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  1. Or you can just open a debug menu and get the mring.
  2. Ohh. Umm... Sorry man, I'm blank. I don't think that people would want to give you their pokemon because they will need it for the quest. Maybe you can start a new game, get to the point when you get the pokemon, and then trade it with your main account.
  3. Hey man you can try and run an old save file from before you released it. I've already did the side quest so I don't have it.
  4. Yeah. Already breeded him. He's pretty good so far.
  5. Oh sorry! I didn't now. Where did he write that? Btw If you're doing an electric monotype you probably can't win against that Garchomp.
  6. If you're trying to win against him then just Destiny Bond the shit out of him.
  7. OK, I'm going for a Cloyster! The only problem is that Focus Sashes are limited as of now. Until then, I think I'll try an Alolan Ninetails with aurora veil.
  8. Heyyy welcome to the site! BTW if you want a battle, I'm up
  9. I actually have a Ninetails, and she's fine. But, I'm looking for some better options.
  10. Interesting. I never tried either of them. I might give it a go. The Cloyster sounds deadly, but it has only 45 SPdefense.
  11. Hi ya'll. I'm looking for the best Ice Pokemon in the game. When I say the best, I mean the overall strongest one: Stats, Moves, certin Items and Abilities are all factors. The most important factor is the Second Type. Being able to use another type of moves is crucial, while having a defensive type (like Steel for example) is also insanely useful. Do you have any recommendations?
  12. In this thread you can download a mod box. Of the mods is add options (AMB). One of the options is called fishing smnn. That option makes it that you don't need to press z to haul the pokemon while fishing. Makes it a whole lot easier to farm for heart scales.
  13. Yeah sure. Just send me a message.
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