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  1. If you talked to the girl, then there should be a crate near the waterfalls, second room from Sheridan. Try going from there
  2. If no one gets to you, I can trade you one later this day. Around 2pm Eu+1?
  3. Uh, did you instal the fonts in your fonts folder?
  4. I am waiting for Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Rejuvenation o: Otherwise I am boring myself with Hearthstone and CS:GO
  5. Try going to the folder where you have Pokemon Reborn, enter the folder "Fonts", select all the files, right click and find word Instal, then just instal them, this should fix the problem, if not just wait for some developer. Hope this helped. @gabe4528
  6. If you ever need help with info about pokemon, definitely recommend this site: https://pokemondb.net/ It has everything, from pokemon, to their abilities and moves, items, Natures, EV/IV lists... Well, figure. Hope you will find it helpful
  7. You dont need to go there. You should try looking around in the town Mainly the gym and the main building.
  8. Well, if you look at it that way, then it certainly makes looks like punishing, but that's rather a strange way to look at it. For me Common candies are a save for your incapability to not over-level your pokemon o: And for that mistake, you have to pay so the pokemon can actually listen to you! Also, as of the last Episode, if your pokemon levels up -during- fight (You go into the fight with lvl 25 on brink of 26) he will still listen to you during the whole match, so that is one worry off your list. Having full team of capped pokemon is no problem.
  9. Yeah, the problem here is, that in the early stage of the game it's better to not have a full team yet. I myself start with 3, then add one pokemon after each gym. Like this, you won't have problem with half of your team falling behind with XP, and neither should you get over the cap if you don't spam one pokemon all the time. From what I saw, your core pokemon are really strong. (Do recommend getting a level up on Snivy without him dying in battle or you won't get him to evolve) Like that you add one more whenever you find something you like. Using mechanics of the game is neither cowardly or bad, it's there so you should use it, smartly or wastingly. Right now, I have a 6 pokemon rotation, and I am just waiting for E19 with them (They weren't perfect EV/IV trained till recently, too) so everything is possible if you know how and have the determination to get through the challenges this superb game offers.
  10. There is an item called Common Candy, that will decrease level of your pokemon by one. You can buy them for little cash in the Candy Shop near the park. Secondly: Leveling pokemon is also rather easy, there are special trainers in the Grand Hall (The place you started at) that you can battle repeatedly. Dont need to get them on the level cap, just to a level that will let them survive one or two hits.
  11. Depends on what part of the game are you currently on. You can always check on this forum thread if you need items
  12. What's the actual problem? You can get good firetypes on that level and level them up yourself?
  13. Did you do the whole Aqua gang quests? Even the one with the
  14. I think you are going about it the wrong way, think if you set up Rain, having webs will be meaningless either way. Just get there Ludicolo, get there Swanna, Rain-Dance, Surf (To get down Marowak before Rock-slide) then just Hurricane Ribombee, which should be slower than Those two (If Ludi has Swift-Swim) it is all about trying, if one answer is not satisfactory, try different tactics
  15. Best breeder in the town, serving with a great smile, no better business in the city, folks! Definitely recommend! 10/10, five stars, Grand-certificate for breeding.
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