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  1. Hello. I posted a couple days back about my solution to beating Garchomp within the confines of an electric mono run and wanted to follow that up with some ramblings about my now completed run. I have not seen much posted here or on Reddit about a reborn electric mono run so I thought it would be fun to fill in the gap. For the purposes of this run I used some mods to save time as a working college student: TMX, SetWeather, SetTime, ChooseYourStarter, and MiningForTheRich. I am far too lazy to go super in depth into my play through with a narrative and what not so instead I will describe my core team post Hardy, then go back to talk about other mons that were useful along the journey that did not quite make it to the end. The core team: -Alolan Golem -Alolan Raichu -Magnezone -Rotom Wash These four, once on the team, never left once. Alolan Golem is simply amazing, I run Sturdy, Explosion, Wide Guard, Stone Edge, and Stealth Rock. His set changed throughout the game since sometimes stealth rock was useful *cough Ciel, Serra, but other times not so much. Explosion saved me in Charlottes gym, OHKOing her Typhosion and Darmanitan, and finally Wide Guard allows my team to set up on Rock Slide spam. Alolan Raichu was actually pretty hit or miss, but when it hit, it hit hard. When it wasn't getting one shot by sucker punches, it's set of psychic, grass knot, nasty plot, and thunderbolt let it usually take out that one water/ground type mon the rest of the squad couldn't beat. I'm pretty sure I used Nasty Plot in a gym battle once, maybe twice. Alolan Raichu is good because its ability Surge Surfer, which doubles its speed under electric terrain. This allowed it to sweep decently well after another team member set up electric terrain. Magnezone is a god. It utterly destroys Rock and Fairy types, which was really useful in the late game. I ran sturdy on it, which really helped in specific scenarios. There isn't much to say here, Magnezone is simply great. Rotom Wash, and Rotom in general was fantastic for tanking hits, landing thunder waves and later will o wisps, screens, toxic, hydro pumps you name it, Rotom can do it. Rotom is just so flexible you can tweak its set to whatever battle you plan on facing. I used Rotom-Heat for Titania and Rotom-Mow for Amaria, but after that stuck with wash. Gave it Waternium-Z which allowed it to wallbreak dangerous stuff that the rest of my team could not handle. The Swap Ins (These mons I used often, but would occasionally switch them out). Galvantula = Sticky Webs. Sticky Webs saves lives ladies and gentlemen. What do you do when the opposing team has sticky webs and you just have no rapid spin? Fight fire with fire. Its bug STAB and access to sucker punch (I ran max attack EVs) came in handy on multiple occasions. Sticky Web support was essential early and mid game, but later on was match-up dependent. It really shined at Adrienn's gym and for a lot of the Meteor Double Battles, including the two triple battles at Amaria's gym and at the Meteor Factory Base thing. Electivire, my starter. Man I wish this thing was better, it was mostly my coverage move mon. I ran Cross Chop, Wild Charge, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch with Expert Belt. His fire, ice, fighting coverage was something that my team lacked for much of the game and thus was very useful. I used him until Hardy, but he will return for Saphira bar being outspeed and EQed Mega Manectric. Still testing this thing out, I used him for Hardy and that's about it. His coverage is mediocre being Thunderbolt, FlameThrower, Hidden Power Rock, and Thunder Wave. But in the Hardy fight he was essential taking out Aerodactyl and Archeops. Really wish this thing had a better moveset. I guess I need to breed it to get better hidden power coverage. I'm honestly unsure if this team even needs a Mega Evolution given that Alolan Raichu performs basically the same role as Mega Manectric currently. Noteable Mentions: Emolga. This thing was amazing early game. It ran nuzzle, light screen, acrobatics, and encore. A wack set surely, but useful. Emolga was the only thing preventing me from being utterly destroyed by screengrass types since the team had zero fire coverage bar Zebstrika's Flame Charge. Sometimes Emolga would encore a mon, paralyze it, light , and then switch into one of my sweepers to wreak havoc. This was my favorite mon for the early game and I was sad to see it go. Heliolisk. Did you know it naturally learns volt switch and electric terrain? Heliolisk had one purpose, electric terrain then volt switch or sacrifice into an Alolan Raichu sweep. In singles I had some good shenanigans of Galvantula Sticky Webs into A-Golem Stealth Rock Explosion into Heliolisk electric terrain volt switch into A-Raichu sweep with Electribuzz clean up. Lastly, Luxray. I ran intimidate, crunch, wild charge, electric terrain, fake tears. sometimes a fang. I used Luxray until Agate Circus, and it was fantastic. It was useful in boss and legendary battles being able to switch in once or twice for multiple intimidates. It really shined when I brought it back for Hardy. I opened with double intimidate Mega Manectric using Thunderbolt and Luxray with Electric Terrain to set up for my team. Hardest Battles: Julia and Florina were rough early since I had no coverage moves. It was all about grinding out wins in inches. Zebstrikas flame charge and elekid's low kick came in handy. Radomus. Kill Trick Room setters, no more trick room Also explosion from A-Golem could easily OHKO 1/3 of his team minus Metagross. Fern and Cain. Seriously these two gave me so much trouble early. Cain's Alolan Muk and Nidoking, and Fern's Decidueye and Rhydon were terrifying. I'm pretty sure I somehow chipped my way through Muk and used Ice Punch Electrabuzz for the Nidoking. These fights are all before grass knot. Emolga was my counter to Decidueye, and only barely. Charlotte, Alolan Golem Explodes her opening of Typhosion and Darmanitan, her biggest threats, it is actually quite easy after. Terra, scary but not difficult. The field effect you fight her in reverts the game to nearly Gen 1 mechanics, meaning that electric types moves do normal damage to ground types. Sticky webs lets Electrivire Ice Punch Garchomp. Adrienn was the worst. used sticky webs and set up Magnezone. Titania, fire coverage saves lives. Also give every mon a seed. Hardy, open with double intimidate mega manectric and luxray with thunderbolt and electric terrain respectively. Sweep with Alolan Raichu, Magnezone, and Rotom Wash. Best items: Metronome early game works wonders, and use quick claw on Alolan Golem for lucky stealth rocks and explosions. Best Moves: Sticky Webs give you huge advantages, explosions win double battles hard, and waternium-z hydro pump from Rotom wash is not joke. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello, so I posted a while back to gather ideas and figure out if this was possible given the limited resources available at this point of the game, especially for an electric mono run. And since I myself just finished my own electric mono run of the game I thought I'd go back to finish the (via Pokemon Showdown) and see if this could be done. And in short, it is doable, albeit with a little bit of luck and some grinding. First, the Chomp set: Solaris (Garchomp) (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Rough Skin Level: 75 EVs: 84 HP / 84 Atk / 84 Def / 84 SpA / 88 SpD / 84 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Rush - Earthquake - Fire Fang - Stone Edge Second, the team: Togedemaru Ability: Sturdy Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 1 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe IVs: 15 HP / 0 Atk / 15 Def / 15 SpA / 15 SpD / 15 Spe - Tickle Togedemaru Ability: Sturdy Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 1 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe IVs: 15 HP / 0 Atk / 15 Def / 15 SpA / 15 SpD / 15 Spe - Tickle Togedemaru Ability: Sturdy Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 1 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe IVs: 15 HP / 0 Atk / 15 Def / 15 SpA / 15 SpD / 15 Spe - Tickle Togedemaru Ability: Sturdy Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 1 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe IVs: 15 HP / 0 Atk / 15 Def / 15 SpA / 15 SpD / 15 Spe - Tickle Pachirisu @ Focus Sash Ability: Pickup Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 1 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe IVs: 15 HP / 15 Def / 15 SpA / 15 SpD / 15 Spe - Super Fang Manectric @ Quick Claw Ability: Static Level: 45 EVs: 1 HP / 252 Atk / 1 Def / 1 SpA / 1 SpD / 1 Spe - Ice Fang The strategy is simple. Utilize Togedmaru's hidden ability Sturdy to land 4 Tickles (which lower target's attack and defense by 1 stage). Follow that up with a Focus Sashed Pacharisu with Super Fang to knock it down to 50%. Then finish it off with a Quick Claw Manetric using Ice Fang. Quick Claw has a 20% chance to give your mon priority so you will have to soft reset until Manetric is able to attack first, otherwise it will die to an earthquake regardless of how low Garchomp's attack is. I set the IVs for the mons to be 15, the EVs to be 1, and the natures to be Serious assuming that most players will have better IVs, EVs, and Natures that the low standard I set. The 252 EVs in Manectric's special attack are necessary to ensure that even with a low roll, Manetric will KO Garchomp. Tools required: You need to get two specific event pokemon that each have a 50% chance of spawning and there's no way to alter it. You need Pacharisu to spawn instead of Zigzagoon in Opal Ward. And you need a Minccino to spawn instead of an Espurr in Lower Peridot Ward. You need Minccino to breed the move Tickle which it learns naturally into 4 Togedmaru's which you can catch in Shade's gym. The Manectric's prevolution spawns in Obsidia Ward knowing one of a couple egg moves, one of which being Ice Fang. Soft resetting here allows you to roll until you catch the one with ice fang. You get Focus Sash in the crystal cavern with the jammin music from a rock and the quick claw somewhere in Onix Ward I think. And finally you have to EV train the Manetric for Attack. So after two coin flips, a couple soft-resets, breeding, grinding, and one good Quick Claw activation and you are ready to defeat Solaris! Hope this post was remotely interesting. I set out to see if it was possible for an electric mono run to beat Solaris and I think I've succeeded with the help of suggestions from other great users here. Thanks and sorry for any spelling/grammar errors. 2 Comments
  3. I didn’t see the replies my bad. Yeah I’m testing to see if it’s possible, even if not realistic in a playthrough, given the resources at hand. I believe you can paralyze it through static, damage it through spiky shield, and possibly beat it with intimidate Luxray, cotton guard and dragon pulse ampharos, and endeavor pacharisu
  4. What is Solaris' Garchomp's move set when you fight it at Mount Pyrous I believe? And correct me if I am wrong but the level cap is 45 at this time right? This is for some play testing purposes. Thanks!
  5. Need male and with 5/6 perfect IVs for breeding purposes.
  6. I have a heart scale
  7. I am far too lazy to bother with the Pokédex quest. Would someone mind throwing me a line? I sadly don’t have much of value beyond a couple heart scales.
  8. Thank you! I currently have no preferences so feel free to send anything. I am able from now until 5pm PST then again from 8pm PST continuing into most of the night. My username is Rahvin. Is there anything you require in return?
  9. Due to some corrupted save files and patching issues, I no longer have access to the item Weakness Policy in my game. Looking for someone to kindly trade me a Pokémon with it so my Dragonite can be happy
  10. My bad, in my stupidity I didn’t realize Eevee learned it naturally. Thank you for the offer but I’m now ok
  11. currently working my way through a mono eeveelution run of the game and realized that baton Pass would be seriously
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