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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. On the 1st night, I didn't realize that 24 hours had already passed (I was busy that day though....) and then the GM said that Day Phase had begun :'v I wasted my ability that night sorry dude
  3. Finally I chose the right one to watched orz ;-; Last night (3rd night)I chose Kiet to watch who visited him. And you know what did the gm told me ? "You watch through the smoke at Kiet...And you were able to see ! You saw Kiet visit Ali, and Yahy VISIT Kiet" For those who don't understand what the hell am I talking about :v I am the Cheshire Cat, my ability is to choose a person, and that night I will be able to see who visit that person. I will say the person I had watched too, I have just seen two players :'v It was my fault that I didn't notice the message from the GM in Discord otl. Amber may be is villager or the third-party, since the 2nd night I was told by the GM that Amber didn't visit anyone, however, Drago and Ali visited Amber. That's weird since both of them visited Amber, but the player didn't die in the 2nd night. Still, I give Yahy a vote [Eliminate]Yahy
  4. I don't really have an idea about who is the Mafia right now, I think I will have a vote on Ali orz. Can I ask pls because I'm new to this Mafia game :'v Each night, no matter how many Mafia are, they can only kill one player right ? [Eliminate] Alistair
  5. 18 is Kuzco, anyone has any comments or ideas about the Mafia ? :v The first day has begun duh :vvv ((I don't actually know what to say right now orz))
  6. 1 slot for me pls :3 CanCan't wait to try this otl Ô . Ô tomatoteKite
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