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  1. You need to donate and build the train-station in Reborn, then you get a quest from a tech-guy below the Grand Hall to go here. Reward is Z-crystal and Mega-crystal
  2. I dont think its coincidence, just a funny reference Jan made for people like you. But it also made me chuckle a bit, too.
  3. Your team looks solid as a brick wall, do not stress yourself about giving mons moves you have HM for. You can always change it later depending on team you are up against :}
  4. Do recommend reinstalling the game, the save-files should be intact afterwards, if that doesn't help, do try installing all the scripts in the script folder in the pokemon reborn file
  5. I do recommend checking youtube. If its not there, then it was probably made by some of the devs, if not by Jan himself
  6. If you remember it, you can check the files in your Pokemon Rejuvenation folder. Audio -> BGM and try looking through 'em.
  7. It can also be fished up with a good rod in Valor mountain
  8. Hello, anyone who would be willing to help me with my still ongoing problem? If yes, take a look at this file here, please!


  9. These look amazing, can't wait for the last episode to drop! Even if it's a year or two, I will wait! What about multiple save-files like Reju has? That's a really cool feature I would like to see!
  10. The quest will continue later on, too... So recommend to store the Pokemon in your pc as they are.
  11. Here you go, should be of use. Game.rxdata
  12. You're welcome, enjoy the game!
  13. The key should be still in a house above the park where you defeated ZEL and Tangrowth Pulse for the first time
  14. Hello there, so I am one of those who had their script butchered on the transition from V11 to V12 (Bladestar revelation) and therefor patched the game, however even then, I am still stuck, the bladestar thingy plays out in the background while Amber introduces the fight with Adam, which I already have done, then she decides to roll the field, but there is endless loop for it, can someone check it out and unstuck me, please? Thank you in advance! Game_2.7z
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