ik you guys said no Ash-Greninja because Ash isn’t in game but If u guys *do* implement it, Can it be like the Sun/Moon demo version where the Greninja had Battle bond ability even though Ash wasn’t in game?
  10. Speaking about Getting the mega ring through the story, i have to hunches as to where you might get it from, I don’t know if i hit the spot but i feel like Amber is trying to give it to us but she cant, my evidence being that every time she wants to give us the item something always happens to interrupt her or The black box given to us by Ren has connections with us obtaining the ring, but like I said its just a hunch and I'm just blowing my own bubble but then again the way the story has been going on, I feel like obtaining it is gonna be a whole adventure
  11. Your completely wrong it would be so much better for Melia to fall for the Mc if Jan every plans to do so, Melia And the Mc have been through to much for her to end up with Ren, The Mc and Melia have more in common
  12. Sorry about that Im still not use to the spoiler box
  13. Ooh ok and speaking about vendors you can get three crest at the vendor in The kingdom of Goomidra I jus did some digging around and found out that those three starter crest were in v11 at the kecleon shop for $250,000 but for v12 one crest location was changed
  14. Really!?, Where is the feraligatr and Meganium crest
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