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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. that would be nice if u could get me an screenshot
  3. can someone please help me evolve my swirlix into slurpuff by trading with me I would really REally REALLY appreciate it
  4. anybody willing to trade an torchic or Combusken or Blaziken for an Vibrava or an cacturne or for an meowstic or growlithe
  5. Can Someone trade me a cacturne is my third fav pokemon plz someone im willing to trade lvl35 aron for it
  6. can some trade me a growlithe plz theres a lvl52 rufflet i be willing to trade for it
  7. Can someone please trade me a Trapinch or Solosis or both please it help me out a lot. My ID is Ninja FV
  8. my team is Incineroar Blastoise Lycanroc (dusk) Sylveon Hearacross (Alolan) Raichu
  9. hey guys I just wanted to ask u guys how do beat fallen angel gardevior because she is to OP and i dont have a poison type any idea on how to beat her
  10. does someone have a shiny froakie r normal froakie they want trade plz
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