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  1. How do I transfer Pokemon from reborn's shared pc to rejuvenation. Is there a file I have to change.
  2. Where is the shared pc within this mod. Can someone please screenshot a picture. I have downloaded the rejuvenation mod pack to transfer Pokemon but do not know where the shared pc is.
  3. Can someoene trade or transfer a bagon holding a ower vracer from my reborn to rejuvenation please. it seenssuper complicted. Game.rxdata Game.rxdata first file is rejuvenation and second isreborn.
  4. I have both Reborn and Rejuvenation downloaded and would like to trade a Pokemon between the two. Since there is no trading functionality, can I use a mod p ck to transfer Pokemon between the two. I have a Rejuvenation mod pack but do I use the mod pack on just Rejuvenation or just on both.
  5. My name is blazingcamerupt. I been lurking on the forums for a while and thought I would create an aaccount.
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