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  1. I assure you we don't mind waiting, you are clearly filled with passion.

    I wish you the best!

  2. I think it's enough too, you'll get to step up your game later.
  3. This might be a bug, did you download the latest episode?
  4. I always wanted to train a lot of Pokèmon but the games weren't long enough and didn't require it, but since Reborn is HUGE and I like podcasts I took the occasion to fullfill my dream: The main team would probably be: Infernape(he's shiny), Gliscor, Froslass, Gothitelle, Ampharos and Scrafty. But I love them all equally.
  5. It's also true people should be mature enough to decide how to expierence their game, if you find something truly frustating by any means, cut the frustating part out and enjoy the rest, on the other hand do it at your own cost since some rewards won't be as satysfing. I agree with this rule though, proposing the easy way out so fast when someone is struggling is a bit unfair, a little push to help is enough.
  6. Did you forget the guy in the elevator? Check again all the 7th street too.
  7. Probably the game has two Oval Charm, I remember it made sense for some reason but I don't know why, probably a quest you can miss.
  8. Ok, good. Mentally I always exchanged USUM's more rich moveset with Let's Go Pikachu, it made sense in my mind. Anyway the entity editing our posts is pretty scary, I didn't even get a notification.
  9. Maybe the moveset is updated to Pokèmon Let's go, did he follow this recent pattern? Check on Bulbapedia. @Angelo I just checked Bulbapedia and it's actually the opposite, Venomoth learns Psychic at 37 in Let's Go (which Reborn does not plan to implement) whereas in the main series (as in, aside from the Let's Go spinoffs) it learns it at 55.
  10. I think Milotic is good, I would just put another a third special attacker since if you find a physical wall it's either her or a really frail Alakazam (45 base stat in DEF). Unless you want other suggestions I suggest you a Gardevor, she has an always amazing Fairy type, a bit more defence, and an hidden ability fitting to play with Flygon's earthquakes in doubles. Roserade could make a good special attacker,
  11. Knock Off is pretty useful too
  12. To evolve Feebas outside of Emerald you need to trade her with a Prism Scale, in this game to simulate the trade we have a link stone, so once you have a Prism Scale and a Link Stone you have all the requirements. Imho ask someone in the community for a Scale when you feel Feebas it's just a dead weight or add her later in the game. I like your team but it doesn't seem balanced in terms of special attack and defence, I think Milotic learns Reflect though? P.s. I know Alakazam is amazing but I don't think it's enough, and I don't know if Milotic is that good offensively in the game, she's pretty slow so when Alakazam CAN'T make a move she seems unrielable
  13. Angelo


    Anche a me fa piacere, dovrei utilizzare il mio nome più spesso, mi permette di stanare abbastanza italiani!
  14. Mamoswine has a nice secondary type, Weavile just hits hard. Ninetales seems pretty good too. I forgot my favorite pokèmon: Lapras, he's tanky and has both special attacker and normal attacker capabilities. He's just so damn cool.
  15. What do you need it for?
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