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  1. To point out how much trouble I am having with Titania I have yet to make it past her 2nd pokemon (made it past 3rd with the help of hail). Her team is very bulky and she hits hard thanks to the field effects,and my only useful mons in this battle are Blaziken and Nidoking. Any other Pokemon that I can get that will be useful for this fight? Team: Roserade-Poison Point -Giga Drain -Toxic -Toxic Spikes -Cut Nidoking-Sheer Force -Sludge Wave -Poison Jab -Megahorn -Earth Power Ampharos-Plus -Discharge -Dragon Pulse -Signal Beam -Power Gem Blaziken-Speed Boost -High Jump Kick -Blaze Kick -Brave Bird -Quick Attack Floatzel-Swift Swim -Aqua Tail -Surf -Crunch -Waterfall Mamoswine-Thick Fat -Ice Shard -Ice Fang -Earthquake -Thrash Reserve aka mons that useless rn: Sylveon-Pixilate -Misty Terrain -Moonblast -Swift -Light Screen Archeops-Defeatist -U-turn -Acrobatics -Dragon Claw -Rock Slide Milotic-Competitive Attacks: Aqua Ring Icy Wind Recover Aqua Tail
  2. Really?So I'm gonna assume that means I am stuck on casual mode for the rest of the game...?
  3. I decided to lower the difficulty to casual for chapter 4(thx Narcissa) since my team couldn't handle it on normal but when I went back to Gearen City to change it,he isn't there.Is this a bug or did he go somewhere else?
  4. I have no idea how to tackle Adrienn's team,especially with the Gardevoir+Granbull start which easily defeats all the pokemon I use and my team barely puts a dent on xyr team Team: Roserade-Poison Point lv 77 -Giga Drain -Toxic -Toxic Spikes -Cut Sylveon-Pixilate lv 77 -Misty Terrain -Moonblast -Swift -Light Screen Archeops-Defeatist lv 77 -U-turn -Acrobatics -Dragon Claw -Rock Slide Nidoking-Sheer Force lv 78 -Sludge Wave -Poison Jab -Megahorn -Earth Power Ampharos-Plus lv 77 -Discharge -Dragon Pulse -Signal Beam -Power Gem Blaziken-Speed Boost lv 77 -High Jump Kick -Blaze Kick -Brave Bird -Quick Attack Reserve: Floatzel-Swift Swim lv 78 -Aqua Tail -Surf -Crunch -Waterfall Mamoswine-Thick Fat lv 77 -Ice Shard -Ice Fang -Earthquake -Thrash
  5. I've heard that the name rater is in Gaeren city but I looked everywhere and I can't seem to find it,does anyone know the exact location of it
  6. Is the Togedemaru offer still up?I am having no luck with defeating Samson rn
  7. Yeah I have,I try to set it up before he sends out Hawlucha(rn he's my biggest problem) but since he usually either starts with Hariyama or sends out Lucario before it,for Hariyama it has smack down which OHKO's Noivern unless I get lucky with paralysis and for the former it's kind of annoying since it has focus sash+meteor mash which raises attack making it easier to OHKO all my mons
  8. Not really reliable after I tried it,having to rely on paralysis rng gets annoying plus the sturdy is rendered useless due to Hariyama's rocky helmet giving damage and I haven't even gone past Lucario/Hawlucha due to them still outspeeding me
  9. After 2 suprisingly easy gyms I find myself stuck at Agate Circus.Samson’s team ends up killing all my mons thanks to the field type,and the farthest I’ve gone with his team was his Blaziken but all my pokemon are fainted due to Hawlucha OHKO-ing all my mons with Acrobatics and I only get lucky with paralysis rarely.It doesn’t help that I am stuck in Agate Circus due to the city being closed down,I don’t have any heart scales to change moves, and their are no good training areas there(there’s the Rainbow Clown but my mons barely live through that).Any suggestions? Pokemon: Sharpedo-Rough Skin lv 57 -Slash -Destiny Bond -Ice Fang -Crunch Meowstic-Competitive lv 57 -Psyshock -Psychic -Shadow ball -Signal Beam Blaziken-Speed Boost lv 63 -Blaze Kick -Flame Charge -Shadow Claw -Double Kick Noivern-Telepathy lv 61 -Air Slash -Roost -Razor Wind -Tailwind Zebstrika-Lightning Rod lv 62 -Wild Charge -Discharge -Thunderwave -Stomp Hariyama-Guts lv 57 -Force Palm -Knock Off -Close Combat -Rock Smash —————— Pokemon in PC Pangoro-Scrappy lv 61 -Body Slam -Circle Throw -Karate Chop -Crunch Krookodile-Moxie lv 64 -Foul Play -Earthquake -Outrage -Dig Roserade-Poison Point lv 61 -Giga Drain -Petal Blizzard -Cut -Nature Power
  10. I managed to defeat it with getting my zebstrika to paralax and I got lucky with the amount of times they couldn't attack
  11. Do you know where I could get ability capsules?I used one on my Meowstic in the early game and I kind of regret it lol
  12. After going through a horrible time with Serra and beating her,I am at the battle with Noel.Noel's Porygon Z is so annoying with its increased stats that OHKOs almost all my pokemon,and when I actually get rid of him Clefable is simply a tanker that annoys me.I have no idea if my pokemon are actually capable of beating him or its the norm where I am just bad at stategies.Also pokemon recommendations that are useful for future battles would be nice too. Pokemon(Just gonna list all the ones I use as I switch them out every time to think of a new strat): Sharpedo-Rough Skin lv 50 -Slash -Poison Fang -Ice Fang -Crunch Meowstic-Competitive lv 54 -Psyshock -Psychic -Shadow ball -Signal Beam Blaziken-Blaze lv 55 -Blaze Kick -Flame Charge -Shadow Claw -Double Kick Roserade-Poison Point lv 56 -Giga Drain -Petal Blizzard -Cut -Nature Power Zebstrika-Lightning Rod lv 50 -Flame Charge -Discharge -Thunderwave -Stomp Hariyama-Guts lv 51 -Force Palm -Knock Off -Close Combat -Rock Smash Pangoro-Scrappy lv 52 -Body Slam -Circle Throw -Karate Chop -Crunch Krookodile-Moxie lv 53 -Foul Play -Crunch -Sandstorm -Dig Noivern-Telepathy lv 49 -Air Slash -Roost -Razor Wind -Tailwind
  13. After somehow managing to beat both Shade and Kiki,Aya became my next roadblock on my playthrough. Out of the 15-ish tries I did with her,I had managed to get her down to her Dragalge 6 times(3 of which it was on red),however the problem is that by the time she sends out it my only pokemon left is my Roserade or/and my Hariyama. I feel like my team is capable of beating her and I am just bad at creating strategies(unless I am wrong). Team: Sharpedo-Rough Skin -Slash -Poison Fang -Ice Fang -Crunch Meowstic-Competitive -Psyshock -Psychic -Shadow ball -Signal Beam Blaziken-Blaze -Blaze Kick -Flame Charge -Shadow Claw -Double Kick Roserade-Poison Point -Giga Drain -Petal Blizzard -Cut -Synthesis Zebstrika-Lightning Rod -Flame Charge -Discharge -Thunderwave -Stomp Hariyama-Guts -Force Palm -Knock Off -Close Combat -Rock Smash
  14. Thanks for the advice,I got a Hariyama with Knock off and beat them on my 2nd try
  15. I just downloaded the game yesterday and I am really hooked on it. Though I had trouble in previous areas, I was able to make a strategy that made me win.....until I entered the double battle at Beryl Ward with Taka and Zel. I think my main problem is the lack of pokemon I have to counter them but if there is any chance at a strategy working I kinda wanna know what I could do. Current Team(I know there isn't a lot but haven't found any other mons I would use in my team yet) : Combusken lv 29: Flame Charge,Ember,Double Kick,Peck Roselia lv 29: Mega Drain.Giga Drain,Cut,Toxic Spikes Meowstic-M lv 27: Disarming Voice,Psybeam,Psyshock,Covet Pachirasu lv 26: Spark,Bide,Electro Ball,Swift
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