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  1. Storystosee


    Episode 18 is out right now and the developers are working hard on episode 19 and Postgame which, if i understood correctly, will be coming out together. Postgame should be the last I think, unless they feel like adding some more tidbits or if they need to fix some bugs perhaps. You can keep track of what is being worked on in de development tab of this site and then check the scoreboard on the right side. It's the last stretch of creation for Reborn, you can wait with all of us in excitement, for this last time
  2. Actually, the dude only wants to hear the Chimecho chime, after that you're free to pick up the Chikorita. So it's not a trade (anymore? It wasn't when I did the mission in this latest version, but idk if previous versions required a trade)
  3. Oh wow, the only thing I got right was the orphanage raid. Why is my memory so bad? I haven't even started playing this game that long ago, I'm only at the gate to Agate city myself, it hasn't been that long brain! Oh well, thanks for the reminder! I hope Ttar can set aside his anger with Shelly to fully enjoy the flight of the orphanage gang
  4. Really? .... my brain was convinced it was the other way around. My bad ^^; Wait, so that means Kiki has even more chance to die before meeting Kiki. Ttar better keep her alive!
  5. Kiki helping with Shade does mean he has to get Kiki past Kiki first
  6. Doesn't he have dog he talks to? And Plushies? ... A Peeko shirt?
  7. Found this Shiny Unown ? has the sprite of an Unown ! (non-shiny Unown ! and non-shiny Unown ? are to the right of it for comparison) I do not have any mods downloaded, I'm on version 18.1.1 If other info about the Unown is needed, please let me know and I can try to get the screenshots for it. (Also, please let me know if I put this in the completely wrong area. I was under the impression I needed to post this in Miscellaneous Errors, but I couldn't find that anywhere and I'm overall not sure how the topics and forums work. @Gentleman Jaggi was kind enough to suggest this place)
  8. I have spent my day well 




    Unown E, Unown I, Unown ? and Unown T are shiny

    Unown F threw an F you in my face and turned out to be the best a playing hide and seek. He joined the box last.


    Now for those that took a good look (or double checked) you may have noticed that there seem to be two Unown ! at the bottom there no?

    Yeah about that....




    That's the shiny Unown ? that I found... but it's sprite seems to be that of the Unown ! (I kept a normal Unown ? there as well for comparison)


    Sooooo, I went to look through the bug bin and I couldn't find a topic on this so far, so then I went through Ame's 'Got a bug, start here' thing (this one)

    and if I understand correctly I should make a post for Miscellaneous Error... but I can't click Miscellaneous Error or find it anywhere else ^^; 

    Am I just blind? Does anyone know where to report small bugs without messing up all your pretty forums? I don't want to post this somewhere it shouldn't be 

    1. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      Probably this thread:



    2. Storystosee


      Thank you very much! I'll go try over there then


      (sorry for the late reply, didn't get a mail for some reason)

  9. (Spoilers for... after obtaining 6 badges)






    Grawwr to you to too buddy...


    Honestly, this game just keeps surprising me. The guards at the door were dead. Tara is dead (I am so sorry Simon). I'm really not sure how I feel about Saphira because of that... but then she goes on a joy ride on a giant Steelix, so brownie points for that I guess. And Shadowbug the Butterfree nearly solo'd that Steelix btw, yes I am very proud of you for that girl.


    And then Hyper Beam Abra who looks like he went through Mewtwo's wardrobe.


    I mean... I probably haven't even seen a third of the game yet and I already have this giddy feeling of wanting to play it again



    1. MachoPony


      thats reborn for ya. but trust me, later it gets much harder (though you got past shelly so you should be able to handle it)

    2. Storystosee


      Yeah, Shelly... took a while. This game has already been a whole lot harder than I'm used to, but it's doable and very rewarding when you do manage to get through a tough part

  10. Hahahahahahaha





    's good 🙂

  11. This is absolutely amazing
  12. I just stole a TV :) 


    Man, this game is amazing 

    1. logintomylife


      My man, that's just the tip of an iceberg ;D

    2. Storystosee


      And it's such a pretty tip already!


      I'm really having a great time with this masterpiece 

  13. oh.. 










  14. Freaking.... gym... I can't...

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Storystosee


      @Starry Knight Thanks again for the help, it really means a lot 💜

    3. SilverAngelus



      Have fun enjoying the rest of Reborn~

      And the fights get more difficult

    4. Storystosee



      And the fights get more difficult

      Yeah I figured ^^; 

      I'll just have to train a few backup units or something. And it's sooo satisfying when you manage to beat them!

  15. You know, I planned on getting a badge today, maybe help a girl find her lost keys, but instead...



    I have one dead cop, get wrecked by a Crobat over and over, had to awkwardly stand there while a father and his daughter argue (didn't get my badge btw), find an Absol staring at me and then they just run off (one of my fav Pokemon, and I couldn't catch it, goshdarnit), have to watch the guy throw himself off a freaking bridge (was not expecting that, even with the Absol warning), have Fern remind me why I don't talk to people about sensitive subjects, then a bomb goes off (or was the Absol warning meant for that?), I meet a few rude rich people, I join a gang, rob an old lady and I am now a horse thief, find the guy who threw himself off a bridge and am once again reminded that people can be cruel and then a.. ghost guy... steals the body. 


    Man, this game sure is something


    Still haven't found that girl's keys mind you. Maybe tomorrow.

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