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  1. Battle happens at museum now.
  2. You can also purify the field to stop it from buffing Gardevoir, or otherwise her whole team.
  3. Granted those two themes are indeed awesome...what is this "team splicer" you speak of?
  4. This happened to me as well when I tried using a Lightningrod Manectric against Erick though I never had any major, or otherwise blatant, issues with AI "clairvoyance" outside this particular fight. That being said...Clairvoyant AI really, really, reeaaaally sucks. And it is the primary reason I dropped PokeMMO to sink like the Titanic in the depths of the darkest corner of my memory, and have not looked back ever since.
  5. Well, what I did is pretty well summed up by @Gheist in his post Basically, understand the mechanics, the rules and do your best to sniff out the 2s and 3s using logic to point you in the right tiles.
  6. So with my new playthrough I decided to horse around with the choice of starters for the virtual league, and to my suprise, even the starting line up changes: For Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil Onix For Totodile Totodile Phanpy For Chikorita Chikorita Mareep I did the Cyndaquil route on my previous playthrough so I know the team for it by the time the player faces Lance is pretty much: Typhlosion Steelix Gliscor Qwilfish Jolteon Miltank Did you guys try the other routes as well? What were they like?
  7. I think you need to talk to them in their GDC base, and accept their fast travel offer. Don't quote me on this though. I did that mission quite some time ago.
  8. If it means me having to input values the site is not sure of, then it will probably end up being me helping the site rather than the other way around;; :(
  9. Huh that is strange, indeed. The mission you're supposed to drop for progression is "Missing children" and the rewards for doing classified information are the rift data for drifio (think that's its name?) and the dept store stamp. If you're sure you don't have the rewards then it's probably a good idea to check out the bug report section or contact someone who can fix savefiles directly (I don't know how to do that, sorry )
  10. Yeah, well...whenever I start a new rejuvenation playthrough I always grind those 12k coins right after I get the coin case, so I, too, had to teach myself how play voltorb flip. It's just...it's frustrating not being able to capitalize on the later levels when I tread on them because the only choices are either 3s or voltorbs. So I get nothing and delevel a whole lot :(...
  11. That's what I did and eventually stepped on a voltorb. Oh well :(... By the time I get to level 6 or so my patience for abstract thinking kind of...wanes instead. Guess I'll just have to get better at it :(
  12. Basically, when I get the level 5ish or so the board starts saying less and less. Kind of like this So...how do I git gud?
  13. If I remember correctly the one that couldn't be completed in v11 was the missing children one but Dylan pretty much makes you drop it to progress. It might help to elaborate a bit on what it is you're seeing because on my first playthrough I didn't have any issues with the GDC help center, granted this is coming from someone who played the flora route (just because I wanted to know what her deal was) if that makes any difference
  14. It's mostly the nature what I'm worried about. Nidoking's always been on the frail side anyway.
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