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    Games, Cake, Chocolate, more games and Soda. (There's other things I could put here but, I don't want this to be to long, I say while writing this, thus making it longer.)

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  1. This based on how much i like the characters just so ya know. All i really have to say is, Radomus is awesome, and screw Fern and blake, and El as well, i guess.
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOO!! Alright, lets do this! Thanks Jan and everyone else working on the game! Oh, and Flora all i have to say to you is...... uhh, I can't think of anything funny to say so........ yeah. umm, Just don't kill anyone, k? or anymore people at least. See ya!
  3. We talking about teams now? sure. My current main files team consists of: Lucario, Leafeon, Staraptor, Swampert, Mismagius and Delphox. When it comes to reserve team members i got: Sylveon, Vivillon, Magnezone and Swalot. There are also my other files, but talking about them would make this too long.
  4. Hi, don't mind me, i'm just here, existing.

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      I think, therefore I am, is what you should say! But do I think? What is thinking?

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      hi bibs2

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      like, zoinks! hello there

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