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  1. anyone have a decent save file? my hard drive just broke 2 days ago and I had a powerful team on intense but I just wana play this new update
  2. Mystery egg luck, honestly I couldn't possibly have won without it, after I got pawn I waited for ditto and started fishing for good ivs, the entire battle rested on a damage range on the first eq from krookadile and speed tieing with minior this is the team I used btw
  3. I think the battle is only that hard because Melia's team is literally useless, all her mons get ohko'd or 2hko'd and don't do much back, I honestly think the battle would've been easier for me if I just had 2 of my own mons out vs 12, it ended with me rushing zetta down and having my bisharp (whos perfectly iv'd/eve'd) 1v5 the rest of gearens team with the little revives I had
  4. So awaiting for the newest version I decided to replay through V11 on intense, I've reached the double battle VS zetta/gearen of valor and it seems to me that its almost a tie between maria gym battle, maybe ren2, and Zetta/gearen double battle just due to the amount of things that had to happen in order for the teams I was bringing to win I'm curious of other peoples experience if anyone has replayed v11 on intense.
  5. Get a torkoal with drought, he learns heat wave by level up and if you give him a weakness policy and just have your second mon heal him every turn he 6-0's
  6. Debugging? is this a program? if so how do I use it? Will it mess up my save in any way? Doing my first insanity run and volk would be a great balance currently for late game or mareanie/solosis to make it to the late game, currently my set egg is pawniard
  7. Tfw just the other day one of the bar was at zero, and you check again today and its at 15%, I am now invested into checking every week
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