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  1. honestly after replaying the game 3 times to try to get all the endings in the future, I don't see any implications of romance between you and the girls? It's clearly a platonic relationship the mc shares with everyone else and i'm certain it's meant to be that way. I think jan said in a q/a confirmed that he didn't want to write romance routes into the game bc it'd feel to harem-ish. personally I feel if the game were to have this in the future, it'd be problematic and esp cheesy af to create a potential romance option when theres no implications or buildups. there was actual proper buildup to address melia and venam's relationship and sm hints too (ep 10-12 is literally filled with notsosubtle hints; they sleep together on the same bed, and their reactions to seeing eachother, venam promising to be less selfish for melia, melia activating her god powers bc of her friendship w venam). if there was romance between the mc, it'd be like pulling a jk rowling and pandering to the community w meaningless fanservice if there was romance then it'd be written in earlier. you're interpreting friendship as potential romance imo. . anyways feel free to have ur own intrepretations and headcannons but just note that the devs never intended to write in romance from the start
  2. Thank you for rejuvenation!! It's what gotten me back to Pokemon and I'm really glad to have stumbled onto it. Btw my question is that how does the dev team manage their personal life while developing this game? Is it a full time gig or just a side hobby? Ik it's kinda personal, but do u guys ever feel burned out? I do competitive cheer and vball and my mental health has been down the drain. Anyways. I hope the dev team aren't burned out after v12 n tysm again for this awesome game
  3. i think you need to just accept you (the mc) and the cast are all platonic friends. the devs aren't obligated to implement a romantic route into the story just because you become emotionally invested in some of the characters. don't be a niceguy(tm) and confuse responsibility with gratitude. Obviously melia,venam, ren, or w/e are grateful for what you've done for them in the story but they don't be romantically interested in you as a result of that.
  4. tsym sorry I don't have much I haven't even finished the storyline lmao
  5. ru on? Should I start the trade instead?
  6. Im on rn. Ill wait when u get on so lmk
  7. Is 2 pm PDT good? That should be in 2 hr 30 min
  8. Hey looking to start competitive breeding. If someone could hmu and trade, I'll trade with 3 iv Gible. Username same as display name LisiaImai
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