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  1. I was completely off I thought it was a suicune because of the statue. Thank you for the info!
  2. Title. In evergreen island you get told the story of the Emperor who I assume is Suicune and how you need a proof of power to catch it. Now I know catching a suicune is far off but just in case is the proof of power in the game? I really hope that it’s not just championship status but some late game item like anjus pendent that actually lets you into the area. Also a bit of a deeper question that may be impossible to answer but is the proof of power or even the event in the code? Whats the general consensus on this event?
  3. It’s the starter Pokémon it feels wrong to throw it away. I play through the entire game with my starter and get attached to it. My starter is my ace my own signature Pokémon. For me my starter is the first Pokémon I get and the Pokémon I bring to the end. So breeding is off the table starter love is unbreakable.
  4. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#charizard-mega-x+leafeon+zoroark+heliolisk+silvally-normal I think this is the rough outline I’m going to go for. Maybe add nine tales into the mix or a good sun setter.
  5. Hey megazard X at least isn’t 4 times weak to rock. And it’s only neutral for amaria. So I still have some semblance of a chance with it being good. I think I plan to make it a solar power killer for the first part of the game until Megazard X.
  6. I’m planning on using a Charizard X in my next play through of Reborn. What moveset would be optimal with what reborn gives us to work with? Also no breeding because I want to use my starter. The main reason I made this thread is that Dragon dance is off the table
  7. I know I’m going to beat Crawli that’s not the point of this post. Through trial and error or just grinding up box fodder Pokémon I’m going to win that’s not the problem. The issue here is that Crawli on a fundamental level is a terrible gym leader. He cheats which ruins the entries battle along with plenty of other ridiculous terrain advantages. His gameplay, story, and puzzle are below subpar. It feels like the only reason your not crushing him is how stupid it’s stacked against you. Even the story backs this up with him getting crushed by Nastasia without his precious terrain. Compared to the other leaders he’s just not a fun leader to fight. And I have yet to be convinced otherwise.
  8. Git Gud isn't helpful advice and this doesn’t change the fact that Crawli looks like he robbed a hospital with the amount of cructhes he’s packing. This is not helpful advice. Unless theirs an Ev resented I missed Ev training is impossible as my Pokémon are maxed. If your best advice is cheat and bring myself down to Crawlis level or torture my self with Ev training it’s not good advice. No. On casual I sweep his entire team and it’s not fun. Rejuvenation’s way too easy on casual with how gimped the trainers are.
  9. (Sorry for long rant TL;DR at bottom) Pokemon Rejuvenation is plaugued by awful gym battles. Whenever I face a gym leader I feel nothing but dread. A good number gym battle consists of endlessly resetting as a single loss in momentum means they sweep your team with their loaded Pokemon. Leftovers, type berries, and more while your sporting mystic water that has been relative to the meta game never. Don’t get me wrong their are some legitimately amazing battles like Narcissica, Venam, and Keta that hit it out of the park. However their are some duds which brings me to Crawli. Story: Yes gym battles should be judged on story as well. The build up and battle to save goldenleaf and Keta’s soul was top notch and a great motivator to fight. In Crawli’s case it’s the start of Rejuvenation’s story glut where we do an endless series of errands. While in the meantime Geara, Zetta, and Jenner play cards with Nims lifeless body wondering about how that hostage situation they started is going. Nothing is more frustrating then being sent to boot camp as the tension slowly but surely fades away. Not to mention we’ve fought Crawli before so it feels rehashed and nothing new is brought to the table other the urge to gouge my eyes out. It’s not a fight we care about winning or have any investment in Crawli is just a glorified roadblock. Gameplay: One word to sum up Crawli’s battle would be unfair plain and simple. This battle is worse then Valerie and her sudden inexplicable downpour. Not only is it raining (which happens again with Flor which pisses me off to no end) but Crawli’s team is engineered to make you tear your hair out. The terrain buffs them and gives them even more coverage with trees falling left and right smiting my water types. His Pokémon are all good with no real weaknesses but the worst are Goliscipod and Ariodos. With the latter Crawli just cheats and gives the Ariodos an instant attack buff and an overpowered TOTAL IMMUNITY TO ALL ATTACKS ON THE FIRST TURN. Have fun with instant sticky webs you have no way to counter. Then Golicipod is just plain powerful with a nasty first impression that acts with priority and can cut your team to shreds. The rest of his team is not quite as strong but they give you no slack with their ridiculous type coverage. Add in a moxie Pinsed that will sweep your entire team if you give Crawli an inch and you have a recipe for pain. Overall frustrating to deal with the cheating on top of a top tier team that didn't need it to wreck my team TL;DR Crawli is by far the most unfair and unfun bosses in Rejuvenation. From cheating to stacking the odds against you it is a chore to battle Crawli. Just needed to get this off of my chest after trying and failing to beat him with three Pokémon that should be slaughtering but are instead continually getting massacred.
  10. I would personally want to get a Pokémon like bagon, larvitar, and dratiniti early game. Okay hear me out before you burn me at the stake. I know this game prides itself on using Pokémon you usually don’t use and it’s difficulty, but that won’t be a problem. Bagon, dratini, and larvitar are almost never used and for almost half the game suck. People use Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Salamanca not their baby forms. So what I’m getting at is that in the early through mid game it’s a challenge to train them. And when they evolve it’s rewarding to have the that late bloomer grow into a true killing machine. The other option is just powerleveling them later in the game like the shivering bagon. If we’re going to get them anyway I’d rather just struggle with them from the start. All in all would it really hurt to get them earlier in the game?
  11. Oops I guess I wasn’t all that clear in the question. I meant to ask what were the in game important trainers signature Pokemon. (Gym leader, rivals, and etc). My bad.
  12. I have a weird obsession with having a unique team. I hate having other important trainers signature Pokemon on my team. So is their a list of signature Pokemon in rejuvenation anywhere?
  13. What do you think is the zekrom/reshiram of this game if anything? I assume we’ll get that special signature legendary eventually as right now everyone and their mother seems to have one. I’m looking at you ice type specialist with a groudon. Then again we might just have to wait all the way until postgame. Heres my candidates from my limited experience of version 10 Xerneas: It’s the cover legendary and counterpart to madame X’s yveltal. My only issue with this is that it feels like mellia fits the bill a lot better. Her magic crown and accessories and such but that may be more analogous to Arceus. Zygarde: We’ve been building it up for a while and is the only legendary technically in our possession. Only problem is the complete lack of story relevance. What do you want or think will be as that special legendary partner if at all?
  14. I hope so cause that sounds amazing but then again mellia or one of the Scooby gang could end up snatching it. And then we could end up sitting on the sideline during the final battle. I hope and they won’t deprive us of the cover legendary and a chance at the spotlight but maybe I should have more faith in the devs.
  15. There could easily be an excuse that zygarde at 10% or even 50% is not on the same level as other legends. If anything it would actually provide a reason why the legends aren’t curbstomping us. Every other character is walking around loaded with either god mode, magic, or a legendary signature Pokemon. While the main character us, though that’s debatable at this point has nothing except phione and kinda sillvally. What I’m saying is that it would be great if we got something anything to make the protagonist feel special compared to Mellia and the never ending barrage of legendary trainers with at least the weak 10% form.
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