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  1. It's kinda wierd. My Hydreigon is a beast, though mine has perfect IVs. You should check his IVs. Your best option for a dark type pokemon after Hydreigon is prolly Zoroark. , though I would recommend you to get a pokemon from another type. Maybe you could get Mega Gardovier and a Roserade (for Decidueye). I use them both, very recommended. I can give you a perfect Ralts, Roselia or anything else you need, just hit me up (btw I don't need anything back).
  2. So recently I've decided to complete the pokedex. The "catch em' all" vibe got into me. After an excessive ammount of "catching em' all" I've rammed into a barrier, the "barrier pokemon" if you will: THAT DANG MIME ! I can't get the Odd Incense. Will someone Be kind enough to trade an Odd Incense or a Mime Jr for a PERFECT Ralts?
  3. I've used a backup save and it works fine. Maybe it got corrupted or something/
  4. No Petal Dance, Outrage, etc. On different types of fields. I did download the SMW mode pack a while back. It might be that.
  5. Hi. Only recently, I have encountered bug that wouldn't let me choose another target in doubles fights. It happened on multipule fights. I have already finished the last chapter a long time ago and that is the first time something like that happened to me. Thankes in advance for the repliers
  6. At first I confused Reborn and Rejuv and thought Reborn had different difficulties, but then I realized he probably meant to say that the difficulty of the game is harder than the regular pokemon games.
  7. Umm, you can lose to her. If you lose to a trainer you still keep the xp points from the battle. You will lose a considrable amount of money, but there's a way to get A LOT of money (5000$ and a shard per match) in a short time: go to the circus and battle the clown near the guy who gave you the vials for the Crustle puzzle (the one who does the rainbow challenge). Just talk to all the clowns and you'll find him. He has 3 mons, and you can repeat the fight as much as you like. Just let Victoria beat you a few times without reloading for the xp, and then go get some cash from the clown later. If you want to cheat there are probably mods on this forum that will help you. Just look for one and you'll find...
  8. Wow, you're in a bad spot. Personally, my team was a hard counter to her's, so I didn't have a problem, but the same thing kinda happened to me with something just after your battle (spoilers) because I didn't have a pokemon suited to fight against your next opponent. The best thing you could do is to try different approches to the much. You can also cheat, but I wouldn't recommend that. And I think that you can trade with ppl online so someone can trade you a pokemon and than you can trade them back.
  9. Thankes both of you very much!! I'm sorry it took a long time from my to repaly to you. About that Froakie, I won't really use it so please don't give me a perfect one, but about that Feebas... If you really don't need, and I can give you something to your satisfactory in return, I would like to trade for him too. Please just send me a messege when either of you is ready. Again, thank you very much and I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.
  10. That's a great team! i'm using Blaziken and Aegislash too, and they're both amazing. just take into consideration that your Blaziken is too much PvP oriented so in a long game he may be hard to play with (healing, PP, etc.), and that High Jump Kick and Flare Blitz are pretty risky. You may want to consider using a wide lens instead of a life orb, and putting blaze kick instead of flare blitz. And in my opinion Greninja is not the best choice you've got. I think Gardevoir is a much better choice. And last but not least you need to remember that you can only get all of those mons in the last chapters. I can breed them for you though, as long as you get a froakie as a starter and trade one froakie with me (He's the last starter I need for my starters collection).
  11. In my opinion, if you already have a sunstone, go for Liligant (Petilil) because of it's amazing sp attack (110) and nice speed (90). But if you don't have a sun stone get Pumpkaboo (the size depends on the role you're looking to fill), and get a link stone from the guy who is selling them in a circle just up north the Grand Hall. JUST REMEMBER THAT ROSERADE IS A BEAST AND IS MUCH STRONGER THAN BOTH OF THEM!! I have one in reborn, and lets just say I'm not disappointed...
  12. Hi! I'm looking for a Froakie to complete my starter collection. I want that shadow ball desperatly, and I really don't feel like catching pokemon for that girl. He's the only one left. If you want I could trade you for any starter, Honedge, Ralts, Ghastly... I have a lot of rare pokemons. I might even throw in a shiny... BTW, i know my username is "The Shady Dealer" but don't take that seriously One last thing... If it's possible to legitimately get a perfect 6 IV Ditto and you're willing to trade with me for it (for something you want of course) then hit me up for that too, please
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